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NBC Anchor Lester Holt SLAMMED by Biden for asking about inflation, #bussin, Shaun White

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  1. You clowns don't know that Biden was making a joke when he said that. None of you still don't get that it is the suppliers & manufacturers who are raising prices to gouge the consumer. This is why he put out a bill to stop them from continuing their practices of ripping off the consumer.

  2. I don't care for the current occupant of the White House but Holt was definitely being a wise guy asking for the "definition" of temporary. In a non-formal setting this could get very heated. Like "How would you like a definition of " Yo Mama MF" " comeback rather than "wise guy". This is the kind of garbage that was constantly thrown at President Trump!

  3. Why not 1 whole news cast like normal? why break it up into different videos when you guys have all the headlines lined up like normal? Just find it annoying to have to wait for a seperate upload and im taxed for time in the am before work and now dont get to see the whole show.

  4. This admin isn’t even letting full transparent coverage of the Ukraine situation because they want to start another pointless 20 year war where my children will most likely be drafted too…

  5. ASK THE CORRUPT FED POWELL ABOUT INFLATION. Funny Trump insulted everyone all the time. He is being a wise ass. Not one answer to that question. Many Many factors..Biden response is meek ..Such thin skin people ..

  6. Under xtrump over 35000 fslse claims or lies want help from HOSPITALS for covid. If you don't believe in covid or vaccines. Stop going to hospitals for help. People need help and want to live.

  7. I want you to know on my newsletter now…I can barely look at the links because of ads popping up from every news organization now offering free newsletter to my inbox 😅🤣 this is new.

  8. Dickish question would have been: You said few months ago inflation will be temporary, but the research says otherwise. So why did you lie to the American public?

  9. Lester Holt “ why is Russia sending bombs to the USA when you said you told him not to?”

    Biden “Come on man don’t be a wise guy HaHa”

    I guess it’s not that bad of an answer from our poopypants president.

  10. Joe starts to speak and he very seldom can finish a sentence before starting a new one off topic. He never really answers anything. Is anybody in there? 🙄🙄😬

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