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BREAKING! Gonzalo Lira Kidnapped in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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Early reports are saying that Gonzalo Lira has been captured and killed by the Azov battalion in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the mainstream media wants to discredit him for former YouTube channels because he was not a war expert. But he did live in Ukraine and he did say that the Azov battalion was dangerous. Now he has been silenced. #ukraine

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  1. What kind of Putin loving Russian propaganda outfit is this? I used to have respect for you Clayton, back in the Paranormal Report days and I wondered what happened to you. I don't get how people could essentially back and spread Russian propaganda. It's clear as day what's going on and focusing on the Azov Battalion (who are separatists in their own right) fits right in with the Russian narrative. It makes me nauseous. But whatever pays the bills right? There are bigger problems than the Azov Battalion for the Ukrainian government. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And Zelensky being a Jew, I don't think they're going to become best friends.

  2. Good to see you turned against your former masters; you are clearly a talented show host and reporter. Better put that talent to good and moral use. Happy for you.

  3. Mark Hayes of the The Daily Beast should be ashamed for basically doxxing and reporting to the Ukraine govt about Gonzalo Lira leading to his death .

    What sort of journalist does that? Perhaps that’s a descriptive title we can use for Hayes.

  4. Why are people silent about it! Why don’t we hold our governments accountable for supporting Nazi regime and this game they’re playing!! Why is everyone so complacent! 😩😩😩😩

  5. They really live up to their name “Daily Beast”
    They have much blood on their hands. Liberals are just a disgusting bunch of idiots that think they are geniuses. Don’t believe it just ask them. If you disagree it’s because your racist.
    Just last year the world was in agreement that Ukraine was full of terrorist nazis. Suddenly democrats cheat in a election. Now Ukraine is a democracy. That fired anyone that looked into corruption.
    Zelensky is a war criminal billionaire with property in Florida.
    When the same people that have lied for years suddenly pick a side in a war on the other side of the world. Why would they suddenly be honest.
    Everywhere democrats are in charge is full of murder.

  6. You do not have to be a war expert to report on the realty of war on the ground where you live its like saying we should not take seriously the accounts pf Iraqi citizens of the Iraq wars because they are not sitting in some posh room in New York with framed degrees and PHDs hanging on the wall

  7. If Gonzalo is dead (and has perhaps even been tortured), then Mark Hay should be put on trial, and he should never see an end to the condemnation of his actions. Same goes for the Daily Beast. Its editors should likewise be put on trial.

  8. After taking a look at Mark Hay's website and his list of "articles" he has written, I can't help wonder if he at any level realizes what the same Azov goons would do to a person like himself if they got their hands on him. Do "progressives" not realize that they're standing with Nazis when they're "standing with Ukraine"?

  9. This is the evil consequence of the hate-mongers in US Big Tech and Western MSM! The Daily Beast is just one example of Western media propagating hatred and instigating violence against others who do not hold the same view as theirs! There's no journalistic ethics anymore in the West! Democracy is dead in the West! The US and EU are just fascist governments! Now they are even glorifying and supporting murderous Ukrainian Nazi beasts! The amoral Western leaders, Big Tech and MSM and their brainwashed supporters have Gonzalo's blood on their hands!

  10. What is this women on about,turning the story inside out and back to front for a strait story.Gonzo is on the ground telling people what’s really going on and his life is in danger,they already came for him before and he had to move.

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