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In Shanghai They Are Coming For You | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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In Shanghai, people are starving during lockdowns and when they try to get out to find food and medicine, they are beaten back by people in white bodysuits. The city says that three people died of Covid over the weekend, all of them over the age of 89 and with comorbidities. #shanghai

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  1. Thank you for covering this, i have not seen anything on this other than random videos that the victims have been putting out.
    This is appalling.. here in Canada, these people dont get it, comments of its in china, not here, .
    My response is always a little over the edge , like are you kidding me, .. these people do realize that trudeau admires china dictatorship.
    The book of Amos in the bible. Is the repeat in my mind for peace.

  2. That's why America should protect the constitutional rights of Americans! Basic human rights is not to be taken for granted. Stuff like this happens all the time where people trust their government for protection; Americans are blessed with the second amendment !!!

  3. China hasn't learnt any lessons, 1.Lock downs don't work, 2.Masks are ineffective against Covid and 3. The mental health destruction will last way past this situation when it ends

  4. I have huge doubts this is covid related at all. I'm guessing they had some other biological leak or its all propaganda. DONT TRUST ANYTHING COMING FROM CHINA

  5. That scum who was hitting everybody then takes his white suit off should have been battered whilst he was doing this. I am so angry at people not standing together. The older I live the less I have to live for, watch out police if you bring another lockdown here.

  6. Most countries in the world are against these sanctions( most of them were at one time sanctioned from USA) we are creating a lot of enemies. Russia will find buyers for their gas and oil. The Petro dollar and our economy will collapse.

  7. Love your reporting but when describing individuals, “the mom with the bun and CUTE SHOES”…REALLY!! Keep comments like that out of a serious news report. It just perpetuates the ideas that women are empty headed and only think about fashion. I believe you are better than that, so please stick to intelligent facts, not worthless fashion comments.

  8. Natali, why don't you go over there and help out ??,, Clayton why do you have that BIMBO on your once great show ?? Don't say that Clayton,,wow is that the best she has to say..

  9. I'm playing Division on PS4 it's basically Shanghai and the game is about event 201 and dark winter. The reason they gave the game a pass is because they blame all the bio labs bio attacks bio weapons and biological threats on Russia. The game doesn't reference China or the US.

  10. Have you ever been in the airport in Shanghai during the winter time they got a brand new airport huge but it has no heat all the people there where black trench coats at the stores the employees I went in there with just a t-shirt and blue jeans I froze my ass off I could not even warm up and the cigarette room I bypass that bastard of an airport every time I fly to I bypass China altogether dumbest thing I ever seen brand new airport no heat

  11. Wow it sounds like New York and California where they lock you up how you do go back in your house kill people in nursing homes by letting sick people in with covid can't go into restaurants unless you show papers yep sounds just like New York and California

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