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This is about to get worse | Morning Invest

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President Biden just told us that the War in Ukraine is about to make it worse for average people around the world. Vladimir Zelensky just asked NATO to send 1% of all of their tanks and aircraft to fight Russia. Meanwhile, American soldiers are fighting battles in Ukraine. But don’t worry they’re just being labeled “volunteers”.

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  1. We need to stop giving Ukraine all our military equipment we gave Afghanistan half of our stuff and anything happened we ain't going to be able to defend ourselves they got to get Biden the f*** out of office this Clown is going to get killed .he's not fit to make decisions..I'm so done with Corrupt Criminals democrats..🤡🤡☠☠☠🙉

  2. It seems that Biden wants the sanctions to last until until Russia really feels it . He may even try to get them to maintain those sanctions after a year and really cripple Russia Which would probably Bring Putin's reign To an end

  3. Humm…I know we’ve taken Afghan refugees here in the States. My local news have been following a few families in St Louis.
    Why do you guys show the States (& Canada) so much hate?
    You guys are stuck on the war- Take an effing break!!

  4. I'm sorry Natali. I have to disagree. I don't want men to suffer hormone or anything else. It sucks women went through that, but it's not my son's fault, or your son's fault. Seems like you gotta a little angry undertone when men are spoken of. I like men, and I'm glad they are masculine, and we are not. Js

  5. All of that "communication with Russia," all those FBI investigations, and it amounted to zero indictments for anything but process crimes.
    And the idea that it wasn't predicated on the Steele dossier is nonsense.

  6. Biden changed his approach on weapons when Hunter's laptop was verified publicly, and I don't think it's a coincidence that his SCOTUS nominee goes easy on pedos that have volumes of child abuse pictures. Biden recently spoke about legislation concerning people caught on camera in compromising positions… but in sure that has nothing to do with Hunter's laptop 🙄

  7. Natali, you're especially beautiful today with that 1940s-'50s look, and your hair up to finish off the look. I want Clayton to make a fuss over you. I am from afar, in Los Angeles with positive thoughts.

  8. The fed's response to the economy is like a school student. they are complacent the whole year but when exam and hard times come, they panic and try to do things which where to be done way earlier at the last moment and think it will work and they will score A'S

  9. "Anyone who is not lnvesting now is missing a tremendous opportunity."
    Imagine lnvesting $1,000 and receiving $8,300 in 2 days proflts.
    Ms Rita Matt is the best.

  10. Thinks to ones self if I who lives in America can get Russian news still from other countries that have not banned it then damn straight Russians know just as much as I do.

  11. Ukrainian tech has really improved in the last decade, especially since 2014 and has been dealing with Russian cybercrime all the time. Ukrainians are NOT stocking up on pills! They're trying to stay alive!

  12. Bullshit,,the news are corrupt as HELL, ,the real news is the Hunter Biden laptop from hell is what people want to hear, and the corrupt news like CNN and MSNBC isn't reporting it, because they want to protect the Bidens

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