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It's TOO late for them to stop it and they know it, recession is here | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Are we in a recession? President Biden says we’re not and probably won’t. Other economists say we are. Are we heading into a double whammy that includes recession + inflation? Oh my!

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  1. It may be too late to stop the US dollar and economy from collapsing. I believe it is the end of the empire…but empire is no longer about nations. The corporations are forming the empires of tomorrow, they are not bound by boarders

  2. Also, don't forget, inflation is not calculated the same way as in was in the 1970s. In the 1970s inflation calculations included housing and fuel…imagine how high it would be today if you included these. Inflation also fails to take into account 1) built in obsolescence (cell phones) or 2) product life span ( 5 years for a fridge instead of 8 or 10) 3) shrinking package sizes (ie they consider the cost of a bag of chips and ignore that in the 70s the bag held 225 grams and now it's 175 grams)

  3. During the 2008 Financial Crisis China helped a lot by buying up massive amounts of US Treasuries providing enough cash for the U.S government to bail out the banks and run in a deficit.
    I seriously doubt China will be doing that this time around.

  4. A long Recession if we are very lucky, this is going to be a depression! Generational in length. The FED are corrupt and complicate with creating a perfect economic storm!

  5. Bidens whole agenda is based on a lie global warming is just the weather working like it always has and all the solar wind and electric cars in the world won't make any difference

  6. I'm in Southwest Florida and I would love it if the power grid was shut down and fossil fuels were eradicated. All I've wanted to do for forty years is grow weed !! Peel up the roads that poison the Earth and let fertile ground be kissed by the Sun once again. 🌜🦋🌛

  7. Don't "Hate" the PUPPET, "Hate" the PUPPETRY: a "Form of Theater" or "Performance" that INVOLVES the "Manipulation of Puppets." The"Performance" is a "Puppet Production!" The SCRIPT is Called a "Puppet Play." Puppeteers use "Control Devices" such as "Rods or Strings"' to MOVE; "Body, Head, Limbs," and often, the "Mouth and Eyes." PUPPETEERS "Speak" in the "Voice" of the PUPPET, or "Perform" to a RECORDED SOUNDTRACK!

  8. The psychopaths and sociopaths in the District of Criminals really do not give a 💩if you starve !
    That’s why their are Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche dealers in their neighborhood. Moreover, that’s why they are literally paying CASH for these cars ! Their sacrament is death ☠️ and babies crying from hunger !!

  9. Here in Michigan, the UAW is all in for Joe and camel toe. They obviously have some deal to push domestic built electric cars down our throat. However, as a former GM contractor I literally forbid my family from buying that junk. If it is not made in 🇯🇵, we will not drive it !

  10. In the history of MPLS/St Paul MN. There is a story of an early auto dealer buying up the rail transit lines of the then metro and tearing them up. Thus eliminating any competition with his auto sales. America decided way back then to build it's society on the car and gas consumption. It is to many Americans synonymous with freedom. If you say, 'road trip', to many Americans it engenders a fond memory or a cherished desire. We could have loved mass transit but we weren't wired that way.

  11. Recession or more accurately depression can not be avoided. The only way to genuinely fight inflation is by increasing interest rates higher than the inflation rate. If that happens it’s carnage. If it doesn’t it’s carnage. There is no way out…. enter the Great Reset.

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