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FACT CHECK!! Bitcoin Mining Emissions: Why It’s FUD!

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0:00 Intro
1:38 About The Report
3:32 Introduction
5:19 Methodology
9:05 Results
12:15 Energy Sources Of Bitcoin Mining
14:17 Discussion
17:06 Conclusion
19:54 Outro


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  1. The cryptographic 'problem' , could it be made more useful to humankind ? As in, solving a modelled genetics problem or drug – discovery or something like that?

    Sorry for the noob question.

  2. Constant fud all the time.. its bloody boring now…why do these people waste there time and are time writing this bullshit.. know one cares ..they have obviously got a reason for doing this like getting the market to short so they can buy…take no notice…

  3. Another great video, but fyi Tesla doesn’t make most of its money from selling carbon credits. Carbon credit income is a very tiny amount of Tesla’s income now

  4. Yea but proof of stake is better. Proof of work requires too much energy, and spending large amounts on renewable energy technology (which themselves have a large carbon footprint during manufacture) is NOT the solution when a better alternative already exists.

  5. If the models they use are as accurate as the global warming models which claimed we had 20 years left in 1960s , al gore said 10 years in 1988 and AOC said we had 12 years in 2018 , they shouldn't have bothered . I'm not claiming global warning isn't an issue just the models are garbage.

  6. Don't you all see your following BTC when you should be following your own coins….get the whales to follow you instead of being netted in to a Factory Ship.

  7. Today, creating solar panels and wind power is extremely polluting and requires also petrol to be produced, it should be noted in the report to be really fair. We really need gigabrain to find new source of energy.

  8. This is such BTC cope. Institutional pushers desperate to underplay its massive power consumption requirements because of their exposure. Madness when you consider the number of much greener crypto PoS alternatives out there.

  9. Bitcoin bull run 🏃‍♀️expected to take off again in 2022, and overlap with the run 🏃🏾‍♀️ up to next years Litecoin reward halving and this years David Burkett update.

    Previous run ups had a huge effect 🎯📈

  10. Once again we see the establishment spread misinformation

    See the pattern here… Misinformation on covid and deliberate panic pushed instead,

    Misinformation on crypto to steer people away from it,

    Misinformation about people's freedoms and push rules taking away their freedoms,

    And complete BS on Bitcoins energy usage!

    Misinformation about everything so as to take away your choices and freedoms and the enabler is misinformation through lack of transparency and having centralised control

    This is exactly why the world needs the Blockchain to keep the bastards honest!

  11. BTC is still bad compared to PoS Solutions. Every green energy used by BTC is taken from other demands, increasing the demand of fossil sources and delaying the switch to 100% renewables.
    It does not matter if BTC is using green energy or not, facing PoS as an alternative that is even better in other aspects, like decentralization, governance, participation.

  12. "Fun fact : Tesla earn most of it money from the carbon credits it recieved" is an out of date quote. Currently Q4 15967mil income of which regulatory credits 314mil. About 2%. That is also 22% less then 2020. How fast an article from 6 months ago is old, but that should not be surprising in the crypto world 🙂

  13. Guy once again, you have got to stop claiming that Tesla makes most of its money off carbon credits. Completely false. Please stop sharing misinformation.

  14. Doesn't matter how green the energy is for PoW mining, it's still 'wasted' energy. Turning a bunch electricity into heat just to win a lottery is not a useful way to spend that energy. All that energy could be going to real work instead. PoW was a great idea in 2008 but since then we've invented better systems. PoW is now outdated and should be replaced. PoW is the steam engine of cryptocurrency.

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