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This could get BAD in Serbia if NATO doesn't back off fast | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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The conflict over IDs and license plates in Serbia has heated up and NATO says that it will send “peacekeepers” in to clear blockades at the border. Kosovo wants to require Serbians to have Kosovo IDs when they cross into the border but that is a hot button issue for many in the region and tensions are high. #serbia

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  1. They used to say that is going be a time when good is going to be called bad and bad good. This what you are proclaiming now about Dardania ( kosova) and serbia.

  2. Long life Dardania, Albania. Iliriada and Cameria.
    From the time of apostle Paul who travel in Illiricum.
    Serb where in carpauts mountains in this times.
    I dislike when history is made from this two sisters with their open mind. So much open minded, their brains are falling out.

  3. I'm not inclined to think NATO will back off, Clayton. They're clearly behind this mess; they have everything to gain from war. Backing off would be uncharacteristic of this morally bankrupt, bloodthirsty, warmongering vampire which thrives on routinely wreaking havoc across the world.

  4. Its not that we Serbs behave this way only bcs its our land, BY LAW region Kosovo and Metohija cant be devided from Serbia. Even NATO agreed to this after 1999 we both signed resolution 1244 UN that states Kosovo and Metohija cant be devided from Serbia, but they still ignore it. On top of that in 2008 when they self declared independence they didnt get it, to become independent Kosovo needs 66.6% recognition which they never got, they have kess than 50% world recognition so by every law not only Serbia, every country in the world should behave like they arent a country bcs they are not.

  5. 23 countries have so far withdrawn the recognition of Kosovo independence and more will follow. The majority of the world doesn't recognize Kosovo as a state. The 1999 peace agreement states that Kosovo remains within Serbia, and 1000 Serbian soldiers and 1000 policemen are to return at some point. The West has not been respecting the peace agreement.

  6. Lemme tell you what is like in capital city of Serbia in real world. We are working 10 hours per day , for a monthly salary of 400 euros ,while employers taking thousands and thousands of euros per month. Official consumer basket is around 850 euros. So ,if you want to live alone ,you need an extra 400 Euros just to eat which is impossible. If you are female,you are forced to do prostitution or if you are male you must sell drugs in order to live. Where is to pay bills ,to travel, to buy shoes or new smart phone? We are basically fighting to survive from year to year.

  7. Simplest way to understand that Kosovo is part of the country mentioned above is that "Kos" means bird Blackbird in Serbian, and the ending -ovo is genitive. So Kosovo literally means "The land of the blackbird". 🙂

  8. You are so ignorant of that part of the world.
    I suggest you do some studies before you open your mouth.Kosovo Albanian people are indigenous people of that land.
    Serbian people came over in the sixth century.
    Albanian people have been occupied colonised by different powers over the centuries however they managed to survive until today.
    After the dissolving of Ottoman Empire that occupied Albanian land since mid 14 Century Kosovo was given away to Serbia under very dodgy political turmoil after the first WW .
    Who had more strength and influence over the planet took what it wanted.
    In London initially Albania was planned to cease existing .
    American president of the time Woodrow Wilson intervened, vetoed the plans and supported Albanian territorial integrity by stating on May 6, 1919 that "Albania ought to be independent."
    Unfortunately Albania did not get all the territories that it belonged.
    Hyenas around took pieces of it.
    Kosovo was given to Serbia
    Qameria given to Greece
    Plava & Gusia to Montenegro,Skopje Tetova Gostivari Dibra ended up under today Macedonia at the time Bullgaria

  9. Just to clarify, kosovo is not recognized not only by Serbia, it is not recognized as a country by UN. It is officially not a country by international law.

  10. That’s what USA and NATO do, them divided up any countries deem threaten to their hegemony, them did that to yugoslavia, I heard them want to divided Russia into 17 countries.same for China, them want Tibet,Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong, possible Inner Mongolia to all become independent.

  11. Many countries put "heroism" on self as badges. But we in Serbia know to heroism self is just half of medal. We stil celebrate whole medal "Čojstvo i Junaštvo". Humanity and heroism.

    Heroism – defend self of others.
    Humanity – defend others from self.

  12. Clayton I have lots of respect for your show but putting Serbia as victims is big mistake. What about Republica Srbska? How do you think that was created?? Search about Srebrenica and horrible things Serbia did in 90’s to civilians of Bosnia.
    Serbia would create another Genocide to kosovos people if there is no NATO and USA.

  13. When you say Serbia is thriving, signing gas deals with Russia & looking after its people – they're all reasons for NATO start provocation there. Next thing the Serbian leader will be labelled a communist dictator, building tensions will explode in kosovo, both sides will blame the other & NATO gets to come in on the premise of peace.
    At this stage, wherever NATO wants to stick its nose, you can almost guarantee they had a hand in starting & escalating whatever is happening. I wouldn't even be surprised if they use Serbia as a route to get to Russia on a different front.

  14. How can Kosovo remain independent after it joins the EU ? The EU is run on an old german foreign policy model called Limited Sovereignty. It's not about independent nations.

  15. They can't do anything to Russia or China so they threat little country like Serbia 😂
    Fun fact battle of Košare Serbs win battle against NATO + Albanian army. It was not just NATO in air but on ground too and they lost.


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