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SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

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SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

Greetings Singularitarians,

We’re pleased to share all the latest news and updates on SingularityNET ecosystem-wide. This update will touch on the following latest developments & news, including:

  • AGI-22 Conference will be held live and online, August 19–22
  • SingularityNET released its Q2 Operations update and 2021 Financial Review
  • BitBoy Crypto’s interview with Ben Goertzel and Desdemona the robot

And so much more.

July Ecosystem Roundup, Contents:

· SingularityNET is sponsoring the AGI-22 Conference
· Q2 Operations Update from the Foundation
· SingularityNET Financial Review 2021
· Latest Updates from Our Ambassador Program
· Recorded Pod Leader Meeting “Inside SingularityNET”
· Latest Updates from Mindplex — An AI-Powered, Decentralized Magazine
· Latest Updates From Rejuve.AI App
· OpenCog AGI Discussion “Measuring Consciousness in AGI Systems”
· Latest Updates from SingularityDAO
· Latest Updates from NuNet — A Global Economy of Decentralized Computing
· Development Update
· In The Media
· BitBoy Crypto Interviews Ben & Desi
· AI and Metaverse in SingularityNET Cointelegraph Article
· Singularious Euronews Article
· Ben interviewed on Beyond Enterprises by David Orban
· SingularityNET & Mandala Partnership

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

SingularityNET is proud to announce its sponsorship of AGI-22, the 15th annual conference on Artificial General Intelligence hosted by the AGI Society. The conference is the oldest continuous running conference on advances in AGI theory, research, and technology, and SingularityNET is delighted to play a significant role in its ongoing success.

The conference will be from August 19–22 and include both live and virtual attendance options. The live portion will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA, at “The Hereafter” venue at The Crocodile — a historic venue that witnessed the birth of world-changing bands like Nirvana.

SingularityNET will Livestream the entire event for free on the SNET YouTube channel so that AGI enthusiasts everywhere can participate at no charge. Democratizing and decentralizing the creation of AGI is one of SingularityNET’s key missions. The foundation is excited to have this opportunity to spread the latest AGI innovations among the global community.

On Sunday, August 21, the conference will feature a “General Audience Day,’’ with AGI talks of a less technical nature to raise awareness of this world-changing technology, its implications, and applications. The theme will be “Ethical Machine Creativity.” Keynote speakers will include Ben Goertzel, Joscha Bach, Gary Marcus, and of course, the ambassador for AGI herself, Sophia the Robot. Janet Adams will once again be MC’ing the live event at the venue.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022
Desdemona, the robot lead vocalist and AGI ambassador from Jam Galaxy Band

The Jam Galaxy band, with Desdemona, the robot lead vocalist, will be hosting a special showcase performance on Sunday evening as a follow-up to this fantastic day of AGI. The event will feature five well-known bands and artists and be a fundraising event for SMASH, a regional health care provider for musicians. Jam Galaxy is dedicated to improving the well-being of artists globally through direct impacts on musicians’ ability to be self-sustainable, as well as supporting essential organizations like SMASH.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

The foundation shared the quarterly operations update this month, outlining Q2 progress on:

  • Roadmap and milestone goals, including Q3 and Q4 plans
  • Quarterly Hiring Report
  • Partnership Updates
  • Decentralization Initiative updates, including Deep Funding and Ambassador Program

These quarterly operations reports work to bring greater transparency to the SingularityNET organization, per the Phase Two commitments. This increases the communication between the foundation and the community and provides the community with a deeper understanding of the ongoing work of the SingularityNET foundation in furtherance of decentralization initiatives.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

The annual SingularityNET Financial Report for 2021 was presented to the community with highlights and opportunities for 2022. The report features the financial impact of such banner 2021 events as the Phase Two vote, token hardfork, AGIX-ADA minting initiation, and the launch of SingularityDAO and NuNet. The report also dives into expenses and income for 2021 and some initial budget expectations for 2022. In 2021, the SingularityNET organization grew in stability and flexibility across core domains and vertical markets.

Check out the financial highlights, and download the financial report in the Financial Review 2021 blog.

*The SingularityNET Community Ambassador program is an initiative to spread awareness of our ecosystem and to provide a framework for community members who wish to contribute their efforts towards achieving the benevolent Singularity.

