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SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

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SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

Greetings Singularitarians,

This month has been packed with excitement and progress for the SingularityNET organization and ecosystem. We’re happy to share some brief highlights from around our ecosystem.

This update will touch on the following latest developments & news:

· Latest Updates from SingularityDAO
· AIBC Conference Dubai 2022
· Sophia’s Discord Contest and Decentraland Fashion Week appearance
· Global Blockchain Institute Academy Live Presentation
· AGIX-ADA Hardfork & Converter Update Blog
· Latest Updates From NuNet — 2nd Airdrop & Fund8 Proposal
· H+ Roundtable Discussion “AGI: How It Got Started and Key Issues Ahead”
· Latest Updates From Rejuve App — Your First AI Coach
· SingularityNET Ecosystem Investor Symposium — Seattle, WA
· AI Team Deep Dive — Atomspace Visualizer Development
· International Women’s Day Panel | “Break the Bias”
· Deep Funding Launch — SingularityNET’s Community-driven Funding
· Latest Updates From SingularityNET Strategic Partnership Manager
· SingularityNET 2021 Year-End Update — Part 3

*SingularityDAO is a DeFi platform that provides AI-powered crypto portfolios, DynaSets.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

Don’t miss it — the DynaSets open beta is about to start; see this blogpost for all information.

SingularityDAO also released their 2022 Roadmap. You can read all five parts of it on their Medium blog page. They shared their plans to launch a wide variety of new DynaSets — some entirely AI-driven, while others implement advanced shorting & leveraged features and even one community-chosen set. In addition, the team discussed their roadmap for AI development and thoughts on leveraging AGIX and NTX tokens to provide the AI services and the necessary compute power to run them. Finally, they announced an entire platform overhaul with the release of their v2 dApp.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

“We’ve got incredible potential here to use the SophiaVerse virtual world, … as a way to get human values and culture and the pragmatics of human interaction across to AI,” said Ben Goertzel — CEO of SingularityNET.

The AIBC Summit was superb, and SingularityNET created a lot of buzz. CEO Ben Goertzel stirred excitement with the announcement of SophiaDAO’s SophiaVerse metaverse, and co-presented SingularityNET’s novel ledgerless blockchain architecture HyperCycle with Toufi Saliba, the TODA/IP co-author.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022
SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

Sophia hosted a competition on her Discord server a week back. Users were invited to participate by creating art in any medium they like, with Sophia being the subject. The response was superb. Over 40+ submissions and all of them are now live on her Instagram. This was an opportunity for Sophia and her community to engage and co-create, and we will plan to do more such events in the future.

Right now, Sophia the Robot is Decentraland taking part in the Metaverse Fashion week (March 24–27) as a featured fashion participant. Hop into the Metaverse and take part in her first-ever easter egg hunt!

It works like this: during Fashion Week, Sophia will be hanging out and taking in all the scenery… if you’re lucky enough to find her, you’re in for a big treat!

Here are the rules to enter:
1. Take a selfie with Sophia in Decentraland
2. Share on Your Twitter Tagging Sophia & Decentraland. Make sure to use the hashtag #findingsophiatherobot

Sophia will be reaching out to winners via DM to gather details for the prize. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

Join Sophia’s Discord server and the SophiaDAO telegram to stay updated on all news.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022
Sophia in Decentraland for Metaverse Fashion Week
SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

Decentralized AI and blockchain are two of the most disruptive technologies currently making waves in today’s world… but how exactly do you decentralize an Artificial Intelligence system, and what role does it play within this new technological landscape?

SingularityNET Chief AI Officer Matt Iklé and Chief Blockchain Officer Sridhar Kolapalli shared their vision around how SingularityNET is innovating this groundbreaking space for the Global Blockchain Institute Academy. Check out the presentation at the Global Blockchain Academy YouTube Channel.

We are excited to bring you the latest update on the AGIX-ETH to AGIX-ADA Converter Bridge and the AGIX-ADA Plutus-enabled token rollout. Read it now, if you missed the Converter Bridge Community Update blog post!

Converter Bridge Timeline:

21 March — Hardfork AGIX-ADA to Plutus-enabled token — completed
25 March — Upgrade Converter Bridge for Plutus-enabled token compatibility
28 March — Verify final Converter Bridge functionality on Testnet
18 April — Rollout Converter Bridge to Mainnet

AGIX-ETH to AGIX-ADA Converter Bridge is an innovative technology. Do you know how it works? Check out the video of AGIX-ETH to AGIX-ADA Converter Bridge explained by a six-year-old.

