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Will Smith’s slap FINALLY killed the Oscars

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  1. The academy is on the line here, I would think an Oscar is much more than acting skills, and being an upright human being should be a quality that the Academy is honoring.
    The Academy should take the Oscar award back.

  2. Mr. Clayton on the real truth: Kris was out of place with Mrs. Smith.
    He has no right to humiliate her like that. Hair loss is enough by itself : he put fuel on the fire.
    I would have beat him too.

  3. Actors? Never care about them. So called "famous" pfff.. is all fake staged and you have a b man slapping another b man.. 😆 🤣 if it was a w man doing it, it might have triggered w w w #3 or something worst lol 😆 🤣 😂 🤔 😅

  4. Defending his wifes health issue, everyone has thier own opions yes however unless this happened 2 U, U can't really say how you'd handle it! I watched my mother die of H.P.V. cancer & she lost her hair & if someone would've made any insensitive comments I'd have done worse then slap them!

  5. 1.Will Smith was a rapper.
    2. I have this knack for saying things that people are thinking but They WON'T Post Because I don't care I'm honest. * I'm sorry but we don't live in a hold hands and sing kumbaya world. You can only tell someone to STFU about your family so many times before a nice slap in the mouth does the trick. And more people are thinking it then want to admit it. THAT'S REAL HUMAN NATURE. I'm not saying it's how we should be, I'm saying it's how we are.

  6. May be Will & Chris scene is just a part of an act, so people would talk about it – FAKE? Will’s crying in the end could have meant something else & not what he talked about in the audience. I would say he or they (satanic cult members, many of them present in the Oscars, the she-men & all that) are soon going down/will be exposed. Enough being famous or all of your BS.

  7. They should get rid of the Oscar's..Hollywood is just like government..he should not hit anyone..Chris Rock should have press charges..and will made alot of jokes about women and now it happened to him and he didn't like him..Screw you Will Smith you was wrong.. the Oscars are getting ghetto

  8. Rock does not need to file charges as there is public record and other people saw it. The state can press charges as it is a violation of the law, With out the victim's permission.

  9. Will Smith turns into Hancock again!! Maria Shriver's comment hit the nail on the head—"We should never get to a place where we sit and watch a movie star hit someone on global television then, moments later, get a standing ovation while talking about love"

  10. I feel whether you agree or disagree with Will smacking Chris is your reason(s). Personally giving Chris’s background of years making crappy comments for years & disguising it as “jokes” and being a horrible costar when they were voicing Madagascar; and making a documentary about the social and racial pressure of Black women hair and has been known to be an 🍑hole when comes to Black women celebrities and their hair. He went on 5mins trying to tell Oprah Winfrey her hair isn’t her hair on her show, and Oprah had to shut him up- he was asking for it.

    Also it’s lowkey weird to compare a fake character from a fake show as comparison as a joke. While do think celebrities have the ability to do things that normal folk wouldn’t gotten away with. Freedom of Speech doesn’t protect you on how someone will react to disrespect-assault and murder laws/charges do(if we’re talking about physical violence)

    But what I can’t stand/don’t like is the hypocrisy coming a lot the celebrities, Award community and social media influencers saying they don’t condone “violence” & how they would boycott, sue or ban Will for ; when they allowed multiple violent incidents from men or men who have sexual and/or domestic violence backgrounds in the Oscars or host. If you’re not for the violence then stand ten toes down and be about it FROM THE START; not in a last minute crap.

  11. who even watches these movies anymore any ways people just streem there movies theses days most people dont even have cable anymore they streem. I can choice what kind of movies i want to watch not like hollywood

  12. I don’t get it why was will allowed to punch Chris ? Why was will allowed to cuss him out? Why was he allowed to sit in his seat and shout profanity ? Why were people comforting will? All of this in my opinion was totally unacceptable ! He only apologized to Chris because he may lose his Oscar! He should! Violence is never acceptable ! Period.

  13. What’s puzzling is that Will was laughing, smiling at Chris’ joke, the camera pans, then Chris is like …uh oh. I’m curious what transpired such that Will flipped gears so quickly? Laughing, 2 seconds later, smacking Chris. Will lost his class in how he handled that.

  14. 4:11 of course we are focused on Ukraine "and all we care about is Ukraine" , but no need to dismiss "Syria and Ethiopia — "we don't know what those are" — some of us are from those places or places like that so watch your mouth. ☹

  15. Chris Rick is part of the problem for not filing charges basically condoning violence.
    Will Smith felt entitled to attack a host.
    The Oscars comparing it to when Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis hosting have changed a lot. I was dignified then. IT IS GHETTO NOW.


  16. Chris Rock is a comedian, they make fun of everyone and everything. I also miss the elegance of the oscars. This is not cool. Again, we (people of different ethnicities) talk of DOING BETTER…is this it? We in trouble. Now our comedians are being censored. Not cool on BOTH PARTS.

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