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Ukraine-Russia: This is about to get worse

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Volodymyr Zelenskyy Calls on Europe To WAKE UP NOW as Ukraine nuclear plant catches fire. Russian troops have occupied Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant as Putin says he will not stop until he “has it all.”

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  1. Can you please explain how Ukraine's govt. is corrupt and why is Russia trying to clean up their act? ~ what are the basic differences between the 2 countries? ~ aside from Ukraine wanting to stay independent? ~ thanks just need more clarity

  2. russia doesnt want fall out raining down on their homeland. it was all propaganda to lure NATO in. Russia is right to take over all their nuclear site as zelensky is on the ropes and dangerous now that he aint have much time left to lose…

  3. 48:00. The idea that Clayton thinks the government should move us towards anything is silly. Policy to protect the environment is one thing. Subsidizing battery powered cars isn’t the solution. 1/2 the country thinks C change is a hoax. We don’t need elites directing us. Let us wallow in our own bad decisions. That’s freedom.

  4. Putin has lost his mind. Anything could happen. This is not the time to downplay something that close to a reactor. Babies are dying C'mon guys get with it. I used to watch your show.

  5. We need immediate action in Ukraine. Conversations by U.S. lawmakers and media pundits are ridiculous. Conversations can be had in the future. We must address immediate needs. We must seize all Russian assets by oligarchs in effort to create a coupe within Russian walls. We must also supply Ukraine with the Iron Dome Defense System and convince Israel too.

    Israel halted an attempt by the US to transfer several batteries of the Iron Dome defense system to Ukraine over worries it would damage its relations with Russia, the Ynet news site reported on Tuesday. According to the report, the defense system’s capabilities — especially during the 2021 Gaza war — piqued the interest of Ukrainian officials. The country’s representatives began working vigorously in Washington last year to persuade US lawmakers to initiate a transfer of the rocket and mortar defense system to them. The Ukrainian government officially asked the Biden administration to transfer Patriot and Iron Dome missiles to Ukraine last spring.

    At the time, when then there were no worries of a possible Russian invasion, both Democratic and Republican lawmakers supported the transfer, however, due to Iron Dome being a joint Israeli-American project, a sale to a third party cannot take place without the approval of both developer countries. According to the report, Israeli officials made it clear to the US administration in informal talks that it wouldn’t agree to the transfer of Iron Dome batteries to Kyiv, fearing it would hurt its relations with Russia, especially in light of Moscow’s influence over Syria.

    The Ukrainians, in turn, have in recent months made direct requests to the Israeli government and asked for officials to approve the sale. Convinced by Israel’s arguments, the US dropped the transfer of both Iron Dome and Patriot missiles. We must take steps to compromise Putin's power. It's the only way to prevent WWIII.

  6. You guys have to get your facts right. You said that Zelensky murdered 14,000 ethnic Russians in Donbas. Again, you fell for Putin's propaganda. This can be neither confirmed nor denied by independent sources. Made-up stories get coverage by local Donbas media of occupiers as a true fact and Russian media then spread them further to justify Russian aggression against Ukraine.

    This fake “genocide” story that Russian media have reported and Russian leaders have invoked since 2014 tells about the discovery of several mass graves in Donbas in 2014. It was claimed that Ukrainian soldiers slaughtered the local population. However, the “mass graves” turned out to be several illegal burials of mostly elderly people and soldiers killed in hostilities at the time when morgues were overfilled due to active war in 2014. The Russian presentation of “mass graves” was debunked by independent journalists who saw them.

    Christopher Miller, a correspondent for Buzz Feed News, wrote that: “I saw these mass graves in Luhansk in Oct 2014, interviewed people burying relatives. They were mostly elderly people passing naturally. Morgues, cemeteries couldn’t deal with them, plus there was an influx of people killed by war. Russia claims these are proof of “genocide” which is completely false.” Oliver Carrol, a foreign correspondent in Moscow also shared pictures of these illegal graves that he took when he was traveling in the area in 2014-2015. He also denies the Kremlin narrative.

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