It has now been three months since the ambassador program launched, and it is off to a great start, with community members joining in and contributing in many ways. Volunteers are translating SingularityNET blogs into four different languages to increase their reach, regular workgroup meetings, and lots of work building the program — laying the foundations for this ambitious program.

One workgroup is focused on building out the structures and processes of the program, and the other is working to establish a community-led podcast. The podcast group has already started lining up exciting interviews with several people involved in the SingularityNET ecosystem preparing for the podcast launch. Look out for an announcement on the podcast launch soon!

There were nine meetings in July, and the ambassadors completed 17 tasks. You can see all available and completed tasks on Dework, where program tasks are listed and managed.

We are pleased to have Cardano community members from Catalyst Swarm join us in collaborating with the ambassador program, strengthening ties between our two communities; a Catalyst Fund9 proposal has been proposed, which would provide funding for the collaboration and growth of both communities. If you are an $ADA holder, register to vote ASAP and check out this proposal (as well as the many other catalyst proposals involving SingularityNET Platform and collaboration)!

Ambassador program meeting videos are posted on YouTube. Check them out on the ambassador program Youtube playlist to catch up on what has been happening.

If you are interested in getting involved or curious to learn more, please attend our next Town Hall meeting. These are held every Tuesday at 18:00 UTC on the SingularityNET Discord server. While you are on the discord server, visit the #ambassador-program channel to find out what’s happening and meet other involved folks. We are using Discord as the primary means of communication for the Program.

We look forward to seeing you at a Town Hall meeting and on Discord!

July’s ecosystem pod leader meeting, under the guidance of COO Janet Adams, was information packed with so many updates from around the ecosystem. Some of the key highlights of that meeting:

  • CEO of Mindplex, Conor O’Higgins, teased an announcement that the futuristic tech magazine is almost ready to launch to transform media for the better.
  • Dr. Kabir Veitas, CEO of NuNet, shared more about the project’s twin priorities: a solid team of industry experts and creating an organizational structure to maximize their team strengths in service to project growth.
  • Cloris Chen, the new CEO of the Cogito algorithmic stablecoin project, shared the tremendous progress made in the past month. The whitepaper will be released soon, and the project is progressing rapidly.

The “Inside SingularityNET” video also included updates about the OpenCog information integration database work, Rejuve.AI, Platform & Marketplace Developments, Jam Galaxy, SingularityDAO, and so much more…

Watch the entire “Inside SingularityNET” meeting on YouTube to see all the project news!

*Mindplex is an AI-enhanced, decentralized magazine and content creation platform that aims to foster a collaborative space where content creators & consumers benefit and are fairly compensated.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

Mindplex has been under rapid development throughout July. The team is pushing hard to complete the project’s initial phase, Mindplex magazine, which is nearing its release.

The magazine front-end is undergoing final refinements to make the magazine more user-friendly. The website features have been undergoing extensive internal testing, including account creation, browsing, the recommendation engine, the reputation system, and more.

A referral system will be launched with the magazine from day one. The system will let users share invitation links (which can be obtained from their user profile) and receive reputation points when a new user signs up with these links; this way, everyone can contribute to, and be rewarded for, the growth of this exciting new platform.

Mindplex is also gearing up to launch the Mindplex Podcast along with, or shortly after, the magazine. These podcasts feature some of the top minds in Artificial Intelligence, longevity, disruptive technologies, and futurism. The entire magazine and podcast teams are incredibly proud of the project’s progress and can’t wait to share the finished products with the community and the world.

*Rejuve.AI is SingularityNET’s revolutionary, decentralized, AI-driven App that aims to help humanity achieve radical longevity, compensating participants for their data and making the resulting breakthroughs affordable and accessible for all…

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

We are delighted to announce that the Rejuve.AI longevity App Closed Beta Program is already a tremendous success. The program allows volunteers from our community to test the App and give their valuable feedback, which will ultimately help enhance the App’s user experience before the official launch.

As per the latest, 808 community members volunteered to be Beta testers of the Longevity App. This number does not include the clinical, medical, and other professionals who have requested review slots to evaluate Rejuve for their business, clinic, or partnership. The feedback from Beta participants has been constructive in identifying areas that can be refined and upgraded for greater usability. Rejuve.AI also held an open Town Hall meeting to collect user feedback and suggestions and answer any questions about the app and the Rejuve roadmap. The entire Town Hall session is available online on the SingularityNET YouTube channel.

