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His time is running out

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President Biden has one more chance to do something transformative to the American economy as recession indicators are flashing red. The House of Representatives just passed legislation to legalize cannabis in The United States. Now it’s up to President Biden to push this through.

There is only one company in the world with a first-mover advantage when it comes to bringing cannabis to the US from Mexico. That company is Xebra Brands. Their stock ticker is XBRAF and it’s currently trading at .14 cents a share. One month ago it was .10 cents. You get the picture of what’s about to happen to this industry right?

Check out Xebra Brands website here: https://xebrabrands.com/en
Their stock ticker is: XBRAF

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  1. And other countries they legalized drugs all kind of drugs and guess what people there don't have the band drug addictions like Americans do and they don't advertise it either cuz let's not forget the drugs that are made by pharmacies are drugs to that's how drugs became drugs

  2. Hold up I just lost it I laughed so hard I literally wet myself he has supporters geriatric Joe has supporters I'm sorry but he's getting ready to go down with his son they will go down I promise you that I can't tell you how I know that but they will that's the only place he's going there's nothing he could do and it wouldn't do him any good he can't even cross the street alone he don't even know where he's at half the time and we all know that Obama is the one running the United States we're not stupid we've caught camel toe peppermint pattie start to say Obama and say O Biden

  3. Off topic; Clayton is it? You look very much like the last memory of my father😒 doppelgänger . Your Chanel just started coming up on my feed. I enjoy listening to you both. Thank you for providing one
    More truth finding platform. We are in a deep "recession" of those in these crazy times.

  4. First headline state recession in 2 years. If it was in few months , why would I invest in a stock market now when In 2 months, everything will be on sell ?

  5. Are you kidding me. Who didn't see this coming? Every Dem president in a crap economy makes it worse. Dems can't govern finances. They can only spend and waste taxpayer $$.

  6. Tomorrow is April 20. If Biden signs the bill at 4:20 Washington DC time it will be symbolic and will also help people with depression seizures and glaucoma as be well as a myriad of other health issues as well as stimulating the economy. Pass the Bill!

  7. dude really?? You are now recommending penny stocks now? Please stop. People don't understand the risks associated with these stocks. It is literally like gambling Clayton. Do your subscribers a favor and stick to real estate not these high risk companies

  8. Can I ask a simple question ,why is everyone sort of bashing Biden all the time, when he is surely speaking and negotiating with world leaders? I hope everyone knows that Biden is not responsible for this inflation issue, but he keeps getting blamed for it, even though his economic and employment numbers are the best ever and in just his first year!

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