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Putin just said the UNTHINKABLE about Biden

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  1. I’d say America should watch China and other dictators that would love to take advantage of this situation Even Saudi Arabia
    War is unnecessary Praying for peace for this confused world 🙏🏻
    Thank you guys

  2. What this has always been, is globalism against Russian nationalism. Russia wants to be sovereign in a world of globalists, trans-national corporations and banks. This is the crux of it. Ukraine is being used as a battering ram. Putin knows this very well. As for Crimea, they voted 97% to return to Russia. There were definitely other factors, but I see Crimea as legitimately Russian.
    Russia should be our ally. China is a different story.

  3. We might be sending troops to Ukraine but ain't in Russia. We just hanging out with our Ukraine friends on their turf for no reason and Russian troops are on the border for no reason.

  4. My parents were born in USA. I was born in the USA. My son was born in the USA. He has lived for over 10 years in Romania. I'd sleep better knowing our troops are there. If Putin doesn't pull his troops back along the border we and all of Nato will be pushing them to hell. I hope he makes the right decision.

  5. Of course the warhawks want another war. Russia isn't the problem. China is. We shouldn't be meddling in Ukraine. If there's any place that justifies an American presence, it should be Taiwan.

  6. Who cares about Ukraine. It’s not our business. Biden is trying to pay off his cronies in Ukraine under the veil of the Military headed to Ukraine. INVESTIGATE!!!!!!

  7. Time for the USA to get out of Europe. If they want another war ,let them do the fighting with out the USA . Americans have died in European wars twice before and it benefitted the USA not at all. There have been wars in Europe for hundreds ,if not thousands of years , America needs to go home and take care of its own people, and I don’t mean the bankers, the corporations and the rich, take care of the working people of America, the disabled, the homeless, those with no health care.

  8. I think Biden and the White House and the media would like for there to be a war with Russia and Ukraine then that would take the heat off of Biden about the Border about the cost of living all those things he would take and shove everything off on them to fight a war just so that everybody would let up on him about everything here in the United States

  9. Putin is anti-free world ( freedom speech and human rights).
    Putin geopolitically is supporting all regime that against Free World.
    Putin is supporting action of China that eating your lunch .
    Therefore, THE WAR between U.S. against Russia and China is coming sooner or later because both regimes are anti-free world’s values .
    Foreign conflict is impacting your life . Means the U.S. is facing challenge by foreign power Russia and China ( dictators) as pre-WW2.
    President Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy: "speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

  10. Putin don’t want a war and it’s the USA that’s trying to start one ?

    Didn’t Mr. Putin grab a big part of Ukraine a few years ago ? Mr Putin didn’t give Ukraine back any of its territory after the conflict was over .

    I do understand that Russia has been invaded by the europeans in the past and having NATO troops on the Ukraine border doesn’t seem to be needed to keep the peace.
    Tell Mr. Putin to give back all the territories he took from Ukraine and NATO will not keep troops or WMD in the nation of Ukraine.

  11. Speaking of Germany, in 2008 during Conflict between Georgia and Russia US sent to Georgia two ships loaded with drinking water, Georgia has no shortage of water and never had, it’s one of rich countries with drinking water, so nothing surprising with Germany.

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