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Biden just did the UNTHINKABLE | Morning Invest

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Biden says he’s “not walking anything back” after saying in a speech Putin “cannot remain in power.” That’s regime change.

The White House has been cleaning up the remark, insisting the administration is not seeking regime change in Russia.

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  1. Hey David how you doing hope you all having a good day you know right now your buddies are frozen right now Morris and them that sounds funny how they get Frozen like that like time stops for them I hope you have a laugh on that one it's supposed to be funny you know I can't wait for them to come back please get them back okay David.

  2. Politicians lie all the time, why is there such a hoopla that he lied AGAIN…..2000 bucks are on the way if you vote democrat, turned out 1400 and 600 from Trump….Dose that mean Trump supported the democrats ?????🤔

  3. More technical issues?

    How can folks all over the world stream for 12 hours straight, but these "professionals" with all of their sponsors can't stay running for 5 minutes?

  4. It was pointed out yesterday to me, on the meaning of disinformation, it's not wrong information, in fact most people that are being blocked are supplying the information. It's extension is discorse information. So anything that goes against the government's story is a rise against them.

  5. How are you funded? When big tech gets to decide your cash flow, how do you expect them not to control the content, especially when it affects them and their affiliates?

  6. I Applaud Will for smacking Chris!!!! And I LOVE Chris Rock!!!! And he took that hit like a "G" But there is a Time and Place to where Will could have addressed the issue..

  7. If YouTube continues to flag use guys on YouTube that we love to watch. I like even watch making jewelry or food recipes etc. (YouTube)I didn’t know that we as humans are perfect . I only know one that was Jesus most perfect man .Did you look at the world today & our environment. Is it perfect No look at it .Just remember YouTube you might be great & rich but that doesn’t mean you can’t loss a lot of viewers employees & companies close down & stocks drop in a heartbeat there’s so much competition out there & new inventions & competition competition people that even have a YouTube channel are leaving . I’m sure you noticed & many others will be leaving too which is very upsetting to me. I will try to find them. Humans don’t have a crystal ball. Wish you well

  8. I still can't believe that, in the United States…. We chose to put 2 buffoons up for election…. BOTH are morons and I hope someone younger runs them out of DC in a couple of years

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