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They just EXPOSED Al Qaeda's secret partnership with the U.S. | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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The U.S. is taking a victory lap over the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri but is this really a victory? Why was he in Afghanistan just months after the U.S. withdrew? That’s a depressing mark on the 20-year war in that region. Also, didn’t he work towards U.S. goals in Syria? So why was his killing so significant? #Zawahiri

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  1. they are all singing from the same hymn sheet becasue ALL of our media is in very few hands and those FEW people decide what they want us plebs to know……..if several networks are owned by one man (eg murdoch) it stands to reason they will al feed out the same news……….

  2. I must say it's something of a relief to realize that I'm not actually the only person in the world who is actually shocked by how accepting, and even blaze, the western countries have become about using assassination as a political methodology.

    And will it do any good? Won't 'Al Quaeda' just get another leader? Isn't that how 'chain of command' works?

    And what would we think if, let's say Russia, for example, were to assassinate the President of the USA, or the British Prime Minister? (Or even the Australian Prime Minister, for that matter!)

    Haven't we become the 'terrorists' that we're supposed to hate? :/

  3. Gaslighting at its best. The biggest threat to this country is our politicians. The Trojan horse with no name was re elected twice with a dude for a wife by manufactured racism and false propaganda. He infiltrated government with over 120 communist and Jihadist sympathizers. Divide and conquer. Read Color Communism and Common Sense.

  4. Was Ayman al-Zawahiri really taken out in this strike!? Doesn't everyone deserve due process!? …..or is it guilty because we say so!? How many innocent people were killed in this strike!? If innocent people were killed, isn't that a war crime!? Would warmonger be ok if one of their love ones were murdered in the process of a drone strike!? Many questions ….we many not know the answers, but we know the deal!

  5. Was the script hand delivered July 13 not 3 weeks ago by Biden, on his trip to Israel?
    This drone strike would suggest al- Qaida leader Ayman al Zawari probably told Biden to go pound salt over another nefarious deal in the workings!
    Just think if the second Amendment included this well organized and regulated militia to the right to keep and bear DRONES ORGANIZED and ran by the people 😀, we'd be looking for a new president every couple of years!

  6. For those who are listening to this you should keep in mind that most American citizens know only what what their leader/main media feeds them. Like the Vietnam war once the citizens know the truth without a shadow of a doubt they will rebel . Is it what the elites want ??

  7. Watch MSM ABC CBS NBC at night. All 3 networks play exact same stories in exact same order. More then obvious they are colluding together. Media outlets used to compete for the scoop top story to be first. That is long gone

  8. America's strategy is obvious. He finds a group of greedy people in a some country, finances a rebellion to make a "colored revolution", takes down the legal government with a mountain of lies about them, comes to power and … voila … That country overnight becomes America's milking cow.

  9. You should prob place your bet that someone else was after this guy and this was staged… either way I'd leave my worthless ass dollar on the bet this dude isn't dead…

  10. …THAT'S the way they DO it, when you are no longer an …"asset "…you become a…"liability"…YOUVE GOTTA GO!!! Let's see now: Oswald…Sadam…Khadafi…Bin Laden…(JUST TO NAME ONLY A FEW…..)…naught to mention others that have had…"accidents",for SOME "reason " or other.!!!

  11. What are the chances they hunted down all the American people over there put them by that ambasity and blew them up and that that guy that they say they killed did it and that bidens lieing cause they think they wont get caught I hope that God shines light on where he is and that the Truth comes out

  12. Biden hindered the American people from coming back to the us he said he was going to punish anybody that sided with trump on this how fast you forget this I dont believe this guy is dead investigate it hes not dead

  13. Our current president has lied to us about multiple things what makes this any more alarming than all the other lies that is already been put out but I agree with you it is alarming that he lies so much that they can't even get their story straight anymore pretty sad these people are running our country and they can't even get their lies right anymore scary we live in scary times my friends

  14. What real proof does anyone have that anyone was killed at all this time or the time before or even Bin Laden. These killings are the simplest of operations to fake.

  15. Don’t forget cruel masonic rituals. Children missing, Fauci on the end of a rope dangling besides Gates and many many more. Never forget what has come to light. Never be distracted by the sea of smoke screens.

  16. Sorry we never shot Bin Laden. He was a dialysis patient for 9 years, on the run. He would never have lasted that long. Whoever Team 6 shot, it wasn't Bin Ladin. Normally you take DNA and a picture. You don't throw him overboard at sea. Want more evidence? no one on Team 6 is still alive. There is one exception but he's not doing too well.

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