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Ankr’s Latest Town Hall: Community Updates Inside | by Kevin Dwyer | Ankr | Jul, 2022

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New product upgrades, updated release info, and more in this recap of Tuesday’s town hall!

Ankr’s Latest Town Hall: Community Updates Inside | by Kevin Dwyer | Ankr | Jul, 2022

On July 5th, Josh CS of Ankr’s DevRel team again hosted our community town hall and invited product managers to speak on some of the most exciting updates we’ve seen from Ankr yet.

Here’s a summary of everything we covered below.

Our Head of Marketing, Greg Gopman, kicked off our third town hall by announcing a new whitepaper release that will provide in-depth insight into all of the upgrades we’ve been hinting at. Our “Ankr 2.0” release includes updates for:

  • New tokenomics
  • ANKR token staking
  • RPC service upgrades
  • New products

We are incredibly excited to share what we’ve been working on for some time now with solutions that address the biggest desires of our community. The whitepaper will be released next week! Keep an eye out for it on Twitter and Ankr’s official channels (follow below).

PM Kev Silk and Head of Product, Josh Neuroth gave an update on the much anticipated ANKR Token staking that is slated to release soon this summer! They went over the new staking dashboard and user flow and provided a little more info on how it all works.

Ankr will play a big part in the Toronto blockchain conference on August 9 -10.

The Ankr team will be giving talks, hosting events, doing some building, and meeting with everyone that stops to chat.

Use our discount code “ANKRFRIEND50” for 50% off tickets!


Ankr’s Latest Town Hall: Community Updates Inside | by Kevin Dwyer | Ankr | Jul, 2022

Our Product Manager, Dmitrii Fotesco, and Head of Engineering Stanley Wu were excited to announce our newest SDKs that make development much easier to create staking solutions or query on-chain data:

  • Staking SDKs — This allows developers to easily integrate Ankr’s liquid staking solutions into their dApp, wallet, DeFi protocol, or any other platform.
  • JavaScript Advanced API SDK — Allows JavaScript devs to easily interact with Ankr’s Advanced APIs for all supported methods (list below).
  • Python Advanced API SDK — Allows python devs to easily interact with Ankr’s Advanced APIs for all the methods they need to query blockchain data:
Ankr’s Latest Town Hall: Community Updates Inside | by Kevin Dwyer | Ankr | Jul, 2022

👉More about Ankr’s Advanced APIs👈

Kev Silk, our product manager for Ankr App Chains, gave another update on this new product and shared some insight into its most promising use cases.

Ankr App Chains makes it easy for any developer to create their own application-specific blockchain with Ankr’s engineering team to assist at every step.

This is great news for Web3 devs wanting to build highly scalable and customizable applications. It also helps boost the growth and adoption of Web3 as a whole as it solves some of Web3’s biggest challenges with a better user experience across the board with extremely fast transactions and low gas fees.

Build a dedicated blockchain for your project on BAS, Polygon Edge, or Avalanche

  • Web3 games
  • Existing dApps
  • DeFi protocols
  • CBDCs
  • NFT platforms
  • + many, many more

Get started today!

👉Ankr App Chains Landing Page 👈

As you may know, a social engineering attack early last Friday, 7/1, at 2:30 am PST affected two of our free-use community RPCs, rpc.ftm.tools and polygon-rpc.com. The attack on our Domain registrar for those external sites exploited security vulnerabilities on their end and briefly caused outages. Our monitoring system immediately caught the Domain hijack within 15 minutes, and we recovered our Domain in 6 hours and fully restored all services — a feat that is pretty legendary in technical terms.

Important Points:

  • Enterprise and paid services were in no way affected by the isolated attack
  • All core RPC services at https://www.ankr.com/protocol/ were completely unaffected
  • Only two free-to-use public RPCs for Fantom and Polygon on external sites were compromised for a short time.

Ankr provides the necessary infrastructure for dApps, wallets, crypto games, and every other application to connect and communicate with different blockchains. Ankr serves over 1T transactions a year across Web3 and is the main infrastructure provider for the BNB Chain, Fantom, and Polygon as of 2022.

  • We provide RPCs that connect developers, dApps, wallets, games, and more with our 18+ supported blockchain partners
  • We make it easier for developers to build on Web3 with tools like our Advanced APIs
  • We make staking easy and create secure staking integrations for other DeFi platforms
  • We make it provide Web3 game development tools for efficient building
  • We create public goods for Web3 by dedicating engineering resources to open source contributions to ecosystems like BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and more.

Website | Twitter | Telegram Announcements | Telegram English Chat | Discord | YouTube | LinkedIn | Instagram | Ankr Staking

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