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This is a disaster of their own making, and now they can't stop it. | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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China is moving tanks into position for an invasion of Taiwan’s controlled islands while warmongers in D.C. are pushing for war. What’s the goal here? Putin just revealed the truth about U.S. involvement in Ukraine. Zelensky says no to peace talks. Kim Iverson explains why she left The Rising over censorship.

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  2. It seems not being intended to be stopped.
    It is all to push for restrictions of everything (for the slaves, not the owners), to „save“ the planet and the climate (by destructive actions)
    Hypocritical double-standards only of mass-elite antisocial mess.

    Without changing the mindset, which has created the world as it is today, nothing changes to the better

  3. It should be remembered that the People's Liberation Army does not belong to China, but to the CCP.
    That may seem a little like semantics, but it isn't; it makes the situation far more dangerous.

  4. We are people living in Asia strongly condemn Pelosi's reckless and stupid act that provoke chaos, and possible war in our region. We also condemn the president of Taiwan province that invited her to the island. We do have the right to appose such move as we are the stakeholders of the region and We clearly see that US is the wrong side of the history. If US continue to provoke chaos around the world like what happened in Ukraine, US clearly will be isolated and people around the world will stand up to resist US evil acts. Thank you for your broadcast that provide, fair objective, sane analysis unlike western mainstream media that dumb up war rhetoric. Please be take notice, both Russia and China are super powers not only has nuclear weapons but also economic power that will bring the world in total destruction that will make ordinary people to suffer including those in the United States and its allies. Russia and China is not Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan, and other small countries that you can just walking away after you destroyed them. People of western countries will butned in hell fire when the war break out with Russia or China.

  5. "Tantric is the only palatable way to talk about Nancy Pelosi??…eh..no…NO! NOOO!!!! That's not how I want to picture that dried up *******! (lot's of little stars represent censored swearing…because: you know Youtube!)

  6. Is the World for Sale? I wasn't NOTIFIED WERE YOU? The People Of Our World are asking for FREEDOM AND JUSTICE! Fear Creates Stagnation and No Growth! Our Most Vulnerable People need us to be Brave and take POSITIVE ACTIONS! We all have a Purpose in Our Lives!

  7. Mike pompeo was misleading the u.s people by saying that taiwan is an independant soverign state. Taiwan is not an independant soverign state. Taiwan is an intregal part of china. Pompeo is lying.

  8. I suppose from their perspective it’s not an ‘invasion’ but more like reinforcing a province infiltrated by foreign agents fomenting a sovereign threat to the mainland. Particularly considering that the last time mainland China became overrun by foreign powers, it was precisely because they let the Europeans set up trade centres on islands just like these.

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