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Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022

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Nano Currency | Crypto News
Nano Digest

History is happening as we are writing this, and in times like these, it is important to remember: nano was made to help people all around the world, to create equal opportunities for all. We keep working on changing the world for the better.

It has been 4 very eventful months in the nano ecosystem with the Follis release, the first nano advertisement video “Nano in the real world”, enormous media coverage, new integrations, ticker updates, as well as interviews and community events!

In this digest, we will take a look at everything that has happened to the nano ecosystem from December 2021 till March 2022 culminating in our top good reads prepared by our amazing community members and partners.

A big thanks to you, the nano community, for your support and passion!

Nano Currency development | Follis
Follis V23

With a heavy focus on refactoring, code cleanup and unit test improvements, V23.0 Follis release of the nano node is on the live network. The updates in this version help set the foundation for future improvements across many areas of the node coming in 2022. Check out the documentation here.

A massive amount of work in unit-testability as of late, which is a requirement for the more significant changes upcoming, the team has been working towards V24 which you can keep up to date with here.

We look forward to releasing the external roadmap outlining the changes and features needed to deem nano ‘commercial grade’ over the coming year so please keep your eyes peeled over the upcoming weeks.

Check out the first nano video advertisement — Nano in the Real World. It showcases 3 of the multiple use cases for nano in the real world: payments, donations/tipping, and remittances.

Anyone can use nano anywhere and enjoy the benefits of the instant and feeless transactions: be that a taco truck business, a street musician or a family sending money to a relative, as shown in the video.

We have launched a LinkedIn Ad sharing the remittances video ad with the community in West Africa, and it got over 116,955 impressions, with Nigeria leading — 73,457 is (62.81% of all impressions).

Nano in the Real World: Lightning Fast | No Fees | Global Payments

We are starting to explore the opportunities to engage the community in Nigeria and West Africa. As part of that, we placed a banner on the Nigerian English-language internet forum, Nairaland, to promote the Nigerian Telegram group.

This was done in co-operation with WeNano, and Forest Horsman helped with the design. We specifically targeted the subfora around gaming, science & technology, webmasters and programming. For results:

  • We saw a strong uptick in applications for our community program
  • We welcomed around 15 new members to the Telegram group
  • Made contacts in multiple universities
  • We are in touch with a business owner that wants to implement nano
Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022
Nano Currency | Nigeria | WeNano

The Nano Foundation is thrilled to announce that Pim Coffeng is joining the team as Growth Strategist. Pim used to work for Poki — a leading web-gaming platform, and is planning to use his skills and vast experience in that area to further the cause of nano as a digital currency perfect for microtransactions, in particular, and payments, in general.

Get to know Pim better by reading this Spotlight where he talks about his experience and shares why he loves nano.

December 9, 2021, our partners at Swapzone hosted an AMA with George Coxon, director of the Nano Foundation.

December 28, 2021, the Director of the Nano Foundation, George Coxon, gave an interview for the Zigurat Global Institute of Technology Mosaic Magazine. She talked about nano and how it “provides open access to anyone in the world wanting to transfer value instantly, without fees and in an eco-friendly way”.

George Coxon | Zigurat Magazine Interview
George Coxon | Zigurat Magazine Interview

In episode 127 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast (February 10), George Coxon, Director of the Nano Foundation, spoke about Nano providing the world with an environmentally friendly and sustainable currency for a greener future. Listen to it here.

February 15, 2022, Colin LeMahieu, Director of the Nano Foundation, spoke on the topic of “Building a better Digital Currency”. The Real Time Club is one of London’s foremost networking institutions, bringing together people from diverse professional backgrounds with common interest in technology and society. Every year, the Real Time Club runs a series of dinners with distinguished speakers on current issues of the information age.

February 22, Colin LeMahieu gave a lecture for GBI (GBI Blockchain Academy Spring 2022 Edition). The talk was on “Essential Components of Blockchains: Consensus & Decentralisation” with a focus on nano.

Colin LeMahieu | GBI Blockchain Academy

February 22, George Coxon participated in an event organized by the Royal Docks School of Business and Law at UEL where students could pitch business ideas to experts and fellow Dragons.

February 25, the first Centre of Fintech Round Table took place. It was hosted by Iwa Salami, Reader in Law at Royal Docks School of Business and Law at UEL. Colin LeMahieu (Founder and Director of the Nano Foundation), Nigel Cannings and John Bertrand (On Demand Payment Technologies) discussed FinTech and Fraud.

March 1, 2022, George Coxon held a lecture on “Building a More Efficient Digital Economy” for GBI (GBI Blockchain Academy Spring 2022 Edition), providing a basic overview of Digital Money to the listeners.

There were so many excellent lectures, my favourite one is the lecture on building a more efficient digital economy by George Coxon from Nano Foundation; a fascinating digital currency concept.

Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022

March 10, 2022, George Coxon and Colin LeMahieu participated as speakers at a Virtual Congress on architecture, engineering, innovation and sustainability hosted by the Zigurat Institute. They spoke on the topic “Digital Money shouldn’t cost the Earth”.

