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Marjorie Taylor Greene BANNED from re-election bid? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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Can you sue someone for being annoying? That is what a group of voters in Georgia is trying to do to Marjorie Taylor Greene. A lawsuit against her seeks to prevent her from running for re-election, thus stripping away voters’ choice and making it for them. Sure, she can be annoying but shouldn’t the voters decide if she gets another term and not a lawsuit?

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  1. Was anybody from the January 6th found guilty of insurrection? If not then it wasn't an insurrection and any language by mtg can't insight an insurrection that did not exist. Democrats are scared to death of the midterm elections. They know that they are going to lose really badly! In fact in my opinion I think Nancy Pelosi committed insurrection twice by bringing president Trump up on false charges of high crimes and misdemeanors to impeach him. They literally impeached him for Joe biden's crime! And the second time Nancy Pelosi impeached him for her crime of insurrection by impeaching him the first time! Can't say what I'd really like to say.

  2. Law doesn't stop anyone who was a confederate. Anyone who had been sworn into a federal government position, to protect constitution, and then decided to break that promise and violently overthrow the government or aid people who did.
    If a liberal tries to violently overthrow the government I will gladly see them lose right to hold office

  3. It’s strange, I don’t know much about marjorie. But from the only clips I’ve heard her talk, she seems to be the only person talking independently and making sensible talking points on her own. Unfortunately, unless you have hard evidence please stop calling people confederates , or white sups, or racist. I’d appreciate arguments on their merit and not name calling. And like I said, her arguments and talking points are objectively appreciated by me. It seems like she’s the only one in DC that’s making sense

  4. MTG is a great gift to the Dems, she shows that it isn’t just the woke left that are nuts. She is the poster child for why as bad as the dems are the republicans are worse. We really need a viable third party .

  5. You realize you are defending someone that tried to overturn the election. What about the people that voted and she tried to overturn the election for Trump. You guys have lost it. I have been a fan since spider closet.

  6. Democrats are pathetic losers who can't win fair at the ballot box. Imagine having such bad ideas that you need to rig the election by ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes and other means.

  7. Look on the bright side, if she is removed from the ballot following a suit, this is an opportunity to have her voters go for the libertarian candidate instead. They sure as heck aren't voting for the Democrat.

  8. It’s part of the constitution article 14 correct me if I’m wrong she did things that was in the interest of throw the government she approve of Jan 6 she told lies which was proven false with cause bodily harm to people. It’s not like the law suit was made out of thin air just as average americas live by laws the government has constitutional laws they have to live by and trying to influence civil war is a no no

  9. Sounded like it might be a good story, but I had to cut it SHORT,, Natali, please let your hubby talk, you sound like you just got out of journalism school and are lost out there,, I will seek out other sources for this story, thanks for bringing this to the public's attention.

  10. It’s pretty obvious to me that Biden cheated his way in. I just don’t see someone as unpopular as Biden beating the extremely popular Trump. I didn’t vote for either. And, initially, I believed Biden actually won. But, after January 6th, recent DNC behavior (Wikileaks and other revelations), and the deep state, obviously, hating Trump, it seems that Democracy is gone entirely and fascism is in full force.

  11. Do you trust voters who take Ivermectin??? The guy should do his own show…maybe the show could work
    ..woman saying time for Revolution needs to go…

  12. Do y'all think the 6th was an insurrection, because I was there and if those people wanted to water the tree Lord knows they own plenty of buckets…however being adults they left them at home…next time…mucho buckets fo sho!!

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