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Justin Trudeau just said the unthinkable about Freedom Convoy, Ottawa police ready to arrest

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just called conservatives Nazi sympathizers if they support the Freedom Convoy truckers. Ottawa police hand out letters saying mass arrests will happen if you don’t move your truck. And NATO doesn’t believe that Russia is de-escalating the situation in Ukraine.


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  1. My sister lives in Moscow and she says there's no talk of an invasion and everything is normal. The only time she here's about escalation is when our family sends her articles. This seems like American propaganda.

  2. YAY HIP HIP HOORAY FOR WHAT Justin Trudeau said. First January 6, 2021 MASSIVE ATTACK on Democracy and Aggressive, Violent TREASON by the Proud Boys, AMY SEVER and HER Husband, now this crazy crap Interfering with law abiding citizens ability to go to their Jobs, Schools, Medical needs, etc….

  3. One thing I was wondering is why does Clayton's wife let her child cough for 2 or 3 months and not do anything about it but wait till the very last minute until she sees blood coming out of her mouth why did she not take her child in at least one week after the caugh it sounds like child neglect too busy worrying about herself and not her daughter or her children letting her daughter cough for months she always talks about being healthy but she's got the sickest family I've ever heard of and the problem with her is she reads too many damn books from other people's opinions and worries he does not know how to raise a family too much about so-called healthy food but yet her children are always sick she has no idea how to raise a family she thinks she does she thinks she's the best mom in the world but she is as dumb as a pile of rocks

  4. Give me a break Bob saget was killed he was also on the Lolita Express airplane Deadman tell no tales where do you think you got that big ass bump on his head it was a baseball bat but you keep on believing all the b***** that bastard was as evil as Bill Clinton and the rest of those perverts

  5. Dumb! Canada has the greatest democracy according to the economist, yet prime minister has been empowered 20 years!! So stupid he’s an authoritarian no better than Xi Jin Pin is a democracy of of a dictatorship!!

  6. I am glad to see you back and I am glad that your daughter is doing okay now and I am sorry to hear that you hurt your back and I will be praying for you that your back gets well and I will still be praying for your daughter daughter still as well too

  7. The USA general was talking abt “False flags” being done by Russia?????
    No it’s shades of Colin Powell, the USA general under Bush…. when he said the USA had proof of “weapons of mass destruction in Iraq”….. well now we see that was a lie lie lie
    USA lies 100% of the time

  8. Finally!! Natali, you are absolutely correct! I have listened to your show for the last few years and have to admit that I skim over some topics discussed nowadays. I do appreciate much of what you all report, but often find it based not on fact, but on your opinions. Both sides should be brought out in your discussions, whether you agree with them or not. Starting to sound like the mainstream media, guys! Another thing, the daily discussion of the Canadian truckers' protests is wearing thin. It's really not our business, your daily news about the topic is the same-old, same-old, and I have found little re- our own truckers speaking on their behalf, so I say let's let it rest already! How about getting back to our own government problems and how it's affecting the American masses???

  9. I seen truck drivers from Canada saying they are going to quit their truck driving job the truck drivers know if they take their license that Canada isn't going to get good to Canada or from Canada remember they are standing for freedom

  10. Is as if Natali is working for corporate media lol or at least scared of having this channel shut down, but this is Not the time to keep living scared, this is the time for humanity to stand up, by the way you guys should have a back up plan like if that ever was to happens because many of us have been with you since it was just Clayton & David, no offense to Natali but you two have always been for "The People" no ands, if or buts also no weeeeeell or actuallys , It's time for The People to rise.

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