If you are a Beta testing volunteer and haven’t tried the App, please take a moment to do so today — check out your AI calculated chronological age, personalized insights, and recommendations, and give feedback on improving this great App.

Rejuve.AI was also excited to announce the upcoming support of two additional wearable devices in the next update. After listening to SNET community feedback, Rejuve.AI is happy to share its plans to integrate Oura Ring and Garmin.

We want to thank everyone for participating in this closed beta program. We look forward to the community’s continued support in preparation for the official launch of the Rejuve.AI longevity App.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

The OpenCog team has led an ongoing discussion series about the philosophy, developments, and directions behind AGI progress. On July 15, Dr. Ben Goertzel and Dr. Matt Iklé led a discussion on theories behind measuring consciousness in machines. The talk focused on the OpenCog application of Tononi Phi calculus (a type of mathematics attempting to measure whether the whole of a system shows greater interconnection of information over time than its component parts would suggest).

The OpenCog Tononi Phi analysis has been used to measure the interconnectedness of Sophia the Robot’s processing systems while interacting with people — such as while guiding meditation sessions during the “Loving AI” program. Any math that attempts to quantify and calculate something as ephemeral as consciousness will be approximate and clumsy at best; humans still do not, at a fundamental level, understand what consciousness or sentience is, nor even how to define it. After all, isn’t that what the quest for AGI is all about? This is what makes a discussion on measuring consciousness so rich and exciting.

A dive into the “interconnectedness” of Sophia’s system yielded many potentially interesting directions and results, and there are many plans and ideas for following up on this in the future. The Tononi Phi code will be added to the SingularityNET Platform and Marketplace by the end of Q4 2022, so anyone can use this code for research purposes.

For more background on this topic, read the 2018 article summarizing these Tononi Phi research directions, or view the 2019 paper “Using Tononi Phi to Measure Consciousness of a Cognitive System While Reading and Conversing. The event was well attended by AGI researchers and community members, and the entire recording will be released shortly. Stay tuned for future discussion series…and in the meantime, get ready to enjoy four days of AGI discussions at AGI-22!

*SingularityDAO is a DeFi platform that provides AI-powered crypto portfolios, DynaSets.

With the release of the new SingularityDAO App, reimagined branding, and DynaSets just days away, the SingularityDAO team has now turned its attention to the next six months of development. This July, the SingularityDAO team met in Portugal to spend ten days presenting, brainstorming, discussing, workshopping and finally mapping out the plan for making the second half of 2022 the most exciting yet.

From protocol decentralization and enhanced features for the app to groundbreaking data analysis tools and the AI algorithms that leverage them, all fed into the trading team, who are preparing some amazing products. You can expect a lot of exciting things to come from SingularityDAO in the coming weeks.

*With NuNet, anyone can share & monetize their computing resources at scale. It provides globally-distributed, optimized computing power for decentralized networks.

Third NTX Airdrop to AGIX Holders — The claiming period for the third NTX Airdrop began July 25th, and the staking window closed July 29th.

Yield Farming on Minswap — Yield farming of NTX and MIN tokens for NTX/ADA liquidity providers has continued on the Minswap Cardano DEX. Minswap has added a new incentive to see NTX holders earn both ADA, MIN, and NTX. Users can now view trading fees as a part of the yield farm’s APR total.

AMA — NuNet recently held an AMA on YouTube to discuss NuNet updates and answer community questions.

#TechEd — NuNet provides a weekly #TechEd series of tweets to break down technical terms to make it easier for the community to follow our journey on GitLab.

The development team has made significant developments this month on all projects. To stay up-to-date with all development updates, view NuNet’s GitLab, or read the monthly development update blog. Currently, the developers are working on the following issues:

Nunet Platform Public Alpha

  • Tokenomics API
  • Device Onboarding using Device Management Service
  • API management process and tools

Decentralized SPO Computing (Fund7)

  • Development of a new program for managing devices onboarded to the NuNet platform is ongoing. This program replaces the bash script used for onboarding devices to the NuNet platform and for the NuNet adapter that takes care of networking, monitoring, and deployment of services. Onboarding with the new device management service can handle the SPO use case.

