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Liquid Media Group Partners with Eluvio to Stream iNDIEFLIX Film on Blockchain Platform and Raise Funds for Charity

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Liquid Media Group (NASDAQ:YVR) is excited to announce their collaboration with Eluvio to showcase iNDIEFLIX’s original documentary ‘ANGST.’ The Eluvio Content Fabric is a utility blockchain network for owner-controlled storage, distribution, and monetization of digital content at scale. It provides live and file-based content publishing, transcoding, packaging, sequencing, and dynamic and static distribution, and minting of derivative NFTs for all ranges of content experiences.The first-ever public streaming of the documentary ‘ANGST’ kicked off on the 21st of January, and will be shown exclusively on Eluvio’s site for 10 days only.

‘ANGST’ was created to raise awareness around the topic of mental health and to destigmatize conversations surrounding anxiety. The 10-day streaming event will be raising funds for a few notable organizations: Jack.org, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, and the iNDIEFLIX Foundation, as these organizations advocate for mental health awareness.

Founded in Vancouver and publicly traded as ‘YVR’ on NASDAQ, Liquid Media is focused on redefining the filmmaking industry for independent creators, as highlighted by the recent inclusion of iNDIEFLIX Group Inc. and iGEMStv Inc. in Liquid’s group of companies to serve this end, Most recently, Liquid announced its partnership with the Eluvio team, aiming to bring web 3.0 tools and benefits to indie producers, including leveraging their groundbreaking Content Fabric.

This year, during the virtual portions of Sundance 2022, the Eluvio-Liquid Media blockchain framework will host the original documentary film Angst, produced by iNDIEFLIX CEO Scilla Andreen and designed to raise awareness around anxiety. Available online to the public for the first time, Angst is now available to stream on-demand for a limited time via Eluvio‘s Content Fabric and Liquid’s next-generation supply chain, launched on January 21st. Additionally, during the global screening, there will be a simultaneous Non-Fungible Token (NFT) event.

Eluvial Content Fabric is the most advanced technology for Internet video. A decentralized, global platform built on blockchain, the Fabric provides low latency, high quality (4K) content distribution, content monetization, and just-in-time streaming. Under the control of blockchain smart contracts, video content is dynamically served from the source as live and on-demand streaming and dynamic sequences without the need for third-party services.

“It [the event] will provide blockchain-based community access to Angst’s ‘Creative Coping Toolkit,’ which is designed to open up conversation and provide resources to help address mental health challenges in our communities,” explains Ron Thomson, Liquid Media Group CEO.

“Liquid’s blockchain approach and business solution engine are here to disrupt the industry and enhance the way independent creators establish community engagement and bring their content to screens of all sizes and types,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid. “We are especially excited that our screening of Angst will showcase the incredible ways that independents can leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to reach new audiences, achieve lower-cost, decentralized distribution, sell merchandise and other special access experiences, and broadcast directly to fans on their terms.”

In tandem, Liquid will host a panel in partnership with Deadline Magazine during the Sundance Film Festival, addressing the future of entertainment on the blockchain, NFTs for the entertainment industry, and the possibilities this technology brings to independent producers. Key panelists include Eluvio founder and CEO Michelle Munson, Greenfish.io Managing Director Tracie Mitchell, iNDIEFLIX founder and CEO Scilla Andreen, and Liquid Media Group CEO, Ron Thomson.

“We are looking forward to Liquid’s virtual participation during Sundance,” said Joshua Jackson, Chairman of Liquid. “Together, Liquid Media’s family of companies and partners empower diverse communities of independent storytellers by providing solutions to their most common problems, and providing tools for the inception, financing and monetization of great stories across media.”

This will be one of the first screenings to use Blockchain technology and specifically NFTs as tickets. There will be three NFTs available, created specifically around this screening event, the first of which will be free and capped at 10,000. The second and third will be used to raise money for charity.

Says Michelle of Eluvio “NFT’s are built around communities, so we are delighted to provide our first series in a collection specifically focused on the conversation of Mental Health”.

The process of claiming a free NFT will be as easy as downloading an Eluv.io Wallet from their website, and clicking a button to screen the film. The second and third NFTs that require a fee, will be tied to the “Coping Toolkit” developed by INDIEFLIX (a Liquid Media Group Company) who produced the film. These tools are “Most Common Fears” and “Tips & Tricks to Hack Your Brain” both mental health essentials.

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