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Results questionnaire, and next step | by Auxilium Global | Feb, 2022

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Auxilium Global

In January — as a result of announcing a new era for the cryptocurrency established in 2017 — the holders of Auxilium cryptocurrency had the chance to have their say. A form with 18 Auxilium related questions was filled out by 30 people from the community. Honestly hoping for more replies, but valuable input it was. Below a summary of the results.

A new era is upon us, but how will this look?
We will soon know. One thing is certain: Auxilium will become a more community oriented project.

The mass majority of data was added by long term holders. People who replied are holding anything between 0–1000 AUX and more than 1,000,000 AUX. On the question if we need to do everything to keep the Auxilium blockchain running the opinions ended in a 50–50% result. Meaning the attachment to the independent blockchain is not overpowering being open to “the new and unknown”.

Most would like to see a complete clean start (e.g. delisting old exchange and swap to different token) for the cryptocurrency.

A potential swap wouldn’t be limited for whales, everyone should have the chance to swap all coins, if the community had their say. Meaning an uncapped swap would be preferred.

Smart contracts are a must, where the focus — philosophy wise — should be directed towards DeFi (34.4%), closely followed by NFTs and charity (both 25%). This would mean a shift in philosophy, more in line with the current hype / demand within the blockchain space. A rebranding would be welcome when starting such a new era (with a new philosophy).

If we zoom in on the business side of things the opinion of the community is that Auxilium should put the emphasis on building a team (28.1%), getting listed on exchanges (28.1%) and marketing (21.9%).

After a swap the panel would like to see an IDO or IEO for AUX.

The interest distribution — which is 8% (6.72% for holders, and 0.56% R&D and charity) at the moment — is a thing people like; and would like to keep the same.

Leveraging multiple blockchains, thus using wrapped tokens on multiple decentralized exchanges, is something people see as a good opportunity to increase liquidity and reach.

AUXL was an idea for a loyalty platform. A separate token to expand the ecosystem. This token was never distributed; in line with other development pauses. Not creating the AUXL token, focussing purely on AUX, and distributing extra AUX instead of AUXL would be the way to go if the community had their say.

The likes and dislikes, and the ideas and additional comments, have been read and given a place in the development of the next phase of Auxilium.

What’s next?
Because of the clear answers of the community a lot of extra questions aren’t necessary. However, there are some hot topics that need some extra attention. Highlighting the following: being able to swap all coins held.

Discussion about the maximum swap amount
People once upon a time bought SPRTS coins, joined the swap from SPRTS to AUX in 2018 and/or bought AUX on a later date and of course feel they deserve to keep all AUX in a swap. While this is logical one should also be realistic or look at the effect this has on the future success of the cryptocurrency project itself (thus the success of their own portfolio). Many of the whales (holding 1,000,000 AUX or more) never bought extra AUX, and swapped a nearly free coin SPRTS for AUX. The swap ratio decided on 4,5 years ago might not have been as ideal as first thought. A small number of holders hold the majority of coins which isn’t a very healthy thing. It could easily demotivate potential investors to invest (once AUX is listed on more exchanges). And extra people investing is exactly what everyone, including the whales, should encourage. As a counter-argument you could state other cryptocurrencies like BTC have the same problem, and/or this potential issue will resolve itself over time once demand increases.

It would be a good thing to see a civil and open discussion on this topic. It’s important that you as a holder get your opinion out there, before the final decisions are made.

In conclusion
A swap, a clean new start, with a rebranding looks to be the next step.
Therefore some elements will need to be developed, like a swap platform.
Also, things might not be exactly as you’ve hoped. It’s understandable you might be disappointed with some decisions. But please bear in mind: change doesn’t come without actually changing things, and sometimes making bold decisions.

The goal for February is to put all the pieces together to start the transition. Behind the scenes steps are made to make a swap possible; including the hiring of a third party to make sure there is no conflict of interest when it comes to decision making and development during this transition.

Possible questions:

What about AUX coins on Mercatox?
It’s unlikely this exchange issue will be solved. Better said: it’s not a goal to solve everything before entering a swap. Especially because this is costing more resources as it’s a third party who will be fixing the issues. But don’t worry! For those having AUX locked on the exchange it will at the very least be possible to get AUX in return.

What about the AUX interest that we’ve missed out on for the past months?
The interest distribution might change completely. A compensation is an option, but to be honest not a priority at the moment.

To which blockchain will we be swapping?
It will be a leading, high quality, blockchain with smart contract functionality that gives us both the independence we need to move into our own direction and the option to leverage an already running network.

WAUX (Wrapped Auxilium) can still be bought on PancakeSwap, and will be made swappable for AUX!

Last but not least: don’t join any swap before reading about it on our official platforms!! Be aware of scammers, they’re everywhere!

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