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Let's talk about transgender swimmers

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  1. Plenty of female bodybuilders are taking male hormones but are frowned upon. That said some could even beat males on stage. Its one sport where you could compete in both divisions if you were female.

  2. Hundreds of years biological women have had to fight for rights and opportunities, now men can transition to women and dominate fields that women had to earn through struggle, I am sure that many women would not agree with male to female athletes competing in their sports.

  3. It's a hard subject, what do you do with people who have genetic abnormalities/conditions? (often chromosomal).
    Ex: The South African runner Caster Semenya was assigned the female gender at birth, banning people like that from competing in sports seems cruel.

  4. I think I have a pretty interesting perspective to add here. I have a trans daughter like an ACTUAL trans daughter. Diagnosed early at about 3 but was showing the signs from 1-2. We don't do hormones; doctors haven't even mentioned them . Every professional has advised us to just let her be until puberty, and then we can go from there. With all that being said she will always be biologically male though she wont actually have to develop as one if she choses not to since she was diagnosed so early. Also all the testing shes undergine has shown she has higher female hormones in her. The male hormones are virtually nonexistent. Which we are told is the markings of a trans from birth child. Trans people are sometimes made via trauma or coercion. So my stance is if a trans person from birth that is like my daughter (no testosterone will never develop as a male) wants to compete in a womens sport she is on a level playing field and has no advantage. BUT if it is a late changing trans caused by trauma or coercion it should not be allowed. Biologically they had all the developments of a male they will always have the advantage even if they transition because they already developed into that gender fully.

  5. I have been talking about SP 500 in my videos for quite some time now. The market has always been volatile and it is in my own opinion that the market will remain favorable if you understand what you are up against.

  6. So the USA swimming committee totally backs transitioning trans girls pre puberty so they can compete as equal to all women. Because you can't say a trans woman cannot swim if they've gone through a puberty yet you are forced to go through a puberty.
    So how do trans women ever ever receive equality? How do we ever achieve equality ? Ever ? Equality

  7. Lacking in this entire conversation is "imagine being transgender"
    What would the top ranked female swimmer rank against transgender women after being on hormones for 3 years or more?
    How would a trans woman rank against male swimmers ?

  8. I think it would help greatly if you all would at least acknowledge that trans women deserve equality in all other aspects of life, that trans women deserve access to bathrooms legal documents etc .

  9. Age doesn't matter, consistency does , you thought u were batman for maybe a week or a year , if your trans u know every day of every year , grow up batman.

  10. You just argued both sides against trans women
    Not allowed to play sports because of puberty
    Too young to transition so must decide after puberty
    Therefore you are leaving trans girls forever left out of society. Im so glad u made it clear that you want trans women erased from female sports and its all about women not trans women

  11. So I can claim I'm a female, go into female sports, beat them and be hailed a hero?? 😂 That kinda shits on the females who actually worked hard to be the best, only to be beat by a man pretending to be woman. Guess those males couldn't cut in male based sports so they went to the female side 😂

  12. This is a very good and honest conversation. We should not forget that only an objective consideration must always precede a political or social stance. Unfortunately, nature and science-based observations are not compatible with subjective positions and/or perceptions. This necessary conversation has been always derailed because of personal interests/views/perceptions.

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