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Dr. Fauci Will Lose His Sh*t Over This | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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A federal judge has shot down mask mandates on public transportation and new CDC data shows that they don’t prevent the spread of Covid anyway. So what will Fauci tell us to do now? Don’t say lockdown! #fauci

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  1. N95 masks are non biological. They are for sweeping the yard. You need surgical, biological fillers, masks for this virus. It's written on the packet the level of protection your ppe will give you.

  2. I agree wearing mask is uncalled for…this is too much. Covid & different strains will be here, we have to live with it, like we live with different strains of the flu, THESE mask don't work, (only the N95 offers some protecting) Media needs to STOP spreading fear & false info. Its all about CONTROL nothing more. (ANYTHING that cuts your ability's to breath is not a good thing)…I just LOVE how its be respectful & nice if people still want to wear a mask, WHERE was this consideration before when people didn't want to wear one???? People were calling them names, threats, bullying, saying people not wearing one was inconsiderate, shellfish & trying to kill people. what hypocrites!!!!!!!

  3. Why now. Surely it was a matter of urgency to sort out mask wearing
    Is the change to allow for future excuses, so they can say later on, oh see how the spread has increased, so it shows that masks work. This could be to lull us into a false sense that a future potential outbreak with mass infection, could be blamed on non mask wearing, and therefore justify a more strict mass wearing policy in the future.
    I know what I wanted to say, I just did not communicate as concisely as I would have liked.
    In my opinion

  4. A flight of 20 crash land on an unmapped isolated island, all 20 of them fully v'd and boos___ed up.

    One of them starts showing signs of a variant…..then another and another…..

    Where'd that variant come from, the plane interior's air, it followed the plane or did it get there in small flying animals???

  5. It's about damn time they realize that masks are ineffective.
    This has been said about 3 months in the pandemic and was treated like "Conspiracy" theories…
    I highly doubt the 91% rate of protection from both surgical, seeing them with wide gaps around the people's faces…

  6. The N95 mask dpes NOT PROTECT AGAINST ANY VIRUS. SAYS SO ON THE BOX FROM 3M. N95 mask protect down to 335 micron particles at 95%. Virus is 100 micron. Please stop spreading this lie. Cloth and paper mask do not work at all. Keep breathing stuff your body is rejecting. You will soon have other respiratory problems. Fools and sheep. Read medical journals pre pandemic. The only truth Fauci told was they did not work.

  7. masks do not protect you. masks protect those members of the public who are near you. i agree kids do not need masks in school, unless a teacher is obese and at risk. kids should wear masks when visiting elderly grandparents or friends

  8. Natali is like a dog that yaps and yaps, like the dog on the Sienfeld episode where Elain has a contract put on a dog that keeps her up at night….YAP YAP YAP !!!!!

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