AGIX-ETH and AGIX-ADA Converter Bridge Video https://medium.com/singularitynet/converter-bridge-community-update-b0f1b001ce1f
ERC-20 to ADA Converter — As Explained by a six-year-old

*With NuNet, anyone can share & monetize their computing resources at scale. It provides globally-distributed, optimized computing power for decentralized networks.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

After successful funding for their Decentralized SPO Computing Catalyst proposal, hiring new positions has become a priority; NuNet has been growing aggressively since their token launch to ramp up their capabilities for the many partnership contacts looking to run on NuNet. Anyone interested in working with NuNet’s dedicated team is encouraged to view the jobs page, and please spread this link to anyone in your network.

Right now, the snapshot period for the second NTX airdrop to AGIX holders is active, with registration and claiming to occur in April. We are excited by the success of the first airdrop period and looking forward to an even smoother second airdrop after upgrades to a few aspects of the portal.

Also, building on the Catalyst Fund7 success for funding NuNet’s decentralized SPO initiative, NuNet has recently submitted a proposal for Catalyst Fund8 titled NuNet: Decentralized GPU ML Cloud to be voted on later this year. Catalyst funding provides an exciting way to leverage opportunities for development and growth raise awareness and excitement around the platform.

Platform development continues unabated, and the progress documentation is set to migrate from the Jira Development Board to the NuNet Gitlab soon. Watch for news on the NuNet blog the NuNet channel on the SingularityNET discord server.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

Ben Goertzel participated in a roundtable presentation discussing the origins and challenges of AGI with Peter Voss, a pioneer in the field. Moderated by the H+ Academy, this is an excellent opportunity to hear from two extraordinary minds and learn more about the history of Artificial General Intelligence and what’s ahead.

*Rejuve is SingularityNET’s revolutionary, decentralized, AI-driven longevity initiative and App that aims to help humanity achieve radical longevity, compensate participants for their data, and make the resulting breakthroughs affordable and accessible for all.

Rejuve is making exciting progress on the Longevity App development, and the team will soon release a limited beta for the community. Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve, is also drafting a detailed article to share her insights about the project’s history and future. The article will illuminate how it all began and the latest development, including the latest scientific studies on longevity and AI.

Here is Jasmine, sharing the latest update on Rejuve:

On March 17th, SingularityNET hosted a highly successful symposium to share an overview of its mission and some of its exciting upcoming ecosystem projects with potential investors. The morning included a meet and greet opportunity for participants to chat directly with Grace, the Eldercare companion robot.

The day’s schedule included the followingSingularity Spin-off Project Showcase:

  • Awakening Health — Grace the Humanlike Healthcare Assistant Robot is designed as an assistant for doctors, and a companion for patients, too, specializing in senior care.
  • SingularityDAO — AI-powered DeFi portfolios maximizing Alpha to beat the market.
  • TWIN Protocol — Enterprise digital human avatar twins to stop knowledge loss of departing employees
  • Jam Galaxy — AI-enabled blockchain music marketplace, where creators and their communities can connect directly
  • SophiaDAO — Sophia the robot’s plans for the SophiaVerse, empowering Sophia to help create beneficial AI
  • TrueAGI — SingularityNET’s platform to build artificial general intelligence and offer enterprise solutions with AGI-as-a-Service

There will be another symposium on March 31st in the LA area, raising investor awareness and promote these fantastic projects. More details will follow, where the community will have a chance to participate.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

The background — What is AtomSpace?

One of the foundational aspects of the OpenCog AGI platform architecture is a shared knowledge storage space, called the AtomSpace (individual pieces of information within this space are the “Atoms”). Through the MeTTa language, multiple AI architectures, such as probabilistic logic networks, neural nets, evolutionary learning algorithms, etc., interoperate on this common neural-symbolic knowledge store. This has been compared simplistically to a group of individual geniuses from across domains (the different AI algorithms) collaborating on a shared blackboard to solve a more complex problem. The AtomSpace is akin to the blackboard, allowing collaboration and shared problem-solving. This shared knowledge space is critical to creating a more fundamental level of understanding and problem-solving in the OpenCog system, than is available in more simplistic AI systems.

The interaction of these processes is designed to foster the self-organizing emergence of high-level network structures in the AtomSpace, including hierarchical and heterarchical knowledge networks and a self-model network enabling meta-knowledge and meta-learning.

