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China launches missiles as invasion of Taiwan begins | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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China continues to run “exercises” close to Taiwan in the aftermath of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island. Meanwhile, people in Taiwan do not really want this attention from the United States. Thanks but no thanks.

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  1. Americas ULTIMATE tour of duty is to juz go stir up wars between two neighbouring foreign countries and sit back and supply weapons of destruction to one of the two , and watch the ULTIMATE destruction of the innocent citizens of those nations!! This is total WICKEDNESS in its highest level. America have been doing it for decades and still not been taken to Task!! You juz wait America when all this weapons will be pointed at U.!!

  2. Pelosi is complete scum. And the current administration is full of idiots. Why are they letting her spark a conflict that will likely cause Russia and China to become closer? That's the last thing they need right now with their little proxy war in Ukraine still going strong.

  3. unnecessary visit, forced to react. I am afraid that so called drills can become real attack but not invasion. Chinese are to kill Chinese ? I hope not. better time available?

  4. I love it when she pushes back on him, that's a good journalist instinct, you do need to play devils advocate from time to time, but yeah, I would be shocked to learn that Pelosi wasn't doing insider traiding with her husband…

  5. Has anyone else come to the conclusion that the current Executive Branch is provoking China & Russia? Before Russia invaded Ukrain Uncle Joe seemed to encourage Russia to quit delaying and invade. Then Nancy went to China to stir things up, and look at the results of her visit. They are purposely trying to start a war!

  6. Clayton,and the Chinese guy Zhona X,a comment to you both,what does it matter what happend in 1896 in todays events? If we are going to go back in history to find problems and faults we will find alot of them not only with USAs behaviour but also with countries like China and Russia,and many others as well. Why would things that happend in 1896 matter to the Taiwanese people,that want to be free from China and Chinese goverment today? Why cant China respect that the Taiwanese country doesnt want to be ruled by them and their anti democratic repressive state? Why not respect the will of the people,the will for freedom and democracy? Why would any american,whose land are based on thise criterias,be against that? Why?

  7. you are dead wrong with your wording "Invasion." do you trespass on your property? this is a military drill. this is to test all the hardware, missile performance, troop performance, and lesson learned.

    US and others urged restraint. unknowingly, they admitted China has sovereignty over China.

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