SNET Platform Integration

  • Ocean Protocol integration
  • Implementation of Distributed Hash Table (DHT) for correctly storing and routing the calls
  • NuNet and SNET platform integration architecture

Decentralized GPU ML Cloud (Fund8)

  • NuNet successfully built a GPU-enabled machine learning platform prototype, available on a web UI-based command line and accessible from anywhere globally. The current prototype includes the machine learning frameworks: TensorFlow and PyTorch made readily available on newly onboarded systems.
SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

July brought a lot of exciting media coverage for the SingularityNET project and ecosystem. Check out these interviews and articles:

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

Ben Armstrong — a renowned YouTuber, podcaster, crypto enthusiast & creator of BitBoyCrypto.com — invited Ben Goertzel and Desdemona the robot to talk about the future of AI on his official talk show on YouTube, the BitBoy Chats. The three discussed the current state of artificial intelligence in our world. They also discussed how artificial intelligence would be a part of our daily lives by making it more accessible and valuable to everyone. Ben also shared the roadmap for SingularityNET’s expansion from Ethereum to Cardano.

There are some light-hearted, humorous moments between the host and Desdemona robot — check out the full video and like, share, and comment!

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

Our CEO and well-known AGI scientist, Ben Goertzel, published a guest article on Cointelegraph — A leading independent digital media resource on crypto, blockchain, and tech news from across the globe. The subject was “AI Will Help Realize the True Vision the Metaverse Hopes to Achieve.”

In his article, Ben Goertzel talks about Metaverse (a decentralized platform that allows users to construct their virtual worlds). Ben Wrote, “The Metaverse presents a huge opportunity for new and existing tech companies to expand their offerings, generating new revenue streams.” The article sheds light on the US’s sky-rocketing market of a metaverse. Here’s the link to the article The Metaverse presents a massive opportunity for new and existing tech companies to expand their offerings, generating new revenue streams

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

Singularious — A collaboration project between SingularityNET and Dubai-based company Arious Holding to create the world’s first Conscious City in the UAE — was featured this month in Euronews. The article featured the topic “Dubai Robots Or: How Smart Machines Are Already the Future’’ and explored the idea of a Conscious City.

The Board Chairman of Singularious, Chris Roberts, explained: “We want to create and build new cities for the future. The cities are actually based around AI rather than based around traditional buildings. A conscious city where the city actually thinks for itself through AI. This is something that will have a dramatic effect when it comes to lifestyles, when it comes to how we actually maintain and how we manage cities going forward.”

Ben Goertzel commented: “In most smart cities, what you really have is a sort of disparate collection of intelligent devices doing particular things.” “They’re not unified into an overall cognitive system. And that’s really the goal with the conscious city, [it’s] city level intelligence in the service of the individuals living in the city.”

You can read the full article on the Euronews site.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

David Orban, the SingularityNET supervisory council member and the lead of Beyond Enterprises, published an interview with Ben Goertzel, recorded during AIBC Asia (World Leading AI and Blockchain Conference) in Dubai. David’s company Beyond Enterprise offers strategic and technical leadership, advisory, and support to a network of tech projects.

Ben gave a walkthrough on SingularityNET, Smart Contracts, AI, and AGI. The chat covered a detailed overview of SingularityNET, its mission, current state, and plans for the community. After this, Ben presented his thoughts on AGI development and the decentralized future that SingularityNET is helping create. The full video is available on the Beyond Enterprise YouTube channel and is a great introduction and dive into SingularityNET — perfect for sharing.

SingularityNET Latest Ecosystem Updates: July 2022 | by Haley Lowy | Aug, 2022

This month SingularityNET is thrilled to announce its partnership with Mandala to build an AI-driven metaverse focused on mythology & enlightenment.

Mandala is a popular media franchise that leverages & promotes the intersection of entertainment, spirituality, sustainability, and most importantly, technology. The project has plans to release graphic novels, digital content, gaming, and web3, all in creative convergence with the metaverse and the real world.

The idea of a metaverse has been floating around the fringes of technology for years. The partnership with the Mandala project represents one more step to bringing this idea into a more concrete form.

“I’m deeply interested in the metaverse for a number of reasons,” said Ben Goertzel, Founder and CEO of SingularityNet, “including the potential of virtual worlds and AR annotations to help teach young AGI systems, and their potential to help people learn and grow in ways that may be impeded by the perceived inflexibility of everyday reality.”

To get all information about this partnership, read the official announcement blog.

Read the original article here

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