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June Community & Development Updates | by Qtum | Jul, 2022

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June Community & Development Updates | by Qtum | Jul, 2022

Qtum’s June was super hectic as we attended Consensus 2022 and got ready for one of the most significant hard forks.

May was highlighted by our presence in the Blockchain Week Rome 2022 (BWR 22). However, before getting into that, let’s look at our June staking results.

Total Unique Stakers: 1,612

Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 251

Total Unique Super Stakers: 24

QTUM Awarded to Stakers & Delegated Addresses: 40,499.5

We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month.

Topic Contest

The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers of this contest.

#1 Myatagan#5224

Speaking on the safety of transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges:

“Here are some details that should be kept in mind for “safe transactions” on cryptocurrency exchanges:

1. If possible, only operate from an iOS-based mobile device and delete any risky apps anyway. If it is not possible to make transactions from an iOS-based mobile device, make sure to follow the following items. (Don’t hesitate to apply even if you are using iOS).

2. Delete all applications on your device except those of big technology companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, big game companies such as EA, Rockstar, Tencent and Konami and public institutions.

3. The password you use on cryptocurrency exchanges should not be the password you use elsewhere online. Well; be completely unique to you and completely new.

4. In order not to forget your password, write it on a piece of paper like primitive civilizations, not on any technological device.”

#2 Balkesh6025 ⓠ#1525

On the differences between centralized and decentralized blockchains:

“To understand centralized and decentralized blockchain, one has to understand the difference between them. There would be a lot of difference between them, after that it would be very easy for anyone to decide whether this blockchain is centralized or decentralized.

1. In a centralized blockchain there is a third party participant whereas in a decentralized third party there is no third party participant.

2. In centralized, complete control rests with the central authority. But In decentralized remains with the user.

3. Centralized blockchains are more prone to hacks and data leaks. Whereas in decentralized the chances of hacks and data leaks are negligible..

4. There is no single reason for failure in a decentralized blockchain, but you will find many reasons for being centralized..

5. Centralized blockchain is intuitive and easy to use but decentralized blockchain is not easy to use…

6. Exchange fees are very high in centralized blockchains while exchange fees are low in decentralized blockchains..

7. User is not anonymous in centralized blockchain. But decentralized blockchain provides anonymity….

If any crypto user is aware of all these things of blockchain then he will be able to differentiate between centralized and decentralized blockchain…

It will not be very difficult to differentiate between these two provided you have a little knowledge about them.

Anyone knowing this much can easily tell whether blockchain is really centralized or decentralized….

Thanks…. 🙏🙏🙏

Have a nice day Qtum :QTUM: Family 🥰 🥰 🥰”

#3 nelsonmeister#2532

On how to judge a strong project:

“I think a big part of good advertising is the web presence of the cryptocurrency. When I look at a project’s website and I don’t like the design, I leave the site and don’t even find out what the project is about. If the site has a nice design, I at least find out something about the project, which greatly increases the chances of eventually sharing the project among my circle of friends or people interested in cryptocurrency.”

#4 Chris yangⓠ#8056

Speaking on Crypto Canvas 2 and Canvas 3:

“Today I would like to tell everyone that I participated in Crypto Canvas 2 and I was also included in the winner list. And I also got the reward, I would like to tell you today how I participated i Crypto Canvas 2 To join Canvas2 we will need web wallet which we have to create by visiting Qtum web wallet site For this, we will first need an email address, then you can set the desired password. After that you will get a key address through which we can login to our account. If you forget his address, you cannot login to your account. And after that you have to register the web wallet address by visiting the site of Qtum testnet and then you can make a free and share it in canvas Yes stay tuned You have to take permission from ccadmin2 in this way you can participate in canvas 3 is going to start in July and for this the following improvements are required

1.Allow only those people to join Canvas3 who have created web wallet

2.Stop stealing posts and sending fake web addresses

I hope that you must do this improvement in Canvas 3, by the way, Canvas 2 was also very successful and Canvas 3 should also be successful in the same way.

Thanks 🙏”

#5 Marcello#5005

Speaking on the currency market conditions:

“Hello Qtum family

I would like to share my thoughts regarding crypto winter.

If we look at the current market condition, then it will be said to be part of the crypto winter itself. Well it is difficult to say whether it will last for long or not but there is no doubt that it is crypto winter.

Sometimes many such situations arise in the market which invite crypto winter. At this time some people are going to benefit and there are many people who have already invested in crypto, this time is not right for them. Why would it be a challenge for them to wait for a long time?

Even before this, there was a crypto winter, in which there was not much boom in the crypto market for 1, 2 years. And he remained stable for a long time.

The current situation is also pointing in the same direction.

This is the time in which the market tries to move up but the bear does not let it go and pulls it back. But when the crypto winter ends, the market will see a boom and investors will get relief. And there will be trading opportunities for big investors who have waited for the crypto winter to end for a long time.

I hope that the crypto winter will end soon and all currencies will be able to regain their status.

And we will get our invested money with profit.

Thanks Qtum Family ❣️”

Here are the top 5 memes from our content contest:

1. *Jasmine*#3900


2. asarⓠ#1205


3. Jennifer’s#1318


4. erlikwindsteel#2839


5. Uğur#1971


Coindesk’s Consensus 2022 was the major event of June and Qtum was present front and center in the event.


During Consensus, Qtum also kickstarted the web3athon — a people-first, 3-month virtual hackathon, with over $800,000 in prizes.

Plus, Qtum also hosted a proof of “steak” dinner!


Mandatory Update #1: Electrum

Qtum users had to do two mandatory updates this month. First up, a security fix was implemented in Qtum Electrum. To implement this fix, please update to v4.0.17.


Mandatory Update #2: Taproot is on the way!

Qtum will update its network to include Taproot functionalities. The update will happen on block height 2,080,512 (1,967,616 testnet). The estimated time to reach this block is around August 1st, 2022. Please update your Qtum Core wallet build to v22.1 before that.

Qtum’s co-founder Miguel Palencia was invited for an AMA hosted by Huobi along with Sascha Strange from Bit Store, Poseidon Ho from OutliersDAO, and David Rutkovsky from Encentive.


This blog goes into how Qtum and other crypto teams worked during the pandemic.


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