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Everything changes in 4 days

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The U.S. House of Representatives plans to vote on a bill to federally legalize marijuana on Thursday. And President Biden is ready to sign it. This is an absolute game-changer for the American economy and imports of cannabis crops are set to explode as a result.

There is only one company in the world that has a first-mover advantage when it comes to bringing cannabis to the US from Mexico. That company is Xebra Brands. Their stock ticker is XBRAF and it’s currently trading at .13 cents a share. Two weeks ago it was .10 cents. You get the picture of what’s about to happen to this industry right?

Check out this company’s website here: https://xebrabrands.com/en/

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  1. I hate to say it but GOOD LUCK. I'd like to see this done, but the FACT that Biden said that then when got in WH Fired any users of Cannabis on his staff. He's not for it… As Ivan Geiger mentioned this has been to the house many times…. Then gets lost by Senate when it gets there. Senate has no interest in legalization and Biden himself does not. So its NOT going to happen. We know the benefits for ever, it was number one medicine till 1937. Wishing for it but I wouldn't bet on it.

  2. California and nearly anywhere in the US is lightyears ahead of Mexico and their schwag, saying its stronger and better gave me a good laugh 😂. Thanks I needed that

  3. The best Marijuana is grown indoors. Who wants bloody cartel weed? USA needs its own Marijuana industry. Hydroponic is the best weed. Zero soil involved.

  4. Must be nice to always have a couple of $100.00s just laying around. With inflation increase and mainly just low paying jobs most people are just trying to pay rent.😮‍💨

  5. Not so sure. Canada has been doing quite well their cannabis and some of the companies have already purchased large swaths of land within the United States. And are already poised to go big. With dispensaries already in place in several States

  6. I have watched all your investment recommendations but never invested. Thank god. All your picks are down like a MF. Stop doing this to your audience. I like your content but whoever is paying you to do this please stop.

  7. My god the BS here is stunning. First, there's a glut of MJ on the market, some shops have to literally give it away to get people in the door to buy edibles. Second, it is so potent these days it makes the best Thai weed of the 70s look like ditch weed. Third, in legal states, people can grow their own. Fourth, MJ is not "perfectly safe" as the pot lobby has everyone believing. It has destroyed many lives because it can be a stronger addiction than cigarettes (I can hear the stoners' heads explode). And for anyone who doesnt smoke it, living in an apartment building or staying in a hotel these days can be hell due to the stench.

  8. I just subscribed four days ago, despite the whining about American vets volunteering in Ukraine, but this crack"pot" marketing is so over-the-top I cannot trust or abide to listen to anything more these people have to say.

  9. After researching the history of great assets such as real estate, dividend-paying stocks, gold, oil, and other commodities, I've come to the conclusion that most excellent assets never come down to the price you want to acquire them at. Simply get the ones you can afford right now.

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