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Should You Use Monero for Privacy?

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In this Bitcoin Q&A, Andreas discusses the pros and cons of using Monero vs Bitcoin for privacy.
This question is from the November 2021 Livestream Q&A: https://youtu.be/d-YWbmDstHI

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  1. Consider Epic Cash, it's superior tech in its infancy stage. Liquidity will flow to it in time but how life changing would it be to accumulate now before it reaches mass adoption? Peace and love Andreas ✌ thank you for your wealth of knowledge 🙏

  2. given the cbdc-based social credit nightmare the US is about to become (project hamilton + signaling now from biden), i'd be interested to hear Andreas' thoughts on all this and if it will ultimately help or hurt bitcoin.

  3. It seems we're heading to a global China so privacy might be a thing. Do you have any thoughts on Haven Protocol (XHV). Seems like a brilliant end game idea but 60% of mining is being done by Hashvault 😬

  4. It depends! If you are corrupted official or drug-lord a mafia leader then probably Monero can give you a privacy, but if you are like 99,99% of crypto holders , a person who invested the money he took from his work or because he sold something then probably Monero is selling you a service you don't need to buy! In my point of view Monero is another one scamcoin trying to capitalize from fear and uncertainty created by the corrupted officials and regulators. They themselves are buying when people are feeling safe, they themselves are selling it when they create regulation and taxation dramas. It holds no real value like so many other scamcoins created only to take advantage of people's stupidity.

  5. It's 2022 and Andreas and other Bitocin bros are still trying to 'hack' privacy onto Bitcoin.

    It's over bros, give up already. There's no anonymity set in Bitcoin.

    Use Monero, Piratechain and Dero. Monero has plenty of liquidity for everyone.

  6. BTC is the best solution to service denial attacks. Why? To prevent 'service denail attacks' you need energy. History shows that the more energy you use for example the energy behind a knife vs a gun, which are both just metal, the more superior the prevention of a denial of a service attack. Mining BTC aka Proof of work is a superior piece of metal in enegy use. BTC are sertainly a medium of exchange and a store of value however it is by far the most ethical weapon for self defense.

  7. We are all "fighting a dictator in some horrible nightmare scenario". This should be obvious. We are. Its the whole point of crypto, and why btc misses. Easy surveillance makes btc little more than a tool for authoritarians.

  8. live in Canada? Use Monero! Andreas, please discuss the privacy of exchanges, are there any that don’t require your FULLZ?

  9. Hi Andreas! A question I can't wrap my head around: What prevents "hackers" from generating random private keys (since keys are just large numbers)? Why can't I go ahead and generate a random private key (+public key with it) and find out if there is existing bitcoin locked with it? If I find there is, I can "steal" it (because I have the private key). And repeat this billions, trillions of times. Why aren't people doing this? Is it not possible?

  10. All you need to do to make this video up-to-date is substitute ARRR for XMR. Then you have total privacy. BTC is totally transparent, every coin's history is an open book and therefore not fungible. No thanks.

  11. Definitely check out Epic Cash, 2019 version of what BTC strives to be, with true privacy baked into the layer 1. Fundamentally sound through and through

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