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Putin and China just did the UNTHINKABLE | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Putin and Xi just formalized an agreement that reorders world power and shakes off decades long dominance by the US dollar. Chian launches missiles over the Taiwan strait. Ukraine begs for help from China. Rand Paul destroys Fauci over coverup.

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  1. Hi kind staff,

    Have you ever heard that a nations soldiers have ever used their
    own people as human shields? Me neither. Americans on the other hand care nothing of the Ukrainian people.
    America is running the war , weapons, training, and and and,…
    Remember America has done genocide for 300 years against the Indians… 300 years almost of genocide!!
    So what are a few thousand Ukrainian human shields for a nation, America, that has done so much murdering.

    May all living creatures be happy and free from suffering


  2. NO!! The IRS can KISS MY YOU-KNOW-WHAT! How DARE they take it upon themselves to purchase WEAPONS – GUNS – WHAT on EARTH FOR? And NOW, they are to be given CARS to drive around neighborhoods? Unbelievable . . . . Are they planning on USING them against the public for PRESUMED BACK TAXES???? – This is INSANE! – Susan Burns

  3. why is it that americans made no attempt to talk of conciliation with China and Russia and the response from biden is to demand that Russia release an american drug smuggler “immediately”-how arrogant can america get.

  4. Sorry Miss I have to ask..
    why do you have pyramid symbol that indicates so called Iluminati / or other masonic groups that could suposedly pull the strings on what is going on right now ??? could you elaborate ?
    You could at least hide it in the background

  5. 538 predicting 58% seems about right. No way this illegitimate regime is going to relinquish power at this point. Hoping otherwise is hopium addiction at this point…

  6. The truth is …the 1% gutted the IRS because they are the only people who fear a real audit. What is the purpose of auditing the American public of which 60% cannot scrape together $400 in a four day span.

  7. 86% of Taiwanese are pro unification a point the western mainstream media fails to mention ! The other 14% are US/CIA funded Japanese puppets !

  8. I ride my bike by the main DFL "War Party" headquarters for Minnesota on my regular route and the parking lot was packed yesterday Friday 8-5-22 late afternoon and their US and Vets flags were at half mast. What would that be?

  9. Zelensky is delusional and Xi said he does not want to talk to that loafer (very bad insult in China). Yeah, Z would LIKE, Z demands. What an arrogant beggar with his total fantasy, TOTAL fantasies.

  10. No American in the right mind would even consider IRS having this much authority over the people let alone IRS having additional authority over Americans. Laws are made for poor people.

  11. We DO know. CDC, if you are old enough to have gotten smallpox vax, you are immune to monkeypox, 85%. This is a disease affecting gay men. That is also known and has been said.

  12. I just found out that seniors no longer have the cap on EIC and are entitled to it. IRS wrote me and told me. !! But for MONTHS I could not get any info on even IF they got our return, every time it would say "records not accessable!" I sent it again and FINALLY, they have our records and more, they wrote and informed that we probably qualify for EIC. I looked it up and yup, first time now that there is no cap on it for people over 65. YAY. The additional wages makes the social security payment go up.

  13. It so interesting to see two sides of the storey wading through loads of junk in the main stream news – Loss of Honesty in Media is so worrisome 😎

  14. I won't to reveal a secret,high level government officials are given narratives and it is illegal for them to say anything different, so if you think they are speaking the truth and not affirming a narrative you are a fool.

  15. Thanks for the truth our news especially BBC is so bias towards Ukraine, no mention of the 15,000 Russian speaking people killed by Ukrainian troops in the last eight years, keep it up much appreciated.

  16. Everything you're reporting and criticizing about Ukraine's execution of "their war" are the same tactics and strategies being exercised by the Russians -it's war, man. Elisabeth Warren is a nutter. She should be audited along with every member of the house and senate.

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