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Bitcoin Q&A – How can I be sure my hardware wallet has deleted my mnemonic phrase?

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In this Bitcoin Q&A, Andreas explains how to be sure your hardware wallet has actually deleted your mnemonic phrase.

00:00 – Does deleting a mnemonic phrase from a hardware wallet make it impossible to recover?
00:18 – In most cases, deleting means permanant deletion
00:47 – If it’s a lot of money, it’s safer to destroy the wallet

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  1. Thank YOU Andreas ‼️👏👏👏❤️

    In addition I would collect all pieces mix them with crazy glue and make a ball out of it to then be smashed again with a hammer.
    Depending on the amount of money, I would repeat this process several more times.😂

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  3. Have you learned some fear-mongering tactics from the MSM or what..?? mySelf and most of the ppl I know are just getting started on the Crypto journey so this does NOT help..!!

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