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Did Putin Just OUTPLAY Everyone?

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  1. this may be a stupid question, but is ELON MUSK on to something with doge coin being the currency of the people becuase its inflationary and DOGE COIN can do the worlds trade since the dollar isnt big enough?

  2. Declare him a war criminal turn him into Interpol and first strike just like we did Ben Laden with spec ops. No announcements. Before during or ever after. It's a black ops sit. Go get EM boys. Or are all the brave gone ?

  3. Putin just set in motion the destruction of the Petrodollar. China and Russia are creating new oil markets. Countries like Iran will follow Russia's example and enjoy China's protection. Biden has lost our golden goose.

  4. China does not have to be "sneaky". It is more like the US and Europe being "stupid". Compare to Xi and Putin, Biden and Johnson are nothing but over-the-hill inexperienced minor leaguers. Your channel may not be as shoddy as the rest of the western MSM, but your under-estimation of non-western nations revealed your arrogance that was instilled since the day you were born.

  5. When this conflict first began I literally wrote that this is part and parcel alot of what it is about and the analysis about the Treasuries is spot on. When you buy a treasury bond you are essentially an investor backing the US Dollar, just like you invest when you buy company stock. All it would take is a huge dump of treasury bonds to generate a sell-off to majorly devalue our currency. Just like a stock sell off reduces a company's worth. Meanwhile China was manipulating their currency to make it seem less valuable then the dollar so it would take more yuan to create a dollar so when the tides do turn they become even more rich and powerful and their currency can sustain and be deemed the world reserve currency. This has been in China and Russia's playbook for some time.

  6. He's playing chess. That war is not an all-out activity…there is something hidden with Russia or It's partner (China). I think you found the key here! But, what can be done about it??

  7. Ukraine is similar to Cuba crisis for Russia, people keep forgeting that. Its a legit security concern in the era of nuclear deterrence weapons, ai powered weapons, drones, hypersonic missiles and jets. Regardless of Putin, Russia would rather have unstable war zone rather than more military build up near its borders.

  8. Why talk about this man like he’s brilliant. He’s desperate and this is all he can do. Weird unpatriotic comment about. L”someone “ needs to put the US in place.
    China and Russia don’t have the answer that clear

  9. Saudi Arabia excepting the Yuan, now Russia only taking Rubles for Gas & Oil… Soon more and more countries will do the same.
    Want to do business with China you have to use the Yuan$$$…. It’s coming!

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