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Brazil Blasts Leonard DiCaprio for Climate Hypocrisy | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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Does an Oscar qualify you to lecture world leaders about climate? Does a yacht disqualify you? Actor Leonardo DiCaprio gave us a test case of this quandary when he lashed out at Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro but President Bolsonaro lashed out right back.

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  1. It doesnt matter. Unless the whole world is in the same page is not going to matter. India's air us so bad from burning, and garbage, China, Russia, and many others, including the wars from our own wars, are gonna negate any climate change. Plus, mother earth can clean herself. They showed during the lockdowns, that even though less vehicals were on the road, pollution didnt change.

  2. I'm sure my Volkswagen golf burns less fuel then his mega yacht, he's saving the world and your just a selfish grub for driving to and from a crap job you hate, he's so noble and a pillar of society 🤣🤣🤮

  3. Redacted, I love your reporting !!! I heard Clayton say in one of the earlier videos that he bought an electric car, Why on earth would you do that, that,s like playiing into the hands of the greenies, I certainly dont mean it badly but your words have to match your actions, SORRY I just had to get that off my chest,,,, PEACE Natali and Clayton 👌✌👍👋

  4. Climate change is in God's hands, if God chooses to flood Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and many more places God is trying to help us repent of our sins, God is patient with us.

  5. I think Leo means well and i agree that we must look after the lungs of the earth for sure and i think an older sailing boat would help ,is it them and us .

  6. I also love DiCaprio, so I don't want to be disappointed. I will give him a second chance after this statement of his. of course, he does not think about how many valuable varieties of wood went into finishing his luxury yacht and mansion. And it was not a vital necessity, but a luxury, an excess. Let Hollywood actors better tell the whole world about the terrible annual tradition in the Faroe Islands (Denmark). About 1,500 Atlantic white-sided dolphins were killed during a traditional hunt last year. I didn't find any information about what they are planning this year. Read about this barbaric massacre, look for photos. It's terrible and pointless. This must be stopped! Leo, where are you?

  7. This is the exact situation with the WEF, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, and the elites will own everything and continue to use their private jets, boats, luxury cars and luxury houses with impunity because owning nothing does not make you happy.

  8. Honestly it’s all B.S from everyone we all should just look into the Mirror’s and ask yourself what you want to do to help your Area

  9. The rule is very simple. If anyone (actors, models, politicians, influencers, etc) are supported by the mainstream media like DiCaprio, it's because they're puppets of the Cabal. That's it… Welcome to the real world

  10. Ideally you should have perfect clean hands when you attack someone in the area of attack, Di Caprio doesnt have that in this case,which has been pointed out in this clip clearly enough. I still believe its good he called Bolsonaro out here and the grave and serious deforestation that takes place now under his supervision. Its not just a situation for Brazil,but actually for the entire world,thats how important the Amazon rain forests are. Its not just an environmental problem,its also a problem for the indigennous people that live in these areas of reckless deforestation and mining..I dont think its approrpriate to slam Di Caprio foremost here,even though he is somewhat hypocritical with his yacth travels,but Bolsonaro and his actions against the enviroment..

  11. When we talk about and criticising Americas wars here as you do Clayton,I can symphatize with you in some cases at least. I dont think the Vietnam war was necessary,or good,to be involved with from Americas point of view. It gave nothing but death and destruction. Im not giving the vietcong and China any free pass here,they were part of the problem as well and share responsibility for the whole debacle of the war and its costs to human life and property. The American civil war starting in 1861 for sure feels unecessary and wasteful in all ways possible. The Iraq war was partly unecessary and partly based on a lie,that Saddam had access to nuclear weapons,but it was also partly useful to get rid of Saddam from power,but then it became very much a negative thing,abusive,wasteful and ,actually,terrible for all parties involved.There have also been other conflicts that America probably should have avoided being involved in,some they should have. Second world war was necessary for the survival of the free world. We all knows that. Anyway,some of these american wars have been started,the american part of it,by republicans,some by democratic presidents. You know that too, Clayton. So that cheapshot at Biden here for engaging in war in Ukraine feels unecessary. Its not a democratic or Republican thing. its both.

  12. Let me see if I can tell this in an understandable way. – The leaders blame the people for the waste and pollution that we all have caused on the earth's climate, right? Then these same leaders forget that who make all these pollution are the industries that they allowed to be implemented in various places in the cities and rural. These companies create products but they don't create ways of recycling their own little products and it should have make it illegal to create something without a plan of recycling for each of their products and not a simple little picture in their packages to waste it in the trash can, please. Therefore they accuse the people of destruction, really? That is so frustrating…

  13. Agree 100%! Perfect Example of another Wealthy Liberal telling the Middle Class, and others, what to do! Kuddos to Morris's view as well as the Brazilian President, Jair BolsonaroIf who are well versed on the topic of Climate Change! If this story is True and, although Leo DiCaprio is entitled to his own opinion, I'm suggesting here that he go forward and 'Set an Example'! Hey Leo, Sell off all of your Fossil Fuel Guzzling Vehicles, Boats. Then, take the extra step forward and set an example for all of your Climate Change Fans! Replace all of your Home Energy devices (Heaters, Furnaces, Generators) with Green Friendly ones (Solar, Wind Turbines, Thermal) and Americans may start believing anything you say again. And don't cheat by attempting to burn Wood for Heat in your fireplace. (ie. Wood Smoke emits very toxic chemicals and pollutes the air). Oh, and how much is Leo and John Kerry and friends, paying in Carbon Credits this year? The inevitable 'Climate Change', just another Hoax" looking in all the wrong places! Otherwise, Leo DiCaprio and John Kerry and their Snob Crowd,,, Please, go forward and "Pound Sand"! IMO

  14. And by the way, Terra Preta, the richest soil on earth was discovered in the Amazon. How was it made? From centuries of the natives burning the forest to farm, live there, and then move to another part of the forest to do the same thing all over again. The carbon from burning the trees and the organic waste from human and animal habitation is what enriches the soil and turns it into Terra Preta. It's said that the real meaning of El Dorado for the Amazon natives is not gold but the "black gold" that is Terra Preta. By itself, the Amazon is an infertile wasteland of trees as most rainforests are. Right now, permaculture farmers are trying to replicate the rich biology of Terra Preta to avoid using fertilizers and harmful chemicals.

  15. President Putin said exactly that about how less wealthy countries need to use fossil fuels. its all they have. Those bigots at Davos have made their fortunes, and how did they make them??? CAPITALISM.

  16. Have yall not considered what carbon neutral ACTUALLY MEANS? ALL LIVING THINGS ARE CARBON BASED. ya let that sink in. Depopulation is NOT a theory it is a true conspiracy

  17. Hypocrisy is part of American culture. Biden brings instability to the world while being critical of China's military actions. He cites deforestation in the Amazon, while US industries pollute the planet with CO2 and other polluting gases. Nothing is more harmful to the planet than Americans.

  18. This guy…… he's a YOUNG GLOBAL LEADER from the world economic forum…..

    Also Canadian turdo pm graduated from this class as well.
    There is a list on the WEF website that shows all the graduating classes through the years…..
    Now this ENTIRE thing makes sense now doesn't it!?!

  19. I'm so tired of hearing about climate change from people who are actively destroying the state of California, they have the richest people and yet are swamped with homelessness and now they are running out of water because of mismanagement

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