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Bitcoin: Can It Be The World Reserve Currency?

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Does Bitcoin still stand a chance to be the World Reserve Currency, if the dollar fails? Will more and more countries adopt Bitcoin as legal tender? Will world leaders have no choice but to revere Bitcoin?!

In today’s episode, we find out!

In all seriousness, as mentioned in the last video, I was curious to experiment and see what a Fiverr writer could do if hired to make a Bitcoin script on an interesting topic… this is the result of my efforts to bring their script to light, with a few modifications from my end.

Grab some popcorn–this took much longer than I’d hoped to make, so I sincerely hope you enjoy it (and remember to like/share/subscribe!) 😀
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  1. You should not be trying to play both sides of the establishment having a joker print while being a straight up snowflake. Those, like you, on "the fence" trying not to upset the left while suppressing your TRUE beliefs rooted in freedom do the most damage in allowing the continuance of these oligarchael and communistic breaches of our constitution… no matter how small.
    C'mon dude. Stop bowing down to social justice woke bs… you have a duty having gained the attention of an influential audience.
    Those who remain silent choose the side of the aggressor.

  2. That's why I bought long ago. Thought there will be a change. Why not something digital since everything is anymore. Very interesting time's ahead. Thanks as always Omar. ✌️🍻

  3. um, no. It's so easily manipulated. Last thing I want is for some financial terrorist to be able to steal half of my money with zero repercussions. Bitcoin is extremely flawed. It's just as corrupted as fiat. The lunatics that have stolen trillions now own bitcoin and can corrupted the hell out of it by pumping and dumping it. There is no way an economy can withstand such instability.

  4. As the Winter ⛷Olympics approaches, aswell as the latest Litecoin upgrade, more positive Bitcoin news 📈🌧

    ‘Johnny Quinn, a U.S. Olympic bobsledder and former football player, is the latest celebrity to join the Bitcoin bandwagon’

  5. Thanks Omar, very well researched. The upcoming Bitcoin Volcano Bond in El Salvador, will this be a possible Bretton Woods 3 moment in economic history? The Bond is scheduled to be finalised & released in Q1 this year.

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