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Jon Stewart's WOKE Apple TV+ Show a Flop | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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CNN+ is getting an F+. The network has reportedly pulled money from advertising the cable network’s spinoff because it is….fill in the blank for yourself. Jon Stewart is suffering similarly poor ratings for his AppleTV show and we discuss whether it is because the show is off brand for him or if it is overly pedantic or just too smart for TV. What do you think? #gowokegobroke

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  1. John Stewart's Youtube channel where he shows clips from his Apple show does decent numbers, he has some 1M views videos and one that is over 2M views. The problem (pardon the pun) is Apple tv has a low subscriber base, around 20% of what Netflix has. It's a good show.

  2. I don't like the way Clayton Morris uses "woke" as a pejorative for any policy/position on the left that he disagrees with. The fight for equality started long before "woke" was an adjective.

  3. I don’t think John Stewart is saying these things because he’s passionate about them he’s pandering he really could care less if there actually is white privilege which is a stupid term in the first place

  4. He is a brave man to do a show with his wife. I respect both perspectives. But i pray they stay together. The tension between them makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Wish you the best Natali and Clayton Morris.

  5. It's the fact he's clearly pandering to black people. Believe it or not black people aren't disabled. When you keep trying not to be racist like "Look at me! I love you!!!" You become racist in the strangest way.

  6. I stopped Netflix because they raised their subscription and the shows were more limited. I couldn’t go back to watch certain shows that I used to enjoy anymore. And the current ones were no longer meaningful to me. The good shows and movies are never on Netflix, unless you pay more $!!! I think $15.99 a month was pricey enough for what I was getting. Then, I realized I had not been reading my books for a long time. So, I traded Netflix for reading and doing projects in my home!!!💖

  7. Thank you both of you for your show. But, I can tell that something is going on between you two that needs to be resolved off camera. The discussion about Jon Steward is not that important for you two to argue on the show in a demeaning manner.
    Please watch yourselves and promise not to do that to yourselves ever again on the show.m, or in private! It was uncomfortable for me to watch your interaction with each other. You are supposed to disagree with each other, but the way it was done, it shows that there are murky waters in the relationship. Let’s find out why and clean that water really soon, please. I like both of you, and I hope you stay together as a couple, as a family and as professionals for the years to come. 💖😇🙏😇

  8. I’m not as far as the argument yet, I like both of them, but hope the show doesn’t do them in.

    As far as Netflix goes, I was just talking to my husband unsubscribing today. I don’t think I’m getting enough value out of it at the new price. I think many others are fed up about the price hike too.

  9. Why do you guys have the light bounce in the shot in the background when you don't need to have it visible? Perfect indicator of how overall scuffed this show it.

  10. CNN+ has to be the funniest & saddest thing at the same time. i mean, honestly! who the F is dumb enough to actually pay for this service?

  11. Bumsauce +…. one things fo sho and thats this show is legit because y'all have different ideas.. on white privilege….why didn't y'all pick white…yeah me either so shush it.

  12. Netflix doesn’t have many good shows and no good movies. Their shows have no character development. Their movies are choppy and sloppy.

    Apple TV’s shows are pretty good but it is very limited. Once they start adding more to their catalog it will be a worth the monthly fee right now it is not.

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