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Biden Admin trying to bring back Mask Mandates | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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The Biden Administration says that it will “look to the science” to decide if it will further challenge the mask mandate repeal. But wasn’t the mask mandate in place because of the science? Why now are they unsure about the science?

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  1. Sleepy Joe is dementia weirdo and his buddy fake dr. Fauci they just need to ship these people to Ukraine get them out of the USA they just want to put fear in people that's a demon Democrat way

  2. They thought November would be bad previous to this decision… wait till they bring them back the masks which would be political suicide!

  3. masks are at best a placebo at worst they WILL make you sick . Covering your breathing holes with nasty germy microfiber chemical laden face diapers Gross. How many times do you use a tissue , hopefully only once arrgh yuck. Breathing deeply and clearly is the fundamentals of good health every yoga class teaches that 101. Trying to sip air through cloth is NOT conducive to good health . Can we sue the Gov and cdc when we get sick from being forced to wear the nasty things? If you get the box the masks come in it even has a disclaimer on the side saying " this mask will NOT protect you from any virus" . Doctors and nurses are taught to wear one in school to keep blood and bone out of their mouths and noses … masks can not keep out microscopic viruses and doctors and nurses do not wear them 8 hours a day .. they wear one for an appt with a patient then toss it and get a new one when needed for the next patient

  4. The mask mandate will be back PERMANENTLY in just a few days! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    They are going to use this case to forever END the dispute, and the CDC is going to be given UNLIMITED POWER very shortly and people are going to be confused and demoralized. This plan was implemented some time ago. They gave the case to an inexperienced judge to make it very easy to toss out. This entire fiasco was doomed to fail because it was DESIGNED to fail!!!

  5. Iv been a painter for 30 yrs. That has included a lot of sanding. These mask won't even keep dry wall dust out. They aren't doing a damn thing against coNvid 19. I can prove they are a total joke in court. ANY "Dr" telling you these mask prevent ANYTHING is a blatant liar. Time for this bullshit to end.

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