Partner events

Our friends at Wirex have organized a giveaway asking participants to show where they spent their nano using the Wirex card. The winner bought a Udemy class with nano.

Check out the stats collected by Wirex showcasing where Wirex users who use nano hail from.

Another stats collected by Wirex show a 79% increase in nano deposits in 2021.

Ever thought of getting your salary in nano? NOWPayments provides a solution for that, and they prepared an article describing nano payouts benefits.

Our partners at Kappture organized their first demo and shared a video on social media, which shows the clear benefits of using nano as a payment option on POS: instant and feeless transactions.

February 28, our partner payment processor CoinGate announced they had designed a portal to help Ukraine with crypto donations, with nano being one of the currencies people can donate.

Our partners, Guardarian, created a video-guide showing how to use the service to purchase nano with GBP.

BitRequest, a payment processor that supports nano, created a video showcasing nano as a payment option.


Vauld — a cryptocurrency platform that allows to lend, borrow and trend digital assets — added support of nano XNO on January 21th.

The cryptocurrency exchange Bybit launched a voting process to see if they can list nano and decided to list it, pending the change of ticker by OKX, which is underway.

CoinGate crypto payment gateway announced that nano was enabled again at the end of January.

February 2, a cryptocurrency exchange platform LetsExchange listed XNO.

Fiatom, an exchange rates aggregator, announced that users can track where to buy nano using their platform.


Upside Down House is a unique attraction that accepts payments in nano. Upside Down House allows visitors to create an amazing photo experience where they can walk on the ceiling and capture most surreal images.

The UDH team have been busy building a brand new location — keep your eyes peeled!

Accept nano | Upside Down House
Upside Down House

Kakele Online — MMORPG is a retro 2D multiplayer role-playing game, which lets players explore mysterious caves, fight monsters, complete quests and get gold coins using nano! It aims to be a play-to-earn game, now fully launched.

Kakele Game | Nano Currency | Crypto payments
Kakele Online — MMORPG

PixelStix putting nano to work at the Akumal Mural Festival to solve real problems in the arts world. In short, PixelStix is a bootstrapped technology startup that focuses on the arts and giving physical objects digital abilities. Examples include uploading a video to a post card or something more complex like a scavenger hunt with detailed logic / mechanics. The project aims to use nano to pay artists for “any activity they generate, no matter how small that payout might be”. Learn more about PixelStix from this Reddit post. Check out their rep node.

BittyTax announced that users can export their nano transactions from their Nault wallet into BittyTax to do taxes.

Nanogram Beta was launched in March. It is an Instagram-like social website with tips in nano enabled. Learn more about it by reading this Reddit post.

Nautilus Wallet Alpha v1.4 is a fork of Natrium with nano.to username integration.

Raesonic — a multiplayer online game with procedurally generated tracks, customisable vehicles and more — allows purchasing in-game items with nano. Features premium in-game items obtained exclusively with nano

Alternative Airlines started to accept nano after having partnered up with a crypto payment provider CoinGate. You can use Alternative Airlines to book flights from over 600 global airlines.

Book flights | nano currency
Travel with nano
Wirex & nano
Wirex & nano

Binance announced they were going to change the $NANO ticker to $XNO, with a second announcement coming once the change is done. Once Binance has completed this, other services will be able to follow suit.

February 9th, Binance announced the ticker update was complete.

The Indonesian exchange Tokocrypto updated the XNO ticker in January.

The Turkish exchange Bitexen updated the XNO ticker in February.

KuCoin announced its ticker updated in February.

Events and interviews

Nano has its own profile on meetup.com — a platform for building local communities. This is nano profile. A lot of community events have been scheduled using this tool and we look forward to more of them!

Meet Nano Collaborative and their first video: describing the basics of nano.

Listen to this recording of the first Twitter space where nano ambassadors and community managers all gathered together to discuss their work and nano.

Nano Ambassador from Nigeria, Samuel Olapade, organized a Nigerian Meetup for people interested in nano. He also created a Nigerian Telegram group, together with Stephen Etugbo.

Listen to the Nigerian meetup here.

This Christmas was especially fun, as the nano community was able to enjoy a CS:GO custom game where participants could throw snowballs at each other and earn nano. In February, the game reached a new milestone of 25,000 matches played.

January 21, Nano Collaborative released another video explaining the benefits of running nano nodes.

January 24th, we celebrated Community Manager Appreciation day.

Nano Ambassador from France, Corentin Hanonge, organized a French Meetup for people interested in nano. It took place February 22 and allowed French-speaking people tp learn more about the digital money that is nano.

There have been several Blockchain Awareness Sessions led by our Ambassador from Nepal, Alisha. This is an event at St. Joseph’s College, Nagaland, India. Close to 100 college students attended the session.

Check out more sessions as part of Blockchain Awareness Campaign:

For our Brazilian community, there is also some good news. You can check out this video by a Brazilian YouTuber with 67k subscribers comparing nano and Bitcoin and talking about nano fundamentals.

An amazing video was released The Nudge showing how he booked a trip on Travala using nano and created several WeNano spots in El Salvador. Watch the video here!

March 10, there was Twitter Space hosted by Carlos Murgas and dedicated to nano community initiatives, with community members sharing 3 stories.

Community Ambassador Awards

We would like to thank all the Community Ambassadors for all their enthusiasm, passion and hard work when promoting the activities of the community. Everyone is a hero! Yet, the most responsive and active needs special mention, and we chose them for their exceptional levels of achievements, overall communication, coordination and engagement within the community.

Forest Horseman, the Ambassador from the Netherlands, has been exceptional in his role, hugely contributing to the growth of the community . We thank Forest for the amazing work and congratulate him as we select him for the Ambassador Award.

Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022

Moncho, the Ambassador from El Salvador, has worked passionately sharing information about nano.We thank Moncho for his brilliant enthusiasm and congratulate him as we select him to be the runner-up winning $1000 in nano.

We would also love to acknowledge some of our most active Ambassadors: Samuel, NanoNerd, Carlos, Corentin and Alyo. Thank you for spending your time engaging the community and helping out. As a token of appreciation, they have been awarded $100 each in XNO.

150K on Twitter

Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022

120K on Reddit

Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022

We are ever so grateful for all the support, engagement and passion that the nano community gifts us with!

Check out George Coxon’s Reddit post marking this milestone.

We would love to use this opportunity to give a shoutout and big thanks to revanyo, a Reddit user and an active Nano Community member, for the enthusiastic posts encouraging people to follow nano socials.


Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022
Nano Digest — Follis V23 Release, First Video Ad, Integrations, Media Coverage, NF is Growing and So Much More | by Kate Lifshits | Apr, 2022
Nano Currency | Digital Money

We are currently working on a central repository to house our new and shiny infographics for easy download by all of you! Keep your eyes open for an announcement on this.

Ethereum mining & nano benefits

How to send money online to Africa (and around the world)

How to run a node and why — a full nano guide

Automated Rewards in nano: FynCom Spotlight

Nano Community Program- Six Month Roundup and Community Ambassador Award

Meet Pim Coffeng: Growth Strategist of the Nano Foundation


Kappture and nano by Vinicius Barbosa

Nano on CoinTimes by Vinicius Barbosa

Kakele game and nano by Vinicius Barbosa

Theoretical best possible money by Senatus

NanoBrowserQuest article

Removing Friction is Integral for Crypto Adoption by Forest Horsman

Nederland is koning van efficiëntie. Nano is daarbij nodig by Forest Horsman

Nano: Dinero rápido, sostenible y sin comisiones by Carlos Murgas

Cryptocurrency For Beginner’s — What You Should Know Before Starting by Ambassador from the US Matthew

Flowhub dá mais indícios de que a implementação de XNO irá ocorrer by Vinicius Barbosa


Nano: Expanding Financial horizons by CoinRabbit

How to Enhance Your Holdings with nano by CoinRabbit

3 leading charities and why nano could be beneficial for them by NOWPayments

Top 10 nano influencers by NOWPayments

How to pay salaries in nano by NOWPayments

5 ways to boost your business using nano by NOWPayments

Top 5 Nano Influencers in 2022 by NOWNodes

Running a Nano Node by NOWNodes

The Bigger Crypture: AMA with Nano Foundation Director George Coxon by Swapzone

In December, nano appeared in quite a few top-tier media sources, such as Nasdaq and Cointelegraph, with the latter exploring DAG and showing nano as an example.

NASDAQ, “4 Cryptocurrencies That Process Transactions Much Faster Than Shiba Inu” — “For “blink and you’ll miss it” transactional speed, consider truly off-the-radar cryptocurrency Nano

Cointelegraph, “What is a directed acyclic graph in cryptocurrency? How does DAG work?”

Currency.com, “What is Nano (XNO): The digital currency bringing crypto back to its roots” — “Nano, touting zippy transaction times, zero fees and energy efficiency, has a lot going for it

Fintech Times, “Sustainable Crypto Is More Appealing for Investors Say Industry Experts” — “Another innovative crypto provided by Forex Suggest is Nano, as it does not use mining nor a traditional blockchain, which results in it only using 0.000112kWH per transaction”

Yorkpedia, “Charity fundraising in nano cryptocurrency launched by a local bar”

BTCManager (now, Crypto.news), “The Story of 2miners Adding Nano/BTC Payouts, and 7x’ing Their Growth” — launching payouts in nano and speeding up their growth by 700%.

Analytics Insight, “Missed Out on Shiba Inu? Here are 10 Cryptos to Compensate” — “Nano aims to revolutionize digital payment”.

Finextra, “Top eco-friendly cryptocurrencies: how sustainable are they and what are their benefits?” — exploring how nano is the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency, while also perfect for payments.

BeInCrypto, the first nano advert video “Nano in the Real World”

BeInCrypto, “ETH Pools: Best Mining Pools for Ethereum Mining” — on nano payouts for Ethereum miners.

OneGreenPlanet, “5 Green Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About” — “We can’t talk about eco-friendly crypto without mentioning Nano. Every transaction uses just 0.000112 kWh of energy, which is a fraction of what some other cryptos require

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