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The TRUTH in China is coming out as troops prepare for invasion | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Nancy Pelosi came and went to Taiwan with a $90 million bill for the trip. Besides the taxpayer bill, what else came of this trip? A lot of talk? Talk that will lead to sanctions? War? It’s too early to know but it sure was a wild thing to do! We do know that troops are amassing near the Taiwan controlled Kinmen County Islands.

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  1. everyone seems to forget that Taiwan is not an independent country but is in fact still part of China ( do the research ) – a fact that was acknowledged by the USA some years ago ( when it suited them ). The same as Ukraine is still part of Russia as they never registered their borders with the U.N. after the dissolution of the USSR. Anyone who had a finger on the pulse knew nearly six months ago that Taiwan would be next and for the same reason as Ukraine – infiltration and massive corruption by the West. The bottom line is that it is all scaremongering. There will be no Nuclear confrontation between the USA and China – it is impossible ! how do you press " the button " when you have no button to press ??? ( again do the research ) what there will be is an apparent threat which will take people to the brink, and hopefully shake them awake !

  2. the Communist Chinese are right on schedule exactly has they have been saying for decades now
    world war III is beginning now Taiwan is just the first move why do you people ignore what they've been saying for decades and now are proving with their actions

  3. Before Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China's declared/ self claimed rights over the part of the south China sea between Taiwan & China was completely ignored & rejected by the USA by navigating through the strait as ruled by the International law of the seas. This is how the militant & outlawed regimes behave – always with dire threats, coercion & outlawed means to attack those weaker nations that don't appease them & give in to them easily. So comparing this with Pelosi's visit also ignoring & rejecting the usual CCP's barking – what's the difference apart from hidden agendas on both sides. Here's the DEAL : TO BE OR NOT TO BE – here only one is the winner because the CCP have given no choice : GO or there will be FIRE = Pelosi saves the FACE of the USA IN FRONT OF THE WORLD & CCP LOSES FACE or vice versa. For this unique occasion Bravo Pelosi EVEN though I was and never been a fan of Pelosi. If she had some hidden agenda & the CCP is trying to shame & be little America ???…UNFORTUNATELY the CCP didn't choose wisely their words as a saying goes : words soft & refreshing as water could yield a good harvest and rushing a uncontrolled waters bears chaos & disaster thus yields a bad harvest. If the CCP was considerate & wise & unpuffed up & if Pelosi had done likewise the both sides would yield a long lasting harvest. Lastly the CCP using China as a disguise must stop claiming territories & be satisfied with they have accomplished for Covet is the cause of unnecessary wars. This goes also for any nation.

  4. Hope this is not another deliberate plan to give a final complete reason to the CCP to at last invade Taiwan & secure Xi as forever President : Plan A – Pelosi announces her Taiwan visit – people know Pelosi's past relation with the China so no suspect & at the same Biden transparent about his talk with Xi = 2Hrs. Then Biden make a show of his disagreement of the Taiwan visit. Here everybody knows Biden's relationship the CCP & the political fragmentation within the Dems – so suspicions, all seems normal .All the pros & cons for the Taiwan visit is to be expected = normal & still no suspicion. Xi on the other hand threatens the Taiwan visit with FIRE – these CCP threats is also known – nothing new = no suspicion. Plan A is almost perfect. Taiwan visit carried out no shoot down of Pelosi's plane or there is no dog fights witnessed. Plan A – ok. Plan B : China has threatened and declared that Fire will breathed now as per Plan B China now will rightfully by her warning carry out FIRE? In human psychology & logics most will react less aggressive against the CCP because as per human logics China have warned of dire consequences and was adhered to. So Plan B is for the onlooking world to give more reason to China just looking on the Chinese side if China invades Taiwan putting most of the blame on the USA as a whole. I believe that this Taiwan visit is for China to take control & choke Taiwan into submission to China without a war. Is that what Mr. Putin answered when asked about Taiwan – " war is not necessary …." Hope Biden is not planning this up with Xi to help China take over Taiwan and thereby helping Xi secure his forever President in China…they're accelerating this before Trump could stop this evils.

  5. 6:03 that’s why US does proxy wars nowadays (training afghans- who we left to be slaughtered by the returning Taliban), we have delivering weapons to Ukraine to fight Russia, and now soon to be Taiwan but hopefully not.
    There’s a saying by Henry Kissinger: "To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal"

  6. A new WORLD ORDER has already established. Solidarity by Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Afghanistan and other like minded countries in South America , other Africa countries, East Europe, Central Asia, Middle East countries to counter those hypocrite US and NATO Western Dictatorial Imperial Colonial decaying empire.
    India don't make the same previous mistake of choosing the wrong world tidal order. India has always like those long grass blow with the wind. Can never stand on its own and have no principle.

  7. China from now on should stop letting enemy's forces from using the Taiwan straits. Those ships want to use, must get China's permission.
    Since Jimmy Carter has spell out that Taiwan is a province and part of China. So, Taiwan straits is inside China territory waters.

  8. The US has never fought any country that is capable of hitting the American mainland, China can and will if the US bomb China. The closest the US encountered an attack on the mainland was by the Jihadist on 9/11.

  9. We couldn't beat China before what makes you think we could beat him now. The majority of the troops that we fought in Korea were Chinese we got our asses handed to us that's why it was a draw it wasn't really a draw it was a loss.

  10. You don’t need more people if you have smart bombs and smart amo. I personally don’t think we need a larger army. We have plenty of weapons and I would rather have tons of weapons and keep our troops safer.

  11. More folks that just believe that we should sit there as China keeps moving closer and closer to some kind of action. That's not to say that Nancy is an idiot and was doing this just for her ability to get attention. As far as to what China will do I doubt that China even knows exactly what they will do. It's a touchy issue with things being hair trigger. Somethings are going to evolve as they evolve. But Nancy sure shouldn't be poking around in this issue.

  12. Japan used Taiwan against the Chinese mainland in the second world war as a unsinkable aircraft carrier! So maybe there’s a reason China is sensitive about this?

  13. The Mintz accords in Ukraine 1-2! And Ukraine’s government Never did any of the steps! Instead they replaced the Police in this Russian speaking areas. And outlawed Russian speaking, even though many of their citizens only speak Russian. And then entrenched artillery in the middle of their country facing their own people and started showing them.
    How did we know Russia would invade? Up to that point 1400 Ukrainians had been killed by Ukrainian forces, Mostly with Nieto weapons! NATO the US and the Ukrainian government, let it be known that a big offensive was coming up against so-called Russian separatists! But these were the people who negotiated these accords, to stay part of Ukraine.

  14. Question: what's the difference between the Democrats and republicans, and a basic airplane?
    Answer: the planes left wing isn't trying to destroy civilization.

  15. I listened to 5 minutes of this BS and dumped the channel. What propaganda. China did say they might shoot down Pelosi's plane. What the people in the know, know that there was an Ohio class submarine in the area carrying 194 nuclear warheads. Just another Sean Hannity's wanna be trying to control the narrative.

  16. I do not believe that China will bomb Taiwan. With their technology in Taiwan it would not be in their best interest to do this, China would more likely come after Hawaii !!

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