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March Community & Development Updates | by Qtum | Apr, 2022

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Qtum had an eventful March, which capped off with our heavy presence in the Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai. However, before we get into that, let’s give you a quick overview of everything going on in the community and dev side.

  • Total Unique Stakers: 1,813
  • Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 284
  • Total Unique Super Stakers: 29
  • QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 41,849

Qtum is currently creating an entirely new website to reflect the recent rebranding. The new website has a crisper design and a friendlier and more approachable UX compared to the current one. The website is crucial in Qtum’s roadmap.

Other development work: continued progress adding NFT functionality to the Qtum Core wallet and Qnekt wallet released for internal alpha test.

Qtum is fortunate to have a highly active community. In March, we did a couple of contests with our community:

  • Topic Contest
  • Meme Contest

Topic Contest

The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and to reward those who give the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers of this contest.

#1 @Myatagan #5224

Speaking about the importance of UTXO, @Myatagan said:

“Because, thanks to UTXO, we can make our payments in one piece. For example, if we didn’t have UTXO, if we wanted to invest $13, we would have to invest $10 and 3 $1. However, thanks to UTXO, we can invest in one piece. It’s a big step for Qtum to create a blockchain by combining the UTXO model with Ethereum’s EVM.”

#2 @Loviezⓠ #9460

Speaking on why they invested in Qtum, @Loviezⓠ said:

“The most common reason I invest in cryptocurrency i desire for a reliable, long-term store of value. Unlike fiat money, most cryptocurrencies have a limited supply, capped by mathematical algorithms. This makes it impossible for any political body or government agency to dilute their value through inflation.

Or most important The global economy is inevitably moving towards a digital eco-system. From investment to money transfer, everything is going paperless, The newest and most promising addition to the digital payment sector is cryptocurrency

We have very limited resources of energy, and with limited use of this energy, we have to preserve it for future generations, Qtum has negligible energy consumption by adopting technology like POS which is really commendable.”

#3 @Splash #5067

Here is what @Splash had to say about the Metaverse:

“Some things can push the limits of the mind.

Buying digital services is a prime example of this. Once you were just sci-fi novels, they will be reviewed today. The metaverse age can now transcend. In the Metaverse universe, for example, a doctor in Tokyo will be able to enter an operation in Berlin as if he were there. Metaverse actually refers to a completely digital environment. In other words, it is possible to connect to a digital universe from anywhere by wearing virtual reality glasses and wearing various equipment. There is no simple limit to what we can do in this universe. And in the near future Metaverse will have entered our lives seriously. we may even be in medical education” BUT BUT I CAN’T BE A DOCTOR (lol).”

#4 @Eigs #8867

Here is what @Eigs had to say about the Metaverse:

“Today, when you take a stroll on Twitter, we can see that the word Metaverse is often used out of its meaning. The popularization of the concept of metaverse causes brands, individuals and new projects to prefer this word to attract attention and appear innovative. The concept of metaverse has not yet been able to go beyond the descriptions we see in science fiction works. However, in order to act on a common language, I find it useful to go over this definition once again.

Metaverse is a vastly scalable, interconnected virtual world focused on real-time interaction. In these virtual worlds, people can hold business meetings, attend social events such as concerts or games, interact socially with each other and create their own environments.”

#5 @erlikwindsteel #2839

@erlikwindsteel had this to say about metaverse.

“The world of NFT can be a step in the metaverse that starts people’s imagination and future plans at the artistic level. In this regard, Nft works started to act on projects. And committees began to be formed. Here we need to examine the style of NFT projects. Is this Gamefication or gamefi?

In this context, NFT projects to be established must have their own crypto network and have less GAS FEE while attracting people.

When we examine the Qtum network, we can see that it is more close to it and eliminates security problems. We’ll be able to test this soon with Moonland. The important part in this regard will be marketing and reaching people. Awards and interesting social media content should be included. Social media channels, we did it, it shouldn’t have happened. Making them feel part of the team is an indispensable part of an nft project.

The metaverse world, on the other hand, is advancing with thousands of competitors to move forward with web3. When we say what the metaverse is, it would be wrong to talk about exact patterns. We are growing together every da. And to move forward, reliable networks must be established in which DAOs are active.”

Meme Contest

Here are the top 5 memes from our meme contest:

#1 Loviezⓠ #9460


#2 Myatagan #5224


#3 aselcukkk #9595


#4 erlikwindsteel #2839


#5 salimbey46 #4332


Qtum released the following blogs in March:

How Green is Qtum?

Does Yield Count In An Inflationary Protocol?

Qtum was one of the premier sponsors of the “Binance Blockchain Week.” The event’s main theme is — “Embracing Social Responsibility in the Blockchain Industry.”


Here is Qtum CSO Antonio Saaranen participating in a panel discussion with Binance Charity. Other panel participants were Arnaud Ventura of Gojo & Co, Chimezie Chuta, Founder of Blockchain Nigeria, and Michelle Chivunga, Founder & CEO of Global Policy House.




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