Development toward an AtomSpace Visualizer

The SingularityNET AI/AGI Team is currently creating a Minecraft demonstration of their innovative new temporal reasoning systems developed within OpenCog. Agents in this temporal reasoning system generate and follow “cognitive schematics” to achieve a multi-step goal (in plain English — agents have a goal and have to create a plan that includes reasoning over time and generating a logical order of steps to completion).

To better demonstrate the creation and execution of the cognitive schematics, the AI/AGI team is creating an AtomSpace Visualizer. This tool will display agent cognitive schematics, the overall AtomSpace, and relevant measured variables. It will be valuable for demonstrating the unique processes within OpenCog systems that create greater general intelligence in the system. It also creates transparency in system decision-making and provides a tool for OpenCog software development and debugging.

Future versions of the visualizer will also include dynamic visualizations of the attentional focus as determined by the Economic Attention Network/ECAN) and Tononi Phi values to measure the amount of integrated information.

The OpenCog system is complex, and it is challenging to convey the complexity occurring within the system. For instance, when a Minecraft agent is carrying out a plan, or Grace responds to a question — it can be challenging to show how the OpenCog system is powerfully different from narrow AI Minecraft agents and narrow AI chatbots. The development of this tool will assist us in showing the depth and complexity powering OpenCog systems with greater clarity.

We’ll be bringing more updates both on this second Minecraft demo (temporal reasoning demo) and the AtomSpace Visualizer progress soon!

On 08 March, SingularityNET hosted a panel discussion for International Women’s Day, with the theme to “Break the Bias for AI and with AI.” This lively discussion included Sophia the robot as one of the panelists along with Jasmine Smith (CEO Rejuve), Julia Chin (Head of Compliance Hugo Save SG), Meenakshi Iyer (MD, Retail T&I, Head GBS Bangalore T&I centre at Standard Chartered Bank), and Stacey Engle (CMO Sophia the Robot, Hanson Robotics). The discussion was moderated by Janet Adams (COO SingularityNET) and addressed questions of how AI can highlight and help humanity move past bias, the state of human bias towards robots, and how we can guard against bias as we create our own beneficial AI systems.

You can watch the Livestream to see these lovely ladies discussing the role of bias in AI and the role of AI in breaking free of bias.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022
SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: March 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Mar, 2022

*Deep Funding is a one-of-a-kind funding program for AI developers to develop and monetize decentralized AI services.

Deep Funding Proposal Portal will be live on Monday 28th of March!

Our portal will be open to receiving exciting proposals and your constructive feedback! Deep Funding is an essential milestone for SingularityNET, as outlined by Ben Goertzel in his introduction video for the Deep Fund initiative.

This Friday, 25th 18UTC, Jan Horlings will host a Deep Funding AMA on the SingularityNET Youtube channel. If you have any questions on Deep Funding, please submit them on the Deep Fund AMA form.

All information about rules, guidelines, timelines, etc., can be found on our dedicated website: Deepfunding.ai. Our blog section gives even more background information.

Deep Funding is a community-driven program, so we are looking forward to your feedback and contributions! Check out this short survey on the three ways you can be involved.

The Partnerships team is stepping up to provide proposal and project recruitment support for the recently launched Deep Fund initiative, including outreach through various professional networks such as LinkedIn. The team will focus on AI companies that align with the core objective of SingularityNET, and build awareness of the opportunities presented by the Deep Funding initiative.

Outreach has been actively engaged with:

  • AI engineers with great ideas but lacking monetary resources.
  • Start-ups with innovative, beneficial AI prospects

The partnerships team is also assisting Deep Funding to broaden its network and join conversations with relevant AI groups & societies. Finally, the Marketing and Partnership teams are joining forces on several social media campaigns to spread the word about this tremendous community-powered fundraising opportunity.

Everyone in the community can help by augmenting Deep Fund news throughout their social networks, reaching out to potential contacts, and participating in the discussion and voting of Deep!

Finally, SingularityNET recently shared the roadmap of the Partnership Team & the Marketing Team’s 2021 Year-End milestones.

Strategic Partnerships Management Team is excited to build connections and collaborative projects with like-minded organizations. We believe in the power that comes when we work together!

The Marketing, Communication, and Community Building Team focus on outreach communications with transparency to promote ecosystem growth. We can’t wait to share more about our exciting plans with you over the coming months.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest News; follow us on:

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