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FREY: More Than Just A GameFI Ecosystem

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The total market cap of GameFi has climbed to US $55.38B as of Feb 2022. Blockchain gaming is estimated to grow to $50B by 2025, a growth rate 10x of traditional gaming.

GameFi is simply a fusion of the words “game” and “finance.” It combines cryptocurrency, blockchain, NFTs, and game mechanics to create a virtual environment where players participate and earn money in the process. GameFi operates on a “play-to-earn” model.

FREY: More Than Just A GameFI Ecosystem

The blockchain gaming ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace. One of the trending topics in crypto right now is GameFi, with new developments seen at an accelerating rate thanks to promising gameplay and the economic incentives it entails.

FREY: the traditional game industry is changing

Introducing FREY, a comprehensive ecosystem focused on exploring the gamefi world, looking at the current market cap, active player base, industry players, and emerging trends in the space.

FREY is distinct because it expands the use of blockchain from simple value transfer, to more complex metaverse applications, such as FREY DAO, GameFi, NFT, and there will also be plans including but not limited to FREY Pocket and FREY smart-chain in the future.

FREY‘s main line of comparison lies within the traditional gaming market with the same players being targeted as our audience. It is innovating a new unobtrusive way of connecting an exciting virtual world to blockchain features. FREY has the potential to attract millions of gamers, and an associated greater opportunity for revenues.

Decentralized governance (DAO)

The decentralized chain operation of FREY is inseparable from the governance of DAO. DAO keeps running through intelligent contracts, and encodes transactions and rules in the blockchain. For FREY, it has various advantages and realizes openness, justice, no intervention and autonomous operation.

FREY will ensure the release and development of its own ecological applications until the FREY community is established to maintain itself completely decentralized. FREY’s DAO governance adopts the incentive mechanism of general certification, which will be used as the value storage carrier to capture and solidify the growing value of the protocol network.

Framework of FREY

FREY platform architecture is composed of several components. In terms of blockchain integration, we have a traditionally backend running on the cloud to support our web frontend. An S3 bucket is used to store the asset of the artist before they get minted.

While we currently guarantee the privacy of the artist work (to protect their work from being copied prior to minting), we envision later a system that would prevent even us to peek at the artist work pre-minting.

Here is an overview of the overall architecture with all components represented.


The FREY project was initiated by the FREYGLOBAL FOUNDATION. In the exploration of the Metaverse and GameFi ecology, FREY’s success is inseparable from the strong support of the Foundation. With the strong financial and technical strength of the foundation, FREY has reached a consensus on cooperation with many platforms in the industry. The FREYGLOBAL FOUNDATION will continue to help the development of the FREY project and contribute to the development of the blockchain industry.

FREYGLOBAL FOUNDATION is active in a variety of capital markets, establishes a professional financial management team, identifies and captures investment opportunities in the global digital financial market through resource integration, risk management and quantitative research, and creates value for customers.

Recent events: FREY is becoming a trending topic

Let’s take a quick look at FREY’s near-term roadmap.

– FREY IDO SALE: FREY will be holding IDO on DODO Platform, giving out 1500 Whitelist spot for random lucky Winner’s.

– Blind box sale: users will draw various game items through the blind box sale.

– FREY games launched: the first launched game will be the Farm&fun, which is one of excellent games in the FREY ecosystem.

– Open DEX trading pairs: to bring users a better trading experience, more DEX trading pairs will be opened.

– FREY Wallet application launched: the FREY Wallet is under development and will bring users a special wallet application experience in the future.

– FREY Chain application launched: through the combination of GameFi, Wallets and Public-chain, FREY will bring users a complete and free virtual world.

– DEX applications developed: DEX Apps will have more market advantages, which is also one of the focuses of FREY in the future.

– More ecological development and cooperation: for the exploration of blockchain, metaverse, GameFi, DeFi, NFT, and DAO, FREY will never stop.

Details about FREY IDO SALE & Whitelist contest

– Launch date: April 6th

– Crowdpooling Token Allocation: 150,000 FREY

– Crowdpooling Hard Cap: 150,000 USDT

– Crowdpooling Token Price: 1 FREY = 1 USDT

– Personal Hard Cap: 200 USDT

– Whitelist slots: 1500

– Vesting mechanism: TGE 50%, Linear vesting in 2months

– Mainnet: BSC Bep-20

– Timeline: Whitelist campaign and address collection (March 25th – April 4th). Crowdpooling Start Time: 20:00 PM April 6th, 2022 UTC+8 (Singapore Time). Crowdpooling End Time: 20:00 PM April 9th, 2022 UTC+8 (Singapore Time). Token TGE (April 10th).

– Note: FREY contracts have passed CERTIK security audit. All USDT obtained through FREY IDO SALE will be used to add liquidity and have liquidity protection mechanisms.

Let’s meet in the future

We have a strong product roadmap ahead and a top team to execute a strong vision to build a unique virtual world gaming platform where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences and spread the power of blockchain as the lead technology in the gaming industry.

We have the potential to attract millions of gamers, and an associated greater opportunity for revenues. The future, better, and virtual on-chain ecology, is now. Join FREY, join the wonderful world of metaverse.

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