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Biden Approval Hits RECORD LOW as mandates collapse

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Biden’s approval rating hits a record low.

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  1. The ignorance of some people amazes me. Obviously masks work. Medical professionals have been wearing them for as long as I can remember. There are no absolutes with any preventive measure be it masks or vaccines but they do work. Many more people people would be dead if not for these things. The vast majority of people dying of the virus or being very sick in hospitals are unvaccinated. These are scientific FACTS. Don't know what people think will help prevent getting covid if they don't believe in masks nor vaccines. I will continue to follow science and not take my chances like a gambler.

  2. I work in Healthcare RN for 22 yrs. ICU/ER. We have use N95 masks for the last 22 years to prevent us from getting TB. Patients are also places in Negative pressure rooms. Average Hospitals only have 1 or 2 of those rooms per floor. Only 1 in ER. Also, tRump Administration had insider trading as well as the Supreme Court. Along with McConnells wife contributions to China. Corruption on both sides.

  3. My wife and I own several rental properties in the States of Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin our tenants are very diverse. I see across the board that all are suffering from inflation not just Blacks, Latina's or other ethnic group's here in America. One thing I do know regardless of what it is it is always Blacks are more susceptible to this or that and 9 times out of 10 the media continue to shed Blacks in a negative light. In my 51 year's living in America I see things a bit different then what the media speaks upon. Just remember, media controls the mind's of the masses good news sell but negative news sell even better🤔

  4. he probably was censored on social media so he had to go voice his opinion in person. leftie censorship and disregard of freedom is starting to concern the crap out of me. go legalize pot or something for a change

  5. I do love to listen to your show for the most part. But, okay, guys, whether or not wearing a mask is effective against Covid is still a disputed topic. It depends on which expert doctor you listen to. Remember that it could be more than one reason that one contracts Covid. (And, yes, there are 2 nurses in my family that will back this.) #1: It has now been stated that certain masks are ineffective against the virus (i.e. cloth masks). So, if someone got Covid even after wearing a mask, the question would be what type?? It does take time in the case of any virus to determine the cause and effect. #2: The virus can live on some surfaces for up to a few days (remember that we were told to wipe off all grocery items, etc., brought home from the store. Even those items that we receive via delivered meal plans. #3: (Now, Clayton, you still keep saying that you were vaccinated and got sick anyway??? But, you knew this could happen, yet you keep bringing it up.) It was stated early enough on that the vaccines were a method of avoiding getting so sick, not a cure. (And, yes, David, reputable medical experts did tell us early on that the vaccine would not necessarily keep one from contracting the virus! But, this should be common sense, because we know that a flu shot will not guarantee that one will not get the flu!) Can we stop beating that dead horse now? Just a thought…

  6. The year is 1981 and Reagan just fired 11000+ air traffic controllers because essentially they were holding air travel hostage. Hmmnn, I wonder what Reagan would do now with these truckers whereas some must abide by federal law /interstate transportation. My bet is he wouldn't take any BS at all. Trumpism started so much of this. We need to bring back Reagan in many ways.

  7. I can't come in your house and do what I want same thing that goes in other people's places you need to follow rules what kind of examples are you showing your children We have to follow rules in this world point blank can't just do what you want to do

  8. Dreading that guy out because he wasn't wearing a mask that is gestapo tactics that was very wrong they were assaulting him I mean he should have just been asked to leave but he shouldn't have been they should have put their hands on it they should have never put their hands on it and I agree with those truck drivers I really do one thing the truck drivers are the backbone of every country because if you don't have them you don't have nothing at all getting delivered at all no fuel no clothes no food no electronics no kitchen utensils nothing Nicole for electricity plants nothing they jam you up worse than you're being constipated for 2 weeks that's what it is

  9. I'd of broke his arm as soon as it touched me. Learn some self defense. I obviously only seen a small portion of this on your show. But security as I saw didn't really have much of Convo on it.
    1 security has a Convo
    2 more security shows up and has a more forceful Convo
    3 then you remove the problem

    Didn't see anything close. I'd put rent a cop on the floor.
    Find yourself a Marine or seal and learn how to harm people who step in your bubble/ put their hands on you.

  10. Wounder why the pfizer and the fda don't want to release the approval paperwork are they hiding something and I had took the pfizer vaccine but i had a lot of problems after taking the vaccine for like 7 months and I am still having problems with my kidneys now at 10 months I think and my opinion I think it a government cover up while they line their pockets and now I can't take the rna vaccine

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