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The $Amb Token – How It Took on The Role of Pioneer For The Defi 2.0 Movement

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What is DeFi 2.0?

The first DeFi wave brought revolutionary decentralized financial services to anyone with a crypto wallet and kindled the flame of Cryptocurrency as a whole. As wonderful as it is, the original DeFi wave still suffered many weaknesses. Some of the shortcomings of the DeFi 1.0 are Scalability, Information Asymmetry, Decentralization, Security and Liquidity. These flaws hurted its early adopters and thwarted the growth of Crypto.

DeFi 2.0 is a movement trying to upgrade and fix the problems seen in the original DeFi wave. DeFi 2.0 will bring dynamic reactions to new compliance regulations that governments plan to introduce, such as KYC and AML. Moreover, DeFi 2.0 benefits users, stakers, and the DeFi space as a whole by providing insurance against the infamous impermanent loss, creating a greater incentive for users to invest in liquidity pools.

How $AMB tackle the problems of the original DeFi wave as a pioneer in DeFi 2.0

By well thought out and detailed algorithms and the experienced developing team, $AMB boasts many a feature that can reduce or entirely mitigate said issues.


$AMB auto-reward will occasionally distribute tokens to all token holders. 4% of every successful transaction will be rewarded to $AMB holders.

And $AMB ensures transactions will be continuously made thanks to its use cases. $AMB token can be used to buy all in-game Items and reward players. Trading volume of the reward system and demand for in-game items are also the main trading activities related to $AMB token. Besides, this is an investment opportunity by the model buy-hold-earn.

Risk Free Value:

Market Liquidity is of utmost importance and plays a vital role in allowing the buy & sell of $AMB tokens on the secondary market. Higher liquidity ensures minimized trading slippage, meaning that you can always effortlessly trade at your desired prices. Risk Free Value (RFV) is one of the significant differences in the development of the $AMB token, which will absolutely guarantee benefits for both holders and players. RVF will be applied for 2 main purposes: sustain token price and token deflation. Accordingly, 6% of every buy/sell transaction fee will be utilized to fulfill 2 objectives that is building a RFV Reserve and to Buying back tokens and burning them.

For every transaction that uses the $AMB token on PancakeSwap – the secondary market of Binemon, smart contracts will automatically buy back tokens and immediately burn them. This will result in a deflating tendency for token, ensuring its steady growth over time and, ultimately, benefits both holders and players.

The RFV Reserve is a contract wallet that is inaccessible to Binemon developers. A portion of the transaction fee will be stored in the Reserve and utilized for a sole objective of buying back tokens during panic sell events to backup the value of the $AMB token. This ensures the safety of holders and players alike.


The “buy/sell fee” mechanism with 3% buying fee and 3% selling fee allows the project to generate inflows to cover marketing and product development expenses. Besides, it is an essential reserve for P2E reward and to back token holders during heavy price decreases to ensure consistent and sustainable price growth. Not only that, it can also be used for listing activities at major exchanges, campaign events and P2E Fund aids. Smart Contract will automatically distribute reasonably between $AMB token and BNB in Treasury to diversify end purposes.

Binemon aspires to create a strong and self-sustaining market as well as a fun and exciting game world for players to enjoy. With the birth of the Apple ($AMB) token and its well thought out yet easy to adopt uses in the Binemon game, the developing team hopes that Binemon users’ experiences will be refreshed and revitalize the exciting world of Mons.

Social links

Website: https://binemon.io/

Telegram Group: http://t.me/binemonchat

Telegram Channel: http://t.me/binemon 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/binemonnft

Media contact

Company: Binemon

Contact Name: Dan Marino

Address: California, USA

E-mail: [email protected]

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