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Pfizer and Biden can't hide this anymore as we demand answers | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Why is the U.S. government and President Biden touting the benefits of Paxlovid when new data shows that it can be linked to rebound Covid. It did for the president and Dr. Fauci. Why so bullish on this drug and why so mum on the consequences?

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  1. I don't think it would matter if it was delta or Omicron. They knew the issues of mass vaccination when the virus was still circulating through the public. It would only cause more mutations.
    That should have been common knowledge amongst health professionals. Or at least epidemiologists and virologists… The suppressed anyone who decented from their narrative.

  2. I had it in Oct. 2019, when it was known as the Wuhan flu. I had no idea what I had. I thought it was just a real bad flu (I've never had a flu shot. I just get the flu, and work through it). There were no tests available at the time. There were not even a list of symptoms until March 2020.
    Anyway, I went through w/o a jab. I did follow many of the vitamin protocols on the FLCCC website, just in case of a rebound. Btw, I was 81 at the time

  3. The variants happened because they vaccinated in the MIDST of a pandemic which according to Gert Vanderbilt Bosch WOULD HAPPEN! According to him you don’t vaccinate in the middle of a vaccine. But Fauci needed $$ apparently. A few people have gotten filthy rich.

  4. Straight white Male, carried on my life as normal, protested in london for 2 years with 100000 plus other unjabbed , only just caught cv (the bad one) 1 week of being in bed , 2 weeks to recover my strength, took vit c , got out in the sunshine , took irish sea moss and apple cider vinegar . 48 years old .

  5. The german health minister also got Covid (after his 4th jab) and now promotes paxlovid. Some weeks ago he visited the US…i guess for new instructions

  6. Ehhh, there's already boatloads of evidence about that vaccine. It's not like people are prone to making good decisions. Get it or don't get it but have a will in place if you foolishly trusted the wrong people.

  7. Pfizer is making billions off of drugs that don't work. You can only do that with GOV assistance. In Fact, every time you take any of them you lower your natural immunity and cause more harm than good.

  8. Depending on how many rebounds he gets during his term could put him atop the leader board. Not that it will put him in any contention for MVP status.

  9. Anazjbgcwexhsvdxa new diagnosis Rebound Covid – now who thought that one up. Might be worth checking how many of these world leaders have shares in Pfizer et all.

  10. Those that had enough sense to tell the government no will be the best protected. There isnt a drug that fits the definition of a vaccine for covid. This government is insane, corrupt as well as inept. The day is coming where this can begin to heal our country from this communism

  11. They don't need to "Hide" anything…Their Media Goons or the FBI will bury it just like they did with Bill Clintons Affairs and Lolita Flights, Hunters' Laptop, and just recently Paul Pelosi's DUI arrest and attempted Bribe.

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