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LIBERO Announces Highest-Yield Saving Platform With 159K% APY & 7% BUSD Passive Income

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  • Libero Financial announced that it offers up to 158,893.59% APY to users.
  • By staking LIBERO, users can earn a BUSD passive income of 7%.
  • Libero Financial aims to lead the development of DeFi 3.0.

Libero Financial (LIBERO) is the highest-yield saving platform on the BSC blockchain and the TOP 1 trending coin among 9391 others worldwide, according to Coinmarketcap, the largest coin tracker website in the world. Even the US government uses CoinMarketCap’s data for research and reports.

LIBERO has been at the forefront of innovation in DeFi 3.0, with pioneering features such as:

  • 158,893.59% APY – theworld’s highest sustainable fixed compound interest per year. In simple words, simply hold $LIBERO in your crypto wallet, then you just relax and see your $1,000 grow to $1,588,935.90 in a year!
  • Risk-Free-Value fund & Treasury fund come from 15% buys & 25% sales to strongly back APY, which exceeds $4.4 million just in 1 month!
  • Multi-chain farming using the RFV & treasury funds to invest in the best & newest farms on multiple chains, adds 100%+ growth /year. Profits are brought back to support price floor and reward BUSD passive income.
  • 7% BUSD sustainable passive income: You lock LIBERO (up to 4 years) in LIBERO Bank to earn BUSD reward from 7% LIBERO volume, plus 1.02% LIBERO interest which is auto-compounded to 4,037.2% a year. In near future, LIBERO Bank will reward more other benefits to holders such as multichain-farming profits

Attracted 60K+ holders in 1 month, Top 1 Trending CoinMarketCap and Dextools, Top 2 Trending Altcoin on Binance, 3 audits – one of them is the world leader in the field of blockchain security – Certik, the platform has not only driven the DeFi 3.0 world but also set the way for the new DeFi revolution.

Outperforming Proven Model

In just one month since launch, LIBERO has achieved considerable results, such as
🔸 +1550% token price with healthy bullish chart
🔸 Volume up to $5M+ daily
🔸 $19.2 Million rewards in token
🔸 $4.5 Million token burned
🔸 $550,000 BUSD reward fund, accumulated in 13 days.
🔸 Listed on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Altcoins Binance, BSCscan, DappRadar, Dapp.com, Coinbase, Crypto.com.
🏆 28 hours on top Gainer CoinMarketCap
🏆 Top 1 Trending worldwide on CoinMarketCap, Dextools
🏆 Top 1 Google Search, above 1.79 Billions results
🏆 Top 1 projects with the highest social signal on BSC

How does LIBERO actually pay out to holders?

Mr John, a typical investor from presale of $LIBERO, had his funds grow from 20K to 358K in 20 days, just by holding $LIBERO in his wallet. This was achieved by the high APY plus the increase in $LIBERO price due to trust from investors and surge in demand. Mr. John is just a normal case. LIBERO has already paid +19.2 million rewards to their holders just in the first month.

LIBERO BANK: A Defi Revolution Feature With 7% BUSD Sustainable Passive Income and 4,037.2% APY $LIBERO

Insane 158,893.59% APY, that is not all! You can lock your LIBERO as a fixed-term investment to LIBERO BANK, to earn both BUSD sustainable passive income from 7% $LIBERO trading volume and +1.02% LIBERO per day, auto compound to 4,037.2% annually!

This real money BUSD reward safeguards your investment from any market conditions, and does not even care about LIBERO price, because your BUSD reward comes from trading volume! The market for passive income is very big. Imagine receiving a portion of the billion-dollar passive income market simply by holding LIBERO! This reward will be very attractive, estimated at least 16% APY.

Furthermore, to spread evenly selling pressure and sustain the Golden goose for at least 5 years, LIBERO invents a brilliant strategy “3 steps to financial freedom”. If LIBERO’s investors follow this strategy and sell 1% of their holding every day from day 15, not just everyone will x2 their initial capital after 37 days, and already cashed out 100% initial capital after 70 days, but $Libero’s model will last for at least 5 years, and Market Cap could reach Billions of US dollars. The true financial freedom for Everyone, even your grandma can use.

As a result, LIBERO holders are earning 24/7, even while they sleep, a DeFi’s benchmark APY 158,893.59% in $LIBERO and sustainable 7% volume in BUSD on all transactions. LIBERO is the pioneer in financial freedom and they are establishing a gold standard for passive income to change the whole Defi space.

LIBERO Future Outlook

LIBERO solves core problems that all depositors face: low-risk-low-yield returns or high-risk-high-yield returns. In most cases, a 0.05% annualized rate is what you get on your savings account. With LIBERO, real money BUSD reward covers the low-risk need, and 158,893.59% fixed APY covers the industry highest yield return, not counting further increase in price, which has reached 15.5 times presale price.

Furthermore, LIBERO is running global aggressive marketing campaigns like Billboard at the center of New York Times Square (right where Doge had their banner advertised), 120+ Big Youtube Influencers, AMA with large investor groups, launching $LIBERO anonymous virtual crypto card which allows you to trade any goods/services in real life, and many more coming.

These are set to bring LIBERO to billions of market cap, so the current $100 Million market cap has huge potential to explode.

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