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BlockBots V1 Game: Championship & Arena | by Osi | Jul, 2022

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BlockBots is a blockchain strategy game that involves idle PVP battles! The game revolves around tactical decisions and preparations. After a successful public Alpha with over 360,000 games played, we’re kickstarting BlockBots V1 with TWO NEW GAME MODES! Our soft launch will also give players a fresh opportunity to earn in different new ways.

BlockBots V1 Game: Championship & Arena | by Osi | Jul, 2022

😎 We will be kickstarting the V1 with a SOFT LAUNCH open exclusively to BlockBots owners (aka BB HODLers)!

To join the upcoming battles and win IND tokens & ingame NFTs, make sure to:
🤖 Acquire your very own BlockBot on OpenSea
⚔️ Own at least 2 weapons via https://marketplace.blockbots.gg/

The Championship Mode will require 100 IND to be pooled by each opponent before entering the battle arena. Once each player pools 100 IND, the updated matchmaking system will kick in, ensuring players battle within range of the base stats of the BlockBots they own, allowing a fair strategic battle.

Once the battle settles, the winner receives all the pooled IND tokens, which can be used to play another Championship match or trade their PowerUps on the marketplace for example.

In the event of a draw, both players will keep the 100 IND they pooled for the match, and will be able to use it to play again. The 10% platform fee applies only if a player wins a battle, not in the event of a draw.

BlockBots V1 Game: Championship & Arena | by Osi | Jul, 2022

The Arena Mode is similar to a Championship fight except it will require you to pool PowerUps (NFT weapons and items).

In this new Arena Mode players have the chance to win sought-after PowerUps from their opponents, INCLUDING sold-out PowerUps!

Equipping a minimum of 2 PowerUps and a maximum of 5, players will face off in an epic battle, with more than bragging rights at stake. The winner of the battle will win a randomly selected PowerUp from the opponent. The new PowerUp can be added to your arsenal OR traded on our marketplace!

NOTE: Players will also need to own AT LEAST two PowerUp. Equipped base PowerUps will not be lost if a player loses a match.

BlockBots V1 Game: Championship & Arena | by Osi | Jul, 2022

With the two new game modes, players need to pool in either IND tokens or PowerUp NFTs. To improve these new gaming experiences, our super engineers have created a Game Wallet:

  • The Game Wallet will prevent players from removing the pooled tokens during an ongoing battle!
  • This wallet also adds a layer of security to your MetaMask wallet.

When a player clicks on any of the game modes, there will be a check to see whether the account owns the required items/tokens in their game wallet.

  • If you click on Championship Mode, you will need to own at least 100 IND tokens (on the Polygon network)
  • If you click on Arena Mode, you will need to have at least 2 PowerUps

If you don’t have the required tokens for either game mode, you will have the option to:

  • Transfer the tokens from your MetaMask wallet to the Game Wallet
  • Purchase the tokens needed to play the game mode you want to join
BlockBots V1 Game: Championship & Arena | by Osi | Jul, 2022

We hope you’re now set to play our new Championship & Arena Modes!

Get your BlockBots: https://opensea.io/collection/blockbots-by-indorse
Acquire IND tokens: https://blog.indorse.io/how-to-buy-ind-on-polygon-115e263401eb
Choose your PowerUps: https://marketplace.blockbots.gg/

🌐 Website: https://blockbots.gg/
🎮 Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Dy2CdKnNJT

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