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StreamCoin CEO Wows Audience During Live Stream AMA Session on February 16

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  • StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh hosted an AMA session on Feb 16.
  • Details about exchange listing, MeiTalk features, and ongoing partnerships were discussed.
  • CEO Michael will be at the World Live Streamers Conference in Dubai from March 25 to 26.

StreamCoin CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh hosted the second AMA session for the company. The AMA session was live-streamed in light of inquiries regarding the upcoming live streaming platform MeiTalk. Specifically, the topics discussed were the current ICO, the excitement building around MeiTalk, as well as its features. This session was simulcasted to StreamCoin’s official Twitch and YouTube channels.

CEO Michael responded to queries during the session, which were collected beforehand from StreamCoin’s official community channel. He also went on to answer a few questions that were submitted by viewers during the live session on MeiTalk, YouTube, and Twitch. He explained that the company has a non-disclosure agreement with exchanges which prevents them from announcing the exact date of the listings. He further exclaimed that the company is aiming at being listed on more than 100 exchanges starting from the first week of May 2022.

Regarding MeiTalk’s features, CEO Michael disclosed that it currently supports OBS studio. Streamers can earn StreamCoins (STRM) by viewer endorsements, which they get to keep 100%. Other than streamers, viewers too can earn STRM by watching adverts. Another way to earn on this platform is through the NFT marketplace.

He further went on to state that the platform will play the role of supporting and bringing all the other live streaming platforms together, and connect streamers and viewers, globally. He also mentioned MeiTalk’s translation features which will be made possible with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). When asked about content supervision, he explained that the platform will do so with the help of a team of trained specialists and a reporting feature.

Another topic of concern was the ICO referral reward program. During the live streaming session, CEO Michael clarified that it has an unlimited earning possibility for those who will be able to refer friends successfully. He also mentioned their partnership with Real Research, a survey-based application that is currently rewarding participants with STRM.

As for the price of STRM, he expects the value to reach $1.3 up to $3 on the day of the listing.

The live stream continued for 50 minutes with seamless multicasting over the mentioned channels. CEO Michael mentioned that the process of multicasting via MeiTalk was made simpler, allowing even amateur streamers to stream with just one click of a button. Furthermore, he said that the platform was being designed with user-friendliness as a priority, so that every action could be completed with a minimum of three clicks.

He also exclaimed some future aspirations for the platform, like supporting 4K resolution or having customizable backgrounds.

Finally, CEO Michael Ein Chaybeh will be partaking in the upcoming World Live Streamer’s Conference that will be held in Dubai on March 25 and 26. StreamCoin is currently undergoing its official ICO phase which commenced on February 1and will continue till April 30.

To know more about StreamCoin’s ongoing ICO, please visit: https://stream-coin.com/public-sale

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