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Secretum, Edensol Team Up to Boost Public Comms of the P2E

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    • Traditional communication tools like Discord continue to be plagued by scammers and hackers.
    • Secretum and Edensol have entered a partnership to complement each others’ services.
    • Edensol will have a secure environment, while Secretum’s ecosystem will be diversified by the addition of the metaverse game.

The blockchain community saw many opportunities in blockchain-based gaming as the latter continues to grow in popularity. Gamer channels and groups have emerged, where players can connect, utilizing various social platforms such as Discord and Telegram.

However, this trend in the GameFi sector comes with many risks. Hackers and scammers have infiltrated Web 2.0 traditional communication channels, and stability issues continue to plague some servers.

By bridging the gap between Web 3.0 fundamentals values and safety and stability, players and their assets will be ensured safety from fraud and other cyber attacks. And the Secretum-Edensol partnership does just that.

What is Edensol?

For starters, Edensol is a Solana-based blockchain game that revolutionizes the gaming metaverse by combining fantasy action and NFTs. The play-to-earn (P2E) game is full of thrill and excitement while having straightforward gameplay. Gamers get to choose among heroes, warriors, rangers, mages, and pets to play as the main character. The value of each NFT character depends on its level of personalization, including unique cosmetic features, the number of pet types owned, frequency of play, and the victories in battle.

NSOL, Edensol’s native token, can be used to buy and sell NFTs, while trading can be done in the Edensol marketplace. Endensol boasts various types of NFTs, among which is “hero,” whose value depends on its level of personalization and strength, gear (swords, axes, traps, fireballs, magic spells, and battle outfits), eggs, and pets.

The prices of these NFTs depend on the value of their respective superpowers, looks, and the rarity of their species. In addition to this, players can tap the potential of their NFTs for a more valuable asset. In the future, the game is said to feature trading on secondary marketplaces of some ultra-rare gear NFT items with completely unique artistic features and effects.

Benefits of Playing Edensol

Edensol is one of the earliest adopters of NFT virtual gaming that fuses crypto, gaming, and money. At present, rampant gamification of financial systems is already disrupting the traditional gaming industry. This is a step forward for the cryptomarket with numerous strengths and advantages.

In October 2021, the total value of NFTs reached a new record high of $43 billion. Compared to traditional gaming, where users play to win, Edensol permits the revenue capacity of NFTs by adopting a play-to-earn model.

Edensol rides on the popularity of video games combined with crypto aspects. The game offers verifiable and constant ownership for the players, wherein all data is stored on the decentralized public Solana blockchain — tracking what everyone owns. This means that solely the players own all of their in-game assets even if the server is turned off or the gaming company suffers technical downtime. All these are made possible by tokenization.

Lastly, Edensol adds real-world value to in-game purchases through blockchain technology. In-game tokens and NFTs can be traded for cryptocurrencies and, later, for actual cash. The game automatically connects to an account’s crypto wallet upon account registration. At any time, players can move all their in-game NFTs to their crypto wallets and then sell them on decentralized marketplaces.

These aspects make crypto gaming with Edensol a source of real income for players. It could be a passive income or even a full-time one.

However, as cited earlier, this kind of platform is still prone to attacks. This is where Secretum comes in.

What is Secretum?

Similar to Edensol, Secretum is a Solana-native platform. It offers a unique, fully decentralized, end-to-end encrypted, and secure trading within the space. One of Secretum’s best services enables the trading of all crypto assets directly between users through a hybrid messaging and trading feature.

Secretum’s sign-up process is absolutely anonymous, requiring only the user’s wallet address. It is DeFi, metaverse compatible, OTC, P2P trading dApp with access to smart public channels. Data is safely stored on the independent and verified nodes in the Secretum network with no central point of failure.

Secretum is fast and cheap, with low fees and instant trades due to Solana’s capability of 50,000 transactions per second and an average cost per transaction of only $0.00025.

While GameFi projects like Edensol are prone to cyber-attacks, Secretum offers a perfect detail to ensure the safety of users and their assets from scammers. Secretum provides a safe connection in the Web 3.0 world and keeps players’ possessions secure and private.

Edensol + Secretum: Complementary Partnership

Edensol will use the Secretum dApp to ensure safe and end-to-end communications for users. Whereas Secretum will utilize Edensol as a fantasy metaverse and an actual play-to-earn income possibility — combining fun-packed action with P2E features and the use of collectible NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Edensol community members will benefit from OTC, P2P trading functionality in the Secretum dApp. They will be able to trade their NSOL tokens and NFT gaming assets without intermediaries. Ultimately, Edensol and Secretum complement each others’ functions.

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