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The next digital advertising revolution is here. No, seriously. | by AdsharesNet | Feb, 2022

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by Adshares Communications

So that we fully understand the gravity of this

Adshares has developed a blockchain designed only and specifically for digital advertising. All of digital advertising. Globally.

One might say — just like there’s the Internet of Things — we’ve created the Internet of Ads (IoA).

The future

The world’s advertising will be transformed by blockchain (just like it was transformed by the Internet), sooner or later.

There’s decentralised finance we’re already familiar with.

Since “money makes the world go round” — it’s only logical that the first blockchain would be about money.

There are decentralised social worlds, or Virtual Blockchain Worlds.

But then there is, or soon will be: decentralised law, decentralised healthcare, decentralised entertainment (think the next Netflix is now being conceived somewhere). There are decentralised file sharing systems (IPFS), there’s decentralised music distribution — the list is growing by the hour.

The marketing industry has taken a leap from ring-binder paper archives into online databases.

The logical next step is to move this data to decentralised systems.

Another thing that makes the world go round is advertising.

So, logically, there should be a protocol for it.

There’s a problem

“Digital transformation” has proven to be a real challenge for marketers and adtech alike.

And the advertising market has become irreversibly ill.

Three companies’ servers control 80% of the world’s trillion advertising market.

Privacy invasion, fraud, opaque systems and ridiculous commissions make this world more and more centralised in the hands of the few.

And healing it has been about adding more regulations, more securities, more captchas, more script — making the web simply unusable anymore. And as the saying goes — the user has become the product.

We can’t possibly add any more value-your-privacy pop-ups and cookie-consent notifications.

Current programmatic advertising is generating high costs in terms of servers, electricity and carbon footprint — and fees.

We need to transplant the advertising system to an entirely new body. A body taught and programmed on the basis of past failures. Programmed so that history does not repeat itself.

We have developed a separate blockchain, only for the needs of the ad industry — with all of its implications.

How Adshares works?

As we said — Adshares is — at its very core and guts — “just” a protocol, a “payment system”. Developed from scratch by our engineers. Capable of processing ca. 1,4 million advertising transfers every second. Or 5 040 000 000 an hour. Or 120 960 000 000 a day. One hundred and twenty billion ads can be served every day.

A payment system designed to process payments from advertisers to multiple publishers, settled in real-time (RTS instead of RTB).

Our protocol uses its proprietary coin — ADS, for settling all of the transactions within the Adshares ecosystem.

The ADS coin is cross-chain (interchangeable) to any other cryptocurrency (ERC-20, BSC and Polygon). So you can see them in your wallet along with your ETHs, BNBs and MANAs.
Making it fully tradeable.

And it is automatically staked — so each ADS hodler receives their dividends from the global digital advertising market, automatically, straight to their native wallet.

And every publisher may freely change their formats, placements or take down ads they deem inappropriate.


There are evolutionary implications

Just imagine that every “connected” (i.e. addressable by a URL) advertising placement in real life, on the web and in the Metaverse — on one protocol.

All of the world’s digital advertising, on one decentralised protocol — sounds scary AF, right?

Not if you have a decentralised, interplanetary advertising system, governed by a DAO (planned) and sharing fairly with all of its owners, in the form of a exchangeable currency.

But for us — the most important feature is, to put it simply — healing the advertising business.

Freeing it from mobster-type middlemen, monopolies, fraud, privacy invasion and users’ hate.

Because today — people have come to hate advertising, with 763 million AdBlocks installed in 2019 to pove it.

But they pay attention to advertising in the Metaverse. Because it can be immersive, creative and fresh. And we help keep it that way.

Which will bring benefits to publishers, media owners, agencies and adtech in general as well.
If you are considering moving into blockchain — the underlying infrastructure is there.


Upon the Adshares protocol — numerous ad server and ad exchange solutions may be built — like buildings on a baseplate.

What is possible? 6 interconnected ad servers already work on our protocol, delivering an upward of 200 million ad displays monthly in our network of web publishers. And a network of virtual world (Metaverse) ad spaces is being built as we speak, with 60 placements available in Cryptovoxels and Decetraland.

We have developed an experimental app which enables automatic monetisation of social media engagement. It tracks @brandmentions across a platform (e.g. Twitter) and automatically pays users, using the Adshares protocol. At this point it’s in MVP stage, ready for Twitter campaigns.
Just imagine the possibilities for measured and proven influencer and social media statistics.

With scams being the number one threat and a real problem — automated verification anti-scam systems may be developed, where ads can be reported and taken down. And the whale market can self-regulate, for ever-better creative quality and higher ethical standards.

In short

Adshares is to advertising what LEGO was to wooden bricks and toys.

So — it’s not like we’ve created a new service.

We have developed an entirely new infrastructure for future digital advertising services to come.

A new baseplate for all of the future advertising industry to be planted upon, like LEGO bricks.

A whole ecosystem of decentralised martech can be built — from media planning and targeting to research on users (segmentation, behavioural analyses), effectiveness, trends and so on.

So, by the time the world’s advertising realises “hmm, we need to go on blockchain” — this ‘blockchain’ is already there, waiting. And it’s called Adshares.

So, to stick to the LEGO example and brand language:

“Here you have it. Play well, play nice. And share.”

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