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Are they ERASING all of your Medical debt? | Morning Invest

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Millions of Americans are drowning in medical debt and now the three major credit bureaus are doing something big. This is going to be a game-changer for those who’ve had their credit destroyed.

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  1. cateract surgery the laser isn’t even covered and they consider astigmatism a cosmetic procedure even though it gets worse as you age.

  2. Hi , sorry in Belgium we don't have that problem , the government covers most of the costs ( taxes) we have medical insurance for big injuries ore hospitalizations for operations its the same for school bils most of it is coverd by the government all the students beginnen debts free , lang live America 🤭🤭 sorry 🖐

  3. We're FORCED to take on debt and I'll show you how: I'm on SSDI. Medicare Part B takes a large cut of my check right off the top. It covers 80% of the exam. Blood work, however, is outsourced to Quest labs and is NOT covered. So I get a bill for $309-2,000 that I have no way to pay. I'm already supposed to somehow make it on $900/month (not possible). So from ONE doctor's visit (labs are a necessary part of my disability treatment), I'm already in debt. And that's not included specialists, Psychiatrists, dental, vision and emergencies

  4. Hi Clayton how have the both of y'all been doing? I been sick so I haven't been on my phone for the past few days but I hope that the both of of you and the kid's have been doing okay though

  5. Recently, I haven't been as proud to be Australian as much as I should, due to our Govt mandates during covid. BUT as a PPMS patent, I'm sure glad to be covered under our Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Medicare & publicly funded health care. At least, I'm not living under Comrade Trudeau.

  6. Yes…messed up my credit score.March shows a bad debt.. The stupid collection company reported it to the credit bureau when the provider had already received payment. Now I am fighting to get that bad debt removed even though the collection company had the correct information in Jan.

  7. I had around 2k in medical debt and it was on my credit report…the credit co kept removing it and then put it back on my report every couple months so it would seem like it was a new charge but recently it was taken off and hasn’t returned on my report…Yet! So hopefully it stays off because it was hurting my credit score.

  8. I have medical debt due to cancer surgeries totaling $259, 000 plus. I filed for Chapter 7 and yes Medicare is a good system except the capitalist keep screwing the system. To sell a benefit they deliberately try to confuse you. A eliquis is $496. for 30 days.. Blood transfusion can be up to $5,000.

  9. I have some credit but not the greatest credit. All because of medical bills. When I sustain the injury it cost me over 180,000. And still ongoing. Anytime I want to get a loan they asked me if I make a payments on my medical. I don't even know where to start. Because there's so much out there.

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  11. Its all by design. Ever wonder why they separated the billing department from the doctors office??? Highway robbery with the insanely inflated prices.

  12. My issue with medical is you go to the er or dr and they do say a blood test . They ship it out to other states and you have bills coming in from all over and you dont get an itemized receipt they just say "pay up" like excuse me biolab from florida who tf are you

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