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What’s good E.T Fam? I hope you all are well. Yesterday was a monumental day for myself, the SuperFarm & EllioTrades team, and the E.T community. The Impostors trailer went live. It has been such a long road, and I am proud to finally share the project with you all. However, as well as the trailer was received, it was not an event that went off without a hitch.

There have been various concerns from the community around a few details pertaining to Impostors. I’m here to let you all know that I hear you and understand the concerns. I’m here to be fully transparent, and address/clear up any misunderstandings. It is important that you all understand the purpose, vision, and execution behind the game. It is to be noted that I’m still extremely excited, elated, exuberant, ecstatic, and any other word beginning with the letter E to be delivering Impostors to you all.

I’m truly putting my heart and soul into making sure I give the industry the crypto game it deserves. Tune in as I cover all of the details about Impostors, and address the elephant in the room. Talk to you all soon!

00:00 – Intro
00:25 – Impostors teaser
01:03 – What is Impostors?
01:59 – Play-and-Earn
02:27 – An attempts at arena battle gaming
03:14 – Impostors birth
03:36 – The social side of metaverse
04:21 – Key features of Impostors
04:52 – The Genesis roadmap
07:49 – Phase 2 & 3
09:15 – The team
10:55 – How to play
11:48 – Gameplay footage will be out before mint
12:32 – FUD reaction
13:27 – Whitelist sale mint price
14:42 – Dutch auction
15:28 – Impostors is not an external project
15:58 – Real value
16:48 – Internal development
18:03 – Beta is coming at Phase 1
18:32 – In-house project
19:04 – Only one developer?
19:46 – A blatant cashgrab?
21:36 – What comes next?
23:34 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Free to play is sort of like the Rat Kingdom of Neo Tokyo. Gaming Guilds, artist groups and LearnWeb3Dao are all in the RK.
    It's up to the group to form the guilds. I am WheelEnergyRat in RK of NT and Twitter.

  2. People are so dumb, this project has so much potential. Your 3ETH has a very high chance in turning into 30eth at least. And also everyone could get in for free if no one buys. I myself don’t have that type of money but if I did I would 100% would put it in this project. Insane amount of potential, be on the lookout 👀

  3. ellio, i think you should check out altered state machine. they minted for .09 Ξ and are an AI game as well. their genesis collection also has a lot of perks. not sure what you're doing wrong tbh

  4. why video graphics is so low? I mean we have now 2022 and this looks like 2002 graphic game……. Even 'black mesa' fan made game looks much, much better visualy, buah, even android games look better. So… was it created on 2002 laptop or something?

  5. Forgive me for saying this… But Am I the only one who believes Among Us on steroids is not a web 3 gaming revolution? I mean specially with projects like Phantom Galaxy and Cloud City coming up. Is this the best Super is going to Offer us…

  6. Outrageous price. You want to bring the gaming market to crypto by charging $9000. You have lost a fan. Pure greed and this will not help the nft industry that I love

  7. I want to point out that ellio asked his community in neo Tokyo and they all was against a Dutch auction. He still went ahead with it …. Pure greed ellio. This video did not justify that price

  8. Ellio you fully know what the nft industry is like and you know Dutch auctions do not work the same here. I mean you have a great example in pixelmon to look at. Your image in this industry has been tarnish. No coming back now my friend

  9. Dude this game looks like crap. I’m a software developer and this looks like it was done by a drunk rookie thinking he can develop. Loooks like a scam to me.

  10. Ditch auction going to zero shows ur confidence in how dumb people are and will make them feel smart for getting in at a lower price when they shouldn’t be getting in at all

  11. One major issue I see is SF’s lack of NFT farming. This was held as a major feature for the entire SF ecosystem. People have been grinding, providing liquidity since day 1, thinking they were incentivized to do so. In the end there are no opportunities so far or spoken of for the imposters game??? What is the deal with that?

  12. In my opinion you and Alex are the most honest youtubers in the crypto space. I screwed my self a lot with sh*t coins, cause i had no idea what im doing. Since i watch you and Alex i really start learning the space. Also i love the vibe. Keep doing the great work and i believe in your project!

  13. There are many games Elliot. If you want people to enter you cant expect them to pay 3.5 ethereum. Only a few degens will enter. Rest will skip the game. Even if the game is great etc. Hope you understand that

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