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KIBA INU: Meme Coin Breaking Barriers

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Meme coins took center stage last year with feverish hype surrounding tokens that became household names, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. As Facebook communities, Reddit threads, and Telegram channels began to see a massive influx of investors take a stab at the chance to profit, it ushered in a new era of financial opportunity. The global cryptocurrency market currently hovers below two trillion dollars, at one point nearly being valued at three trillion dollars during bitcoin’s all-time high. As digital currencies expand their communities, their investors demand more from these tokens than only marketing stunts, but a diverse set of tools and utilities that can showcase projects as worthy of being the next household name.

Kiba Inu has released wide-ranging utility outlined in their roadmap: KibaFomo, KibaCharts, Kiba Swap, and the Kiba Honeypot Checker. Kiba Inu’s aggressive marketing tactics stretch beyond billboards and tweets, such as securing numerous professional league partnerships, like the recently announced Apollon Limassol sponsorship. These rapid developments situate Kiba Inu as the meme coin to watch in 2022.


To get the lowest entry on projects, altcoin investors spend hours researching contracts that have just gone live on decentralized exchanges, like Dextools or PooCoin. Since crypto doesn’t follow the traditional finance model of the stock market restricted to regular business hours, listings for tokens may go live at any moment. KibaFomo allows hungry investors to jump in early and acts as a token tracker for recently listed tokens on the Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network. Early entry is critical for any investor that aims to make multiples back on their original investment, and KibaFomo allows investors early opportunities to get involved.

Kiba Honeypot Checker

Investing early into worthwhile tokens can make substantial returns, but safeguarding your funds against nefarious actors in the space is paramount. When popular meme coins sprout, fake duplicates with similar monikers often seek to fool novice investors by trapping them with “honeypot” contracts. A “honeypot” is when an individual allows investors to buy into a smart contract but does not allow those investors to sell their tokens, thus locking their funds and allowing the developer to drain the remaining liquidity to their personal wallet. Utilizing Kiba’s honeypot checker requires holding Kiba tokens and enables investors to input any smart contract, then Kiba’s code determines whether the contract is safe. Pioneering the meme space involves risk-taking for potentially massive gains. However, investors must do their due diligence, and a reputable honeypot checker can save an investor from making a costly mistake.


Kiba Inu’s suite of tools includes KibaCharts, allowing investors to view transaction data and charts for tokens imported from Dextools, Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, and Moontools. Token valuations can quickly change, especially when launching and volatility accelerates; it’s vital investors can properly track token performance and evaluate their portfolio. KibaCharts requires holding Kiba tokens, encouraging investors to hold onto their Kiba tokens to use the suite of tools offered within the Kiba ecosystem.    


KibaSwap is an in-house decentralized exchange that provides multichain compatibility with Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network. KibaSwap is a massive undertaking by Kiba Inu to give investors analytical software to help guide decision-making, like charts and a honeypot checker, and safely provide investors with the ability to connect their wallets and swap tokens. Unlike other DEX’s, Kibaswap allows users to implement limit orders to snag preferred entries, rather than only buying market price. Importantly, on-ramping investors to use software can be difficult, but Kiba introduced fiat onboarding, allowing investors to use fiat to buy crypto directly on KibaSwap. Although Kiba Inu exists on both Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum Network, the ability to bridge your tokens from one chain to another provides an arbitrage opportunity for experienced traders. The bridge, built by Moontography, illustrates the decision-making process to integrate infrastructure that enabled the exponential growth of other similar meme coins. Over the past 30 days since releasing KibaSwap, over 4000 users have used the platform from over 90 countries. With 1100 users just in the past week, Kiba Inu has successfully deployed its swap and positioned the project as a developing rival to Dextools and PooCoin.

Apollon Limassol X Kiba Inu

Kiba Inu recently announced a new partnership with Apollon Limassol Football Club, currently ranked top of the Cypriot first division league. The Kiba logo will be featured prominently on the left shoulder of the official kit jersey of Apollon Limassol Football Club. Kiba Inu’s announcement of their sponsorship of Apollon Limassol FC gained significant social engagement and led to the expansion of the sponsorship to include Apollon Limassol’s e-sports division and cemented Kiba’s first e-sports deal. Kiba Inu has pursued a flurry of marketing strategies highlighting the necessity to expand its exposure to new audiences by partnering with legitimate organizations seeking to innovate with digital currencies. With ongoing partnerships that include the entire European Cricket League, Odisha Football Club, Apollon Limassol Football Club and e-sports division, Kiba Inu is smashing preconceived notions of what meme coins can achieve.

While bitcoin owns the headlines, the incredible rise of small-cap altcoins has garnered attention as becoming the next frontier for digital currencies. Reports of newly minted millionaires from early investments in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have led the search for the next explosive meme coin. Still, as the space quickly evolves, communities for meme coins, like Kiba Inu, are constantly pushing innovation to lead the pack.

At the time of writing, Kiba Inu is valued at 10m on CoinMarketCap. Kiba Inu has nearly 34,000 total investors and can be purchased on Binance Smart Chain and the Ethereum network.

Stay informed with Kiba Inu:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KibaInuWorld

Telegram: http://t.me/KibaInuGlobal

linktr: linktr.ee/KibaInuOfficial

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