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SHOCK! US admits truth about weapons in Ukraine | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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While Ukraine says that it could have this war in the bag if it only had more weapons, the U.S. admits that it cannot keep track of all the weapons it has sent. The Biden administration says that weapons falling into the wrong hands is a “risk it is willing to take.” That’s your tax money! Is that a risk you are willing to take?

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  1. If you dive realy deep in to the current situation you realise that Ukraine was groomed for the war by the US since 2008 ramping up since the coup in Ukraine 2014.
    It is going acording to the US plan it may end different as the US elites want but this is not relevant right now.

  2. Of course they begging for more U.S weaponry what you expect fight those Putin little green men with sticks and stones? Lol! It doesn’t matter what they said the important thing is you can’t ever know what the tactics you been receiving the intel you don’t have to be a rocket scientist where the weapons will be delivered to the Ukraine armed forces. You don’t to be stupid where they are that the enemy will be tracking like you broadcast where they are cmon admit it you are mouthpiece of Putin a war criminal propaganda bullshit. SLava Ukraini 🇺🇦!

  3. First. Rumsfeld. 9-10-2001.
    Second. In one door and out the other.
    Goodfellas style.
    What happened to all the Humanitarian supplies we gave in the beginning ? The Punch drunk Mayor Klitschko showed an entire Warehouse. Where did it go ?
    It's on its way to another Country, you know which one. Middle teat ?🤣 !

    And videos everywhere on Russian troops giving warmth and food, where's the vids of Ukrainians feeding Ukrainians ?

    It's not our best, like buying milk at the gas station.. almost expired out, but you pay full price, Ukraine get's billed again for same object. Welcome to the Military Industrial Complex math school.

  4. He’s the one pushing this war & not trying to come to a peaceful solution! Unfortunately, the USA has fallen into doing what he wants. What a fail this is. Stop escalating this war!!

  5. The US is desperate trying to cover what they have been doing in Ucrania. They are afraid that Zelinsky open his mouth and the whole now about it. That why they are taking the risk

  6. More More More..! Weaponry…OK…After Russia levels Ukraine Then Next request we also want Baywatch Life..! USA give us Newport Beach, CA.
    Ukrainians"We can accept to hate African Americans too" We hope that helps…⚔

  7. I don't for a moment believe that the US MIC does not know where these weapons are–the pentagon is not that stupid. I think it is possible that a large diverted portion of these weapons are covertly directed to CIA connected US mercenary forces in Ukraine. look up the time magazine July 7 2021 feature article and give it some thought

  8. Weapons left behind in Afghanistan are already making way in to the hands of terrorist. Indian army has reported cases of finding sat phones, thermal scopes etc left behind by US army on slain terrorists….

  9. Most seriously, the planes that gave Ukraine intel on the warship was owned by US and flown by US soldiers, they initiated the sinking of the warship. This means that there has been direct participation of US and NATO. Very bad. US is starting World War III.

  10. The US is sending weapons not to enhance the chances of peace but to increase the likelihood of nuclear war. It's their only way of trying to weaken Russia from a distance.

  11. I think the most important thing in this world is to unite and destroy us only the problems for the world,definitely if there’s USA no more peaceful life in the world

  12. Is the United States sending weapons to the Nazi military Azov? If the U.S. is sending these weapons Biden is to be immediately arrested by the corporation military. Any weapons going into Ukraine by the U. S. Is treason and war crimes. Is the U.S. corporation military colluding with Biden???

  13. all a big mistake at american tax payers pay for so, they dont care they not pay for it but, the problem is we being depleted so, less for america to have for protection .

  14. The words you guys are looking for are UNACCOUNTABILITY and IRRESPONSIBILITY. A words that precisely give the picture of US "politicians" behavioral habits and more indicative for common criminals rather than politicians.

  15. I heard that as Russian forces continue to take more territories from Ukrainian armed forces, Moscow is said to now have the largest stockpile of Javelin launchers and missiles in Europe. 😆

  16. I don't understand what happened to western countries and their politicians. Why are they out of mind? Peace process is in one way their actions are in some other way.
    Now it is very clear along with many country's leaders zenensky is a great puppet to America. But for what…
    Ukraine human development index 98. Already a corrupted. Questions are there for zenensky regarding corruption.

  17. That's the problem when you got a crack dealer and you got a crackhead supply and demand the more drugs you give a crackhead the more he wants America the crack dealer Ukraine the crack user ask Uncle Joe's son he knows all about it it's in his laptop 🤡🤯👈

  18. Russia show us what's happening with them outside of Ukraine nobody knows but when they're getting in Ukraine Russia blowing them up 💥🇷🇺